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7 Unique Women's Cuban Link Chains That Dress Up Any Look

7 Unique Women's Cuban Link Chains That Dress Up Any Look

Key Insights
  • 1: Up the Ice with a Cuban Marquise Necklace 
  • 2: Go Bold with a 19mm Choker
  • 3: Add Some Flare with Two-Tone Cubans 
  • 4: Classy Contrast with Mixed Stone Cubans
  • 5: Draw Attention with Center-Stone Cubans 
  • 6: Bring Luminous Shine to Your Look 
  • 7: Keep it Understated with a Micro Diamond Prong
  • Complement Your Chains with Other Accessories 
  • More Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cuban Chain 
  • Link Size 
  • Metal Color 
  • Link Shape 
  • Necklace Length 
  • Adding a Pendant 
  • The Source You’re Buying From 
  • Find that Perfect Cuban Link Chain for Your Look Today

When it comes to women's jewelry, there is something specifically extraordinary about a Cuban Link chain. Its intricate details put any outfit on point by adding an instant level of sophistication and class. Whether dressing up for a special occasion or turning heads every day with your fashion sense, the best Cuban Link chains can elevate your look with just one piece of jewelry. 

But you’re not just anyone. You’re someone with a unique and refined sense of style, and you want your accessories to communicate that. 

If you’re looking to add a new necklace to your jewelry collection, we got you. Today, we’re going to showcase some of the most unique women’s Cuban Link chains in the game to help you find that perfect piece for your look.  

Let’s start with one of our latest: the Iced Marquise Necklace. 

1: Up the Ice with a Cuban Marquise Necklace 

Want to add a little something extra to an iced-out Cuban Link necklace? The Marquise features five crystals hanging from the front of the piece to draw attention and add an even more luminous shine. 

At an 8.5mm width, the chain creates a statement all its own. The additional stones will separate it from the rest of the others so you can stand out from everyone else wherever your day takes you. 

2: Go Bold with a 19mm Choker

19mm prong links are among the widest you can get. The large surface allows for more stones for a dazzling shine. With the choker sitting high on your neck, everyone’s eyes will be drawn to you. 

Prefer something that sits over your collar instead of up against your neck? You can opt for a Diamond Prong Link Necklace in 18-22” lengths. These will rest closer to the collar bone for layering with a smaller choker or any other type of necklace. 

3: Add Some Flare with Two-Tone Cubans 

Traditional fashion wisdom would say never to mix metals, but in recent years, experimenting with two-tone looks has become a chic new trend with accessories. Whether you’re combining white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold with another metal, you can create striking contrasts that catch the eye. 

This 19mm Diamond Prong Choker takes that concept to the next level with hand-set stones that create a more vivid color to complement your look. Prefer something longer and more low-key? The Two-Toned GLD Link Necklace brings the same aesthetic but slimmed down and more rounded at the edges. 

4: Classy Contrast with Mixed Stone Cubans

Want to shine in more ways than one? A Mixed Stone Cuban creates classy contrast that reflects light in a dynamic fashion like no other. 

Alternating 12mm links of smaller CZ stones and larger baguette stones add an elegant texture with plenty of surface area to create an attention-grabbing piece. It creates a unique level of depth not found on other Cuban Links without looking too chunky or feeling too heavy. 

The Mixed Stone Cuban also pairs perfectly with any baguette stone pieces in your collection. 

5: Draw Attention with Center-Stone Cubans 

Want to add a focal point to your necklace without a pendant hanging from it? If you want to keep the silhouette consistent, try a Cuban Link with a center stone set directly into the piece. 

For those with big hearts and love to give, we have the Crystal Heart Cuban with your choice of a clear stone in yellow gold or a pink stone set in white gold. It’s the perfect piece to show love for someone important in your life or to let the world know that you have a good heart and deserve the best. 

Prefer something with a more neutral shape? You can also select other stone shapes like the rounded pear stone with a point at the end or a rectangular emerald-cut stone for a traditional look with a modern chain design. 

6: Bring Luminous Shine to Your Look 

When you’re glowing up for a night out, you need jewelry that can glow with you. That’s where the Luminous Diamond Prong Cuban Necklace comes in. 

Finished in 14k white gold with a strip of glow-in-the-dark teal enamel on every 12mm link, this necklace glows while it catches the light so that you will always be noticed when you’re wearing it out. It’s the perfect necklace for a low-light setting like the club, an intimate dinner, or just heading out with friends for a night out. 

7: Keep it Understated with a Micro Diamond Prong

Want a slender necklace that still brings plenty of shine and makes a statement? If so, the Micro Diamond Prong is for you. 

With the same design quality, hand-set stones, and level of shine on a smaller scale, the Micro Diamond Prong is perfect for elegant looks or when you want something more understated. It’s also perfect for layering or pairing with your favorite pendant and a matching bracelet to complete the look. 

Complement Your Chains with Other Accessories 

Once you’ve discovered the ideal chain for your look, you might also want to complete it with a few other accessories that can enhance the shine even further or create a more cohesive aesthetic.

