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10 Pendant Styles with Stones Guaranteed to Draw Attention

10 Pendant Styles with Stones Guaranteed to Draw Attention

Key Insights
  • 5 Styles for Men 
  • 1: The Diamond Cross 
  • 2: Your Favorite Team’s Logo 
  • 3: Marvel Symbols 
  • 4: Classic Medallion-Style Pendants
  • 5: Gemstone Pendants 
  • 5 Styles for Women 
  • 1: Iced Heart 
  • 2: Baguette Cross 
  • 3: Large Stone Pendants
  • 4: Iced Zodiac Pendants 
  • 5: Cuban Necklaces with Built-in Pendants 
  • Get the Finest Pendants in the Jewelry Game Today 

You’ve picked up that perfect chain to accentuate your fit. Now, you want something that’s going to shine bright and catch the attention of others. When you want your style noticed, few pieces can outmatch a quality stone pendant. 

Simply put: a stone pendant features large and/or small hand-set stones to increase the shine of the piece. It catches the light and reflects it back in a way that’s unmistakable and nearly impossible to ignore. 

If you’re looking to add a bold stone pendant to your accessory collection, we got you. Today, we’re going to cover some dope stone pendant styles for men and women. Discover that new go-to pendant to upgrade your fit and become the center of attention! 

5 Styles for Men 

1: The Diamond Cross 

The Diamond Cross Pendant is one of the fastest sellers here at GLD, and it’s not hard to see why. Combining a traditional look with the shine only quality stones can provide, it creates a luminous glow wherever you go. Whether you’re rocking formal attire or something laid back to kick it at the crib, it’ll upgrade your fit with any chain, especially something icy like a tennis necklace. 

2: Your Favorite Team’s Logo 

The pro sports industry is nothing without its fans and the culture they create around each franchise. With that comes unique merch items that any fan can wear to show their love for their squad any time of year. 

When you’re rocking your team’s logo on your chain, completely iced out, you’ll be wearing a conversation piece. From the NFL to the MLB, NBA, and NCAA, we got you. 

3: Marvel Symbols 

No media franchise has created a cultural phenomenon over the past decade like Marvel. The MCU brought superheroes into the spotlight once again while the Avengers teamed up to take down Thanos

As we know, though, there’s so much more to Marvel than the blockbuster films that shake up the film industry a few times each year. Generations of fans have grown up reading the comics that these movies are based on. Everyone has some memory attached to their favorite superheroes like Spider-Man or Wolverine and will be drawn to a unique piece that you’re wearing on your chain. 

4: Classic Medallion-Style Pendants

In the 1970s, when Miami Cuban chains first broke into the jewelry game, pendant craftsmanship was less advanced than it is today, but those early jewelers set the groundwork for where we’re at now. In decades past, you were likely to only find pendants made in the shape of a cross or a circular medallion. 

Today, medallion-style pendants are still fast sellers. The circular shape draws eyes to the center and makes them a natural statement piece. 

Our Medusa Pendant pays tribute to the vintage style medallions with some updated features. With 18k gold plating and hand-set CZ stones, it creates layers of contrast with plenty of ice to still shine in the club or for a casual night out. 

5: Gemstone Pendants 

Gemstone pendants like the Blood Stone and Iced Rock feature a large center gemstone surrounded by smaller CZ stones to create contrasting levels of shine. It’s designed to draw eyes to the piece, demanding attention without effort. 

5 Styles for Women 

1: Iced Heart 

Whether you have a heart of ice or plenty of love to show for those who matter most to you, the iced heart pendant adds a perfect touch of class to any fit. Whether you want to show off a clear or blue stone, the small stones flooding the edges draw attention inward to the large heart-shaped stone at the center. 

2: Baguette Cross 

Few stones make a statement as big and bold as a baguette. Combine that with the timeless cross pendant design, and you’ll have a piece that will draw eyes with any fit. The Center Set Baguette Cross pendant takes everything you love about a classic cross and turns it up to another level with a shine that can’t be outmatched. 

3: Large Stone Pendants

Similar to the men’s gemstone pendants, large stones draw attention with bold colors and a deeper level of shine. Whether you’re feeling a classic clear stone, a softer pink stone, or an edgy ruby pendant, you can find that perfect shade that complements the look you’re going for. 

4: Iced Zodiac Pendants 

For many, Zodiac signs are more than just a range of birthdays. They’re part of your identity and communicate who you are to the world around you, making a statement without saying a word. If you’re looking to rep your Zodiac whenever you’re dressing up your fit, look no further than an iced Zodiac pendant. The bold contrast of lustrous gold and bright hand-set stones showcase your sign as the focal point for any look. 

5: Cuban Necklaces with Built-in Pendants 

Want to skip the process of matching necklaces with pendants? Take the guessing game out of getting ready for a special night or just a casual day out with a Miami Cuban necklace featuring a built-in stone. From pear cut stones to emerald cuts and heart shapes, you can find that one that becomes your daily go-to when you want to add some extra visual interest to your outfit. 

Like Cuban necklaces with built-in stones, you can also opt for one with stones hanging from the chain. Coupled with smaller stones that are hand-set throughout the surface of the necklace, you’ll always be shining in any room you walk into when you’re wearing your Iced Cuban Marquise Necklace

Get the Finest Pendants in the Jewelry Game Today 

At GLD, we built our name on our pendants and chains. When you’re ready to shine bright for a big night out or just a casual day going about your business, we got you covered either way. 

Shop the full collection of men’s and women’s pendants today, or hit us up anytime for more info.