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Rock Your Gameday Look with These 7 Exclusive NBA Chains

Rock Your Gameday Look with These 7 Exclusive NBA Chains

Key Insights
  • What You Get with a GLD x NBA Cuban 
  • The Tightest Link Spacing Possible 
  • Symbols of Your Favorite Squad
  • Premium 18k Gold 
  • Choose Your Team 
  • Los Angeles Lakers 
  • Golden State Warriors 
  • Chicago Bulls 
  • Boston Celtics 
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Miami Heat 
  • New York Knicks
  • Gear Up for Gametime with GLD 

The stadium lights up, superstars take to the paint, and millions of fans tune in to catch the action every time an NBA game goes live. Whether you’re a passive fan or the truest diehard, you can’t deny the action is can’t-miss entertainment. 

Off the court, NBA athletes are style icons, with many household stars launching their own fashion brands and collabs. Inspired by this drive, we teamed up with the league itself for another entry in the GLD x NBA Collection

We took the sleekest, tightest-linked Cuban Link Chains in the game and added logos from your favorite teams. While the NBA season is still going, you have plenty of time to gear up before the summer. 

What You Get with a GLD x NBA Cuban 

The Tightest Link Spacing Possible 

When you’re shopping for the best Cuban Link chains, tight link spacing is key. The tighter the links, the stronger the chain and the better shine it gives. 

Each GLD x NBA Cuban is designed with our bestselling Cuban Link construction so that it’s always ready to be worn in any situation. You’ll be able to wear it time and time again, at the game or at home, with the confidence that you’re rocking a quality piece. 

Every GLD x NBA Cuban Link chain is also held together by a unique clasp featuring the NBA logo. These are exclusively designed for our chains but with the same durable closure that you’ve come to expect from GLD pieces. 

Symbols of Your Favorite Squad

Each NBA chain pays tribute to the franchise it represents. Throughout the chain, built-in charms show off team logos, number of championships, championship trophies, city logos, and and other significant imagery to the team’s history. 

We don’t believe in cutting corners at GLD. Each logo at the front of the chain is officially authorized by the NBA and every aspect is built to their quality standards. 

While these chains make the perfect standalone statement piece for any fan, you can also pair them up with a rope chain along with any of the pendants in our collection to ice out your look and show even more support for your squad. 

Premium 18k Gold 

All of our GLD x NBA chains are finished with quality 18k yellow gold plating. We carefully select the highest-quality materials for finishing so that they maintain a deep luster and sleek finish for as long as possible. 

Choose Your Team 

The GLD x NBA Cuban Link Series features designs that pay tribute to 7 of the league’s most iconic teams. You can choose from:

Los Angeles Lakers 

Whether they’re crushing the season or lower in the standings, the Lakers are, without a doubt, the most iconic and widely recognized franchise in the world. From Kareem to Kobe and LeBron, no team has hosted nearly as many superstars. 

For the Los Angeles Lakers Chain, we placed their logo front-and-center so you can always show the world who you’re repping. The 17 on the chain also celebrates their 17 championships that have cemented them as one of the most successful franchises of all time. 

Golden State Warriors 

From starting out as Philly’s first professional team to one of the most dominant on the West Coast in recent years, the Golden State Warriors aren’t a squad to mess with. They’ve played a major role in growing the game to a new generation of fans with icons like Steph Curry leading the way. 

The official Golden State Warriors Chain celebrates their recent successes and honors the first two championships they won in Philadelphia. Add this chain to the rest of your fit to show off your squad before the next game. 

Chicago Bulls 

The House that Jordan Built. Even decades later, none can deny the impact Jordan had and still has on the game. 

The Chicago Bulls Chain is the perfect drip to go with a fresh pair of Jordans or to complete the gameday fit of even the most diehard Bulls fan. Add a fierce touch of ice to your look with a rope chain and the official Bulls Micro Pendant to take your accessory game up a notch. 

Boston Celtics 

The NBA’s best team in 2023 - if you’re rooting against them, you should be worried. The Boston Celtics have dominated the league with a strong roster and a winning mindset. 

Show up for their run to the top and rock an official Boston Celtics Chain for the rest of the season. That 17 on the side of the chain could easily become an 18 by the end. 

Philadelphia 76ers

No one supports their hometown squad like Philly does. When their teams succeed, the whole city’s behind them. 

Get behind your squad while they reign as one of the 2022-2023 season’s most powerful franchises. The iconic 76ers logo sits right at the center of their official chain so you can always show others who you support. 

Miami Heat 

We love Miami. It’s GLD’s home city, so you know we had to include the team that brings it for us every night. 

The Miami Heat Chain adds the perfect touch of flare to your fit with the logo front-and-center like the rest of the chains in the collection. Pair it up with a tennis necklace and the official Heat Pendant to add even more fire to your look. 

New York Knicks

The Knicks host the game’s best talent on the biggest stage in the world whenever they play at home. Madison Square Garden remains one of the most iconic arenas in all of sports and you’ll never run out of excitement in the Big Apple before or after gametime. 

New Yorkers go hard for their teams, and no one messes with diehard fans. Show your loyalty for your Knicks this year with the official chain from the collection. 

Gear Up for Gametime with GLD 

Whether you want to boss up and flex at the game or accentuate your fit for kicking it at home, we got you. The full GLD x NBA collection has everything you need to look and feel your best while repping your squad; all backed with a lifetime guarantee. 

Shop our full collection of official NBA merch today or hit us up anytime for more info.