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How to take care of gold chain?

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  • Gold jewelry how is it destroyed?
  • How to clean gold chain?
  • How to care of gold jewellery? How to clean gold chain necklace?
  • Summary about how to take care of gold chain

Gold jewelry is a synonym of wealth and goodness. It used to only be in the possession of rich and powerful people who wore it to demonstrate success and underline their uniqueness. Nowadays, gold is not as expensive as it was in past and it has become a popular piece of jewelry that everyone can afford.

Unfortunately, golden pendants, rings and bracelets sometimes become destroyed and they lose their natural, shiny colour after some time. To prevent this, you should clean gold chain necklace regularly and use only tested methods to avoid damaging your favourite accessories. This article will tell you how to care of gold jewelry at home and what to tricks to use to obtain the desired effect for a long time.

14k Solid Gold Ball Chain

14k Solid Gold Ball Chain


Gold jewelry how is it destroyed?

Although, it seems that gold is a durable and long-lasting metal, it also sometimes is destroyed. There are many reasons for it.

Firstly, they are time and unfavourable atmospheric conditions. As an outcome, the metal is overlapped with a specific coating and lose its natural colour (it usually becomes darker). It is due to the presence of carbon dioxide in the air. Gold gradually loses its glitter and changes colour- from pale yellow through greenish to black.

The second time when your jewellery is in danger is during having a contact with detergents or other cosmetics. Both cosmetics and detergents can have a negative effect on jewellery, for example Cuban link chain which may change colour. There is a high probability that a lot of jewellery alloys react with the substances that can be found in detergents and cosmetics and led to its destruction.

However, this process is not irreversible. Appropriate cleaning agents can restore the precious metals' glitter and thanks to systematic clean gold chain treatments you can effectively stop this process. It is completely harmless for your jewellery.

10k Solid Gold Rope Chain (4mm)

10k Solid Gold Rope Chain (4mm)

How to clean gold chain?

How to clean gold chain is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to taking care of jewellery. Luckily, there are also many answers that may be useful.

If you want to deal with jewellery that has not been cleaned for many months or years, you necessarily have to first take off the metal tarnish that has settled on the accessories due to time. To do it properly, you need a glass container (it cannot be made of metal) with boiled water. The bottom of it should be lined with aluminium foil and to the warm water you should add five teaspoons of kitchen salt.

Then gently wash the jewellery with soap and plain water. At this stage, you get rid of contaminants (for example wax or fat). After a few minutes add it to the warm water with salt that and leave it for about 3-4 hours to clean gold chain. It is recommended to put only few objects into one container to achieve better results.

Another way is called vodka treatment. You have to put the jewellery in a glass container filled with vodka and leave it for at least 12 hours.

Some users also recommend using a toothpaste (without micro granules). It is quite invasive method of cleaning so it is advised to use this method smartly.

Rope Chain 4mm

Rope Chain (4mm)

How to care of gold jewellery? How to clean gold chain necklace?

The best method is to clean your gold accessories regularly and prevent their gradual contamination. Specialists recommend wiping gold jewellery with spirit or vodka at least once a month. You may use special soft cloths or brushes for hard to reach places (you may buy them at jeweller's shop). What is more, they also recommend unusual methods of cleaning of cuban link chain. They say that the cigarette ash is ideally to clean gold items – when you add water to it, it can be a great cleaning extract.

Metal accessories need special care to keep their original colour under the time influence. For cleaning gold jewellery you can use for example vodka or a combination of water and salt. There are also specialized gold cleaning liquids on the market that will help you to do it in a right way. Fortunately, there is a large selection of various liquids that are manufactured by well-known companies to protect your jewellery from destruction.

Sometimes when you cannot deal with this difficult and time consuming time – it is worth to see the specialist -silversmith who will do it for you.

8.5mm GLD Link Chain in Yellow Gold

8.5mm GLD Link Chain in Yellow Gold


Summary about how to take care of gold chain

Gold jewellery is a natural ornament that is often chosen by people who want to become fashionable and unique among crowd of ordinary looking people. Due to original bracelets, necklaces and rings they may highlight their natural beauty.

However, it is worth to remember about a proper care of it. Next time when your jewellery change its colour, make a use of those tips that were presented in this article to be sure that you will always look astonishing wearing your gold jewellery. It is worth to use the home methods of getting rid of dirt and unwanted colour changes described in the article. However, if you are afraid of cleaning your precious gold necklace or bracelets, it is worth to meet with experts and find out more about professional cleaning of golden necklaces. It is sometimes the only way of having a perfect result.