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5 Ideas for Making Your Own Custom Photo Pendant

5 Ideas for Making Your Own Custom Photo Pendant

Key Insights
  • How to Choose the Best Custom Photo Pendant
  • Reputation of the Brand 
  • Materials Used 
  • Photo Quality 
  • Don’t Forget the Chain 
  • 1: Pictures of Loved Ones 
  • 2: Your Favorite Place 
  • 3: A Meaningful Symbol 
  • 4: Your Favorite Piece of Art 
  • 5: Pop Culture Favorites 
  • Get the Freshest Custom Photo Pendants in the Game 

Pendants are a must-have for anyone that’s rocking chains on the daily. They add an extra touch of drip to finish the look, but they also make your fit stand out from the rest. Sometimes, though, you might want a specific image hanging from your neck that you can’t find online or in-store. 

That’s where custom 3D photo pendants come in. With a piece that’s truly your own, you can wear something that’s uniquely yours that no one can duplicate. 

How to Choose the Best Custom Photo Pendant

There are plenty of brands out there that offer photo pendants, but when you want something personal, you need to make sure you’re investing in the right pieces. If you’re not confident in who’s making it for you, can you be sure that you’ll get a product that you’d want to rock around your neck? 

When you’re shopping for the right pendant to place your photo in, here are some key points to keep in mind. 

Reputation of the Brand 

Is a legit brand making the pendant? There are plenty of cheap options from unknown brands on the market. With those, the product quality can vary, and more often than not, the cheapest materials possible are used. You don’t want to pay and wait for a custom piece only for it to turn your skin green or fade quickly. 

Check the brand that makes the pendant. Do they have reviews from others online? Are influencers or celebrities endorsing their products? These are just some key signs that you can use to determine whether you can expect jewelry of quality or not. 

Materials Used 

When making a photo pendant, the metal and glass are everything. A strong metal that keeps its shape and durable glass that won’t easily get smudged or scratched are the most important traits to look for. 

For example, at GLD, we use 316L surgical grade stainless steel plated in 18k yellow gold or 14k white gold for our photo pendants so that they can withstand regular use. The glass bubble we use is also one that we’ve personally vetted for its quality, clarity and strength. 

Photo Quality 

Most importantly - how does the picture actually look when it’s printed onto the pendant? If it looks blurry, pixelated, or the colors seem off, it’s not worth the investment. Look for a brand that regularly produces photo pendants with high-quality details and clear visuals so that you can get a piece that accurately reflects what you want to depict. 

Don’t Forget the Chain 

Just as you look for a quality pendant, you should also keep the chain in mind. You don’t want to hang a beautiful custom pendant from a chain that’s poorly made or not up to the same quality. 

When you’re shopping for a new chain, choose one that’s made with similar quality materials and construction techniques. This will keep the chain from turning your skin green, breaking, or fading over time. 

If you’re looking for a new chain to hang your pendants from, a Micro Cuban Link Chain or a Micro Tennis Necklace is never a bad choice. These iconic pieces are worn with and without pendants, and you’ll always look your best in any situation when you’re rocking one. 

1: Pictures of Loved Ones 

Whether it’s your homies, a significant other, or family, there’s never a bad time to rep those who matter most to you. Create a photo pendant that captures a moment that’s stayed with you forever to always keep the memories alive. 

Pictures of loved ones is a classic choice that’s always appreciated. You could even create multiple pendants with the same photo so everyone can rock one on their chains wherever they go.  

2: Your Favorite Place 

We all have somewhere that means the most to us. For example, while we’re now based out of Miami at GLD, we have our roots in Pittsburgh, and we’ll always be thankful to our day-ones in Steel City for believing in us from the beginning. 

Think of a spot that holds a special place in your mind. It could be the block you grew up on, your favorite place to travel, an event you attend on the regular, or even a shot of a map with coordinates on it. The destination will never feel too far away when you’re wearing it close to your chest. 

3: A Meaningful Symbol 

We use symbols to define important aspects of our lives. From tattoos on our bodies to our favorite sports teams’ logos and flags of states and countries we hail from, each one carries a weight and a meaning that follows us. 

Do you have a symbol that has always meant something important to you? You could have even created one for yourself. No matter which type of symbol that you identify with, you could throw it into a custom pendant. Some ideas to get started could include:

  • A symbol of faith like a cross 
  • A flag from another country that you have roots in 
  • The initials of someone that matters to you 
  • Your astrological sign to show your personality 
  • A symbol of a hobby or passion that you pursue 

The options really are endless when it comes to the symbols that you value most in life. Choose one that represents what you’re all about so you can share it with the world and let everyone know who you are. 

4: Your Favorite Piece of Art 

Art is a powerful and personal expression. Some pieces resonate with others, and some don’t. When it hits you, though, it can be inspiring and tell a story that you can relate to or identify with. 

Whether you’re into classic art, modern art, or works that you’ve made yourself, you can include it in a photo pendant so that you can always keep it nearby. With a crystal clear glass bubble protecting the image, you’ll always be able to appreciate it from any angle. 

5: Pop Culture Favorites 

We all have a favorite show, video game, movie, or other piece of pop culture that stays with us. You can capture a piece of nostalgia forever and take it with you in a custom pendant. Not only does it put your favorite piece of media on display for the world to see, but it can be a conversation starter with anyone who shares your interests. 

Get the Freshest Custom Photo Pendants in the Game 

At GLD, we’re always coming up with new, innovative pendant designs to give you every opportunity to upgrade your fit. When you want something that’s 100% unique to you, we got you. Our 3D photo pendants are the perfect choice for a standout piece with the perfect level of clarity and picture quality. 

To get started, shop our full range of custom gold jewelry today or hit us up anytime to learn more.