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GLD’s gold plated and stainless steel watches come standard with an exclusive GLD sweeping motion movement.

How Does this differ from our top of the line Swiss automatic movement?

  1. The Alpha Era’s Swiss automatic movement is an instant classic. It’s top of the line semi-instantaneous 48 hour reserve feature will give you a reliable and classic movement to last you a lifetime. This movement competes with top of the line brands such as Rolex and Audemars Piguet. Due to the high cost of the movement itself, this movement is offered specifically on the 14k solid gold and/or natural diamond versions of the Alpha Era. This meant we had to come up with a high value, high performance alternative to use in our base Alpha Era’s starting at $299.

  2. This brings us to the GLD exclusive sweeping-second quartz movement. Introducing GLD’s game-changing movement which comes standard in all Alpha Era base watches. This is a quartz movement at its core but performs up to the standard of a high end Swiss Automatic movement with a sweeping second hand and multi-eye capability offered on the Alpha Era+. The sweeping second hand means NO TICKING. This second hand includes over 5 moves per second allowing a smooth sweeping motion mirroring that of the automatic Swiss movement. This is the PERFECT alternative if you aren’t looking to spend $30,000 on a solid gold watch with the Automatic movement.

  3. Typically the biggest drawback of a “Quartz” movement would be the “ticking” second hand that gives it a cheaper feel. We solved this problem and improved the reliability previously existing movements to bring you the innovated movement featured in the Alpha Era. The great thing about this movement is that it will continuously keep time and never need to be wound or reset, whereas Automatic movements need reset after days of not being worn. You may be familiar if you’ve ever owned an Automatic watch!


Why don’t we offer the Swiss Automatic Movement on the Base version of the Alpha Era?

  1. Our Swiss Automatic movement is undoubtedly a top of the line movement, but that also comes with a hefty price tag. The automatic movement alone would put the cost of the base Alpha Era so high that it would be unattainable for many. This is where we had to innovate and bring our customers the best movement possible at an affordable price. This is why we take such great pride in introducing the smooth continuous movement on even the base version of the Alpha Era. This means there are NO bad options. Even the base version of the Alpha Era comes standard with our innovative sweeping movement allowing the second hand to move freely at over 5 moves per second and mirror the same quality as the much higher priced automatic movement and still be backed by our standard warranty.