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Can You Wear Gold In The Shower? The Do’s and Dont’s Of Showering With Jewlery

Key Insights
  • Gold Jewelry In The Shower
  • Can You Wear 14k Gold In The Shower
  • Is It Okay To Get Jewlery Wet?
  • Are Diamonds Waterproof?

Gold Jewelry In The Shower

Jewlery maintenance is always an important practice to know, especially when you have a collection of gold jewelry. Next to knowing how to properly store your jewelry when not being worn, is also knowing whether showering with jewelry on is advisable or harmful. Especially in summer months, or in situations where you have jewelry on in warmer weather, it’s possible to find yourself in situations where your gold jewelry could get wet. In this article we’ll discuss the topic of can you shower with a gold chain, and is it okay to get jewelry wet.

The general rule regarding can you wear gold in the shower is to try to avoid it, especially on a frequent basis. Traditionally, and what is most advised, is that your gold jewelry should always be kept dry and stored properly.

G-Link Necklace in White Gold

G-Link Necklace in White Gold


Can You Wear 14k Gold In The Shower

14 karat gold is the most popular gold material to work with for crafting gold jewelry. The ratio of pure gold to alloys is favored because of the durability and long lasting qualities. Knowing this about 14 karat gold, it’s a common question to ask, can you wear 14k gold in the shower. Even if the the gold is comprised of 14 karats, the answer to can I shower in 14k gold is typically no. Showering with jewelry on is not advisable on a frequent basis. If it happens once and awhile, or very rarely, the jewelry will be fine. But generally, showering with jewelry on is something to avoid and not to be made a habit of.


Is It Okay To Get Jewlery Wet?

If you have 14 karat white gold, as opposed to yellow gold, and wondering is white gold waterproof or different than yellow gold, the answer is they are both the same. To air on the side of caution, the first advice would be to avoid showering with your gold jewelry. It’s not the water itself that has all the potential to cause damage, but shower gels, colognes, natural oils, perfumes, and other cleaning products that are used in the shower could be harmful. Water itself alone won’t cause extreme damage to the jewelry. But to shower and expose the jewelry to these other products could be problematic. That’s why it is advised when being asked what kind of gold can you wear in the shower, to warn that the shower products are potentially harmful, and not just the water. So does this mean that chlorine, pools, or the ocean is okay? Not necessarily. The chemicals in chlorine, or excessive salt from the ocean, could also damage the gold jewelry. Try to limit your use of wearing gold jewelry in those situations as well.

4mm GLD Signature Miami Cuban

4mm GLD Signature Miami Cuban


Are Diamonds Waterproof?

Now that we’ve touched on the topic of can you wear gold in the shower, the next common question is about diamonds, and specially if diamonds are waterproof. Diamonds are hydrophobic by nature, meaning they do not like water. Soaps, natural oils, lotions, ect, are all ingredients that diamonds shouldn’t be exposed to. When diamonds are exposed to these substances, there is potential for the diamond to lose it’s brilliance and shine. To always be on the safe side, avoid showering with diamonds or getting diamonds wet.