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What is 18k Gold? Is 18k Gold Good Quality?

Key Insights
  • What does 18k Gold Mean?
  • Is 18k Gold Good Quality?
  • Is 14k or 18k Gold Better?
  • How Much is 18K Gold Worth?
  • How Long Does 18k Gold Last?

What makes gold such a great material to use when crafting jewelry, is that gold is offered in a variety of materials. These materials will differ in strength, durability, delicacy, and color. In this article you’ll learn everything you need to know about 18 karat gold. We’ll let you know what 18k gold is and the specific qualities of 18k gold. Continue reading for helpful advice that will help you with your next 18k gold purchase.


What does 18k Gold Mean?

18k gold is made up of 75% pure gold and 25% alloys and mixed metals. These mixed metals could include zinc, copper, silver, or palladium. 18k gold means that 18 parts out of the 24 total parts of the material are comprised of pure gold. The term “karat” has been used to describe pure gold amounts for centuries. This “karat system” is globally recognized by jewelers as a way to produce and craft gold jewelry. 18k gold is most popular because of its color. The high percentage of pure gold in its mixture creates a rich golden yellow color. 18k gold is offered in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold varieties. So how do you tell if 18k gold is real gold? Here are two easy ways. 18k gold is considered real gold, and the easiest way to tell if 18k gold is real is by checking the stamp on the material. 18k gold items will be stamped with either “18k,” “18kt,” “.75” or “.750.” Another way to authenticate 18k gold is putting the item next to a magnet. If the 18k gold is real, it will not attract and won’t move towards the magnet.


14k solid gold 4mm GLD Signature Miami Cuban

14k solid gold 4mm GLD Signature Miami Cuban


Is 18k Gold Good Quality?

18k gold is good quality because it has a high percentage of pure gold, while also having the necessary alloys and mixed metals to create strength and durability for a long lasting piece of gold jewelry. 18k gold is good quality if you’re a buyer who wants to invest in a piece of jewelry with a high pure gold percentage, or if you’re looking for a delicate jewelry item. 18k gold is good quality if you don’t intend to wear this item excessively, during physical activities, or situations that could damage jewelry. Since 18k gold has a significant amount of pure gold in its mixture, and knowing that pure gold is extremely soft and delicate, its common to wonder can I wear 18k gold everyday? The answer is circumstantial. Yes you can wear 18k gold everyday, but make sure you’re being cautious. Don’t expose your 18k gold jewelry to excessive sweat, situations that could cause damage, or harmful chemicals. 18k gold is good quality if you are someone who has skin sensitivity or skin allergies. 18k gold has 25% mixed metals and alloys. This is lower in comparison to 10k gold or 14k gold. These mixed metals could have potential to trigger skin allergies. 18k gold is mostly made of pure gold, which won’t be harmful to skin sensitivity.


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14k Solid Gold 5mm Miami Cuban Link Chain


Is 14k or 18k Gold Better?

If you’re considering purchasing18k gold jewelry, you may also be looking at 14k gold jewelry pieces as well. If you’re trying to make a decision of which to purchase, and wondering is 14k or 18k gold better, keep in mind these two distinctions. 18k gold will be more expensive compared to 14k gold because 18k gold has a higher percentage of pure gold. 14k gold has 58.3% pure gold in its mixture. If your decision comes down to price, then 14k gold will be more affordable. If you’re looking to buy a piece of gold jewelry for a special occasion, not intended to be worn excessively, 18k gold is traditionally purchased more because of its rich vibrant gold color and delicate material. A perfect example of 18k gold jewelry items would bean engagement rings.


How Much is 18K Gold Worth?

As previously mentioned in this article, 18k gold will be higher in price because of its significant amount of pure gold in its mixture. This makes how much 18k gold is worth more costly than 14k gold and 10k gold jewelry options. Traditionally, 18k gold compared to 14k gold will be a couple hundred dollars more in price. At the time this article was written, 18k gold was valued at $59.00 per gram and $1,839.60 per ounce. Remember, the price of gold is always fluctuating on the market and never constant. Each jeweler will also determine their own price of how much 18k gold is worth. In short, expect 18k gold to be a costly purchase. But by buying an 18k gold piece of jewelry you’re investing in a high quality beautiful item.


14k Solid Gold Franco Chain (6mm)

14k Solid Gold Franco Chain (6mm)


How Long Does 18k Gold Last?

It’s a common concern to wonder if your 18k gold jewelry will fade or tarnish overtime since gold is a delicate material. To answer the question does 18k gold fade, or will 18k gold turn my skin green is circumstantial and it’s important to provide cautious advice. If you don’t wear your 18k gold item excessively, or in situations prone to excessive sweating, the 18k gold item should not fade, tarnish quickly, or turn your skin green. As discussed in this article, the catch-22 of 18k gold is the high percentage of pure gold. That means it will have a lower mixture of metals and alloys. This mixture of alloys and metals is what strengths the jewelry, and keeps it from bending or scratching. 18k gold is softer and more delicate compared to 10k or 14k gold. If you are concerned about 18k gold turning your skin green, don’t worry….the 25% mixture of mixed metals and alloys is low, and won’t activate skin sensitivity.