Whether you’re slaying your best pair of heels or wearing your favorite kicks with a casual fit, a Cuban Link anklet can complement your neckless seamlessly. You can match it like wearing a pear cut stone anklet with your pear cut necklace, or change it up and add another design to what you’re wearing for the day, such as a round-cut tennis anklet

Cuban Link bracelets also pair perfectly with any Cuban Link necklace. Often made of the exact same links in shorter lengths, there’s no better way to pair up your accessories. Match stones like emerald cuts together or bring a fresh pop of color with a two-toned Cuban Link bracelet.

Finally, can also find Cuban Links in earrings and rings. Rock a Cuban link earring with your chain to turn even more heads at any occasion, and add a Diamond Prong Ring to finger to draw attention whenever you move your hand. 

More Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cuban Chain 

Beyond the aesthetics of the chain, there are some other aspects you should consider before making a final decision. These can include: 

Link Size 

How wide do you want your links to be? The higher the millimeter (“mm”), the wider the necklace is, which means more stones and more shine. 

If the thicker, bolder Cuban Link aesthetic is not what you have in mind, consider going with one 5mm or less. These will still provide the classic look of the Cuban chain without as much visibility around your neck. 

Metal Color 

You’ll find most women’s Cuban Link chains in 3 shades of metal: Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Each brings its own character, so determining which one you like most will help you feel the most confident when you’re rocking your new piece. 

Yellow gold is the traditional “gold” color. It conveys a warmer, more luxurious tone that works perfectly for dressed-up, casual, or vintage looks. 

White gold offers a similar look to silver but with a deeper luster. You can pair it with other white gold or silver accessories, and it adds a cooler tone to any fit. 

Lastly, we have rose gold. Rose gold is an alloy made of pure gold and copper, which gives it that fiery tone. If you want to go bold with your look, choose a piece with rose gold. 

Link Shape 

When you’re deciding on which Cuban Link to go with, you’ll have two main options to choose from: a prong or rounded (“Miami Cuban”) link. 

Prong links are trapezoid-shaped and have harder-defined angles. They are the perfect base to add stones and create intricate, geometric designs that catch the eye. A traditional rounded Cuban Link creates a more fluid motion between links without the hard angles of a prong. 

Necklace Length 

As with the size, color, and shape of the links, the length of the necklace can also contribute to the overall aesthetic. Typically, most women’s necklaces will range from 16” to 24” with multiple options to choose from. 

Any length 16” or less will typically be considered a choker-style chain. These are designed to cling close to the neck so that they’re visible above a shirt collar or the neckline of a dress. 

18-22” necklace lengths are what you will probably picture when you think of a traditional necklace. They will sit between the collar and the chest and are ideal for hanging pendants or layering with other pieces.

Though less common, you can also find some chains that measure 24” in length. These sit lower on the torso and can pair perfectly with a 16-18” chain for layered looks. 

Don’t know which size to choose? Take one of your current favorite necklaces and measure it with a tape measure. If the necklace stretches 20” on the tape measure, it’s a 20” necklace. 

If you want to experiment with longer or shorter lengths, use a tape measure and cut a piece of string to the desired length. Hold it around your neck, and you’ll be able to get an idea of how it would look when you wear a necklace that is longer or shorter than you are used to. 

Adding a Pendant 

Pendants can add a touch of flare and personality to any necklace. From NFL teams to crosses and zodiac signs, you can find one that best aligns with your interests, beliefs or values. 

Most pendants will fit any chain 3-5mm in width, though some with larger bails can slide onto wider sizes as well. If you want to complete your look with a pendant, make sure you’re selecting a chain that will be sized appropriately for it. 

The Source You’re Buying From 

Search for jewelry online and you’ll find an endless list of brands trying to sell you their own take on a Cuban Link. How do you tell which brands are legit and which are just dropshipping a white labeled piece to make quick cash? 

One of the first signs of a quality brand is licensing deals with other reputable brands. For example, at GLD, we collab with global brands like the NFL and Marvel for official pieces that are fully licensed. Simply put: quality brands recognize other quality brands. 

Second, look for any signature features that a brand adds to their pieces. Our GLD clasps are one-of-a-kind and aren’t available anywhere else. 

Third, look at the link spacing on their Cubans. A quality Cuban chain has links tightly spaced for strength and durability. If you notice large gaps between links on other chains, that’s a red flag. 

Last but definitely not the least, look for transparency in the manufacturing. What materials are used? Are these materials spelled out in the product listing? 

For any and every piece we drop at GLD, we’re always upfront with you about what it’s made of. From the karat, to the type of finish (plated, Vermeil, solid gold, etc.), and the stone-setting process, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. 

Find that Perfect Cuban Link Chain for Your Look Today

You won’t find people that love Cuban Links more than we do at GLD. Each one of our necklaces is crafted to meticulous standards, with options ranging from creative and unique to timeless classics that will complement any sense of style. 

If you’re ready to add a new piece to your collection, check out our full range here or hit us up anytime.