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What is 14K Gold? Is 14K Gold Good Quality?

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  • What is 14 Karat Yellow Gold? 14 Karat Gold Definition
  • Is 14K Gold Good Quality?
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  • How To Take Care of 14K Gold Jewlery
  • 14k Gold vs 18k Gold
  • Is 14K Gold Better than 10K Gold?
  • What is 14k Gold Worth?

What makes gold such a great material to use when crafting jewelry, is that gold is offered in a variety of materials. These materials will differ in strength, durability, delicacy, and color. In this article you’ll learn everything you need to know about 14 karat gold, which is a material The GLD Shop uses frequently. We’ll compare 14k gold with other gold materials, such as 18 karat gold and 10 karat gold, and get into all the specifics why 14k gold is a good quality material for your next gold jewelry purchase.


What is 14 Karat Yellow Gold? 14 Karat Gold Definition

14k gold, or 14k yellow gold, is comprised of pure gold blended with other materials and alloys.These other materials, along with the pure gold, could include zinc, copper, nickel, or rhodium. The definition of 14k gold is that its purity of gold will always be 58.3% pure gold mixed with 40% other parts. 14k gold will have 14 parts gold (this is the 58.3%) out of the 24 pure gold count, and the other material count is 10 part other metals.14k gold and 14k yellow gold refer to the same thing, and they are not two different definitions. The term 14k yellow gold is used only to differentiate between 14k white gold or 14k rose gold. There are also a few ways to authenticate 14k gold jewlery. 14k gold will be stamped with either “14k” or “14kt.” Sometimes you may see “585” or “583” stamped on 14k gold jewlery. These numbers indicate the purity gold percentage of 58.3% that is always found in 14k gold.

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Is 14K Gold Good Quality?

In our article about 24k gold, we specifically discussed the delicacy and softness of 24k gold’s 100% purity level, and why that isn’t the best option for gold jewelry. 14k gold in comparison is a very durable gold material, because of the alloys and materials mixed into the gold. This makes 14k gold jewelry strong, long lasting, and excellent for everyday use. For those with active lifestyles, or those who prefer to wear their gold jewelry during physical activities, 14k gold is a great material option for you to buy. 14K gold is a good quality material to use for jewelry. 14k gold will always have a great affordable price for a high quality piece of long lasting gold jewelry. This is why The GLD Shop loves to implement 14k gold into our jewelry collections. Be sure to check out our latest styles of gold jewelry offered in 14k gold materials.

How To Take Care of 14K Gold Jewlery

14k gold jewelry is excellent in terms of durability and strength. It’s completely advisable that you can wear 14k gold jewelry everyday, even during physical activities. If you choose to wear your 14k gold jewelry excessively, it’s likely that at some point in the future the gold may tarnish, although because of the high purity count in 14k gold it isn’t too likely that 14k gold will tarnish. The good thing about 14k gold is that it doesn’t tarnish easily. 14k gold can potentially tarnish overtime, and at a very slow rate. Heres a quick technique for cleaning your 14k gold jewelry in case you see it beginning to tarnish. With a soft toothbrush, cotton swab, or soft cloth gently brush your 14k gold jewelry using warm water and dish soap. It’s advisable to shower with your 14k gold jewelry, as that won’t lead to tarnishing. Since you can shower with 14k gold jewelry, just make sure the jewelry isn’t exposed to chemicals or abrasive surfaces.


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14k Gold vs 18k Gold

14k Gold and 18K Gold are often compared to one another, and most people will ask which of these two are the better quality. The simple and most direct answer is that both 14k gold and 18k gold are excellent quality gold materials to use for jewelry. One of the main differences between 14k gold vs 18k gold is that 18k gold will be more expensive in comparison to 14k gold. This is because the purity count of gold is higher in 18k gold than 14k gold. 18k gold is made up of 75% pure gold, or 18 parts gold out of the 24. The other 25% of 18k gold are alloyed metals. 18k gold, just like 14k gold, also has a mixture of alloys and metals to make the gold more long lasting. 18k gold in comparison to 14k gold is more delicate, softer, and not advised for everyday use. As mentioned previously in this article, 14k gold jewelry is a great option for those who intend to wear their gold jewelry frequently. 18k gold is great for special occasion items, or to wear occasionally.


Is 14K Gold Better than 10K Gold?

Since we mentioned 14k gold in comparison to 18k gold and 24k gold, it’s important not to forget about 10k gold. 10k gold is comprised of 41.7% pure gold and 58% alloy metals. 10k gold is 10 parts pure gold of the 24 parts “gold standard.” 14k gold is better than 10k gold when comparing the amount of pure gold in it’s mixture, making 14k gold higher in pure gold quality than 10k gold.  Both 14k gold and 10k gold are affordable price points, but 10k gold will be less expensive than 14k gold because it has less pure gold in it’s mixture. 10k gold has more alloyed metals than pure gold in its mixture. 14k gold is known to have a better gold coloring in comparison to 10k gold. 14k gold coloring will have warmer richer golden tones, while 10k may have a tendency to become “duller” overtime. 14k gold is also better than 10k gold if you are someone who is prone to skin sensitivity or skin allergies. 14k gold will be more hypoallergenic in comparison to 10k gold.

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What is 14k Gold Worth?

The price of gold is never a fixed price, and the cost of gold is constantly changing. Gold is a commodity, and traded on the stock exchange. Jewelers also determine their own price points for how much 14k gold is worth. At the time this article was written, 14k gold was valued on the market at $34.57 per gram and $1,075.17 per ounce. 14k gold is worth purchasing as an investment, and as a piece of jewelry to wear everyday. 14k gold is a great value because it is long lasting, won’t fade easily, and the value will only increase overtime. For more information about 14k gold jewelry pricing, please visit The GLD Shop’s website to browse all the incredible gold pieces offered in 14k gold.