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What Is VVS Diamonds? Are VVS Diamonds Good?

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  • What Is The Definition of VVS Diamonds?
  • Check If The VVS Diamonds Are Good
  • VVS Diamond Prices

Diamonds are timeless pieces of luxury jewelry that will never go out of style. We love diamonds because they are extravagant, elegant, and the best quality gemstone on the jewelry market. If you want to step up your diamond game, this article will teach you about VVS diamonds. VVS diamonds are considered one of the highest quality diamonds existing today. We’ll let you know specifically what VVS diamonds mean, and why VVS diamonds are considered one of the best diamond varieties today.


What Is The Definition of VVS Diamonds?

The definition of VVS diamonds translates to “very very slightly.” This “VVS” abbreviation refers to the very small inclusions found in diamonds, and these inclusions are undetectable to the human eye. Inclusions are very small imperfections within the diamond. The more imperfections, the more flawless the diamond stone will be. Inclusions require ten times magnification loupes to see up close. VVS diamonds are real diamonds, and they are some of the most perfect quality diamonds on the jewelry market. Before we explain what makes VVS diamonds some of the best diamonds on the jewelry market, it’s important to first understand the fundamental characteristics that make diamonds the perfect gemstone to add to your jewelry collection.

Round Cut Tennis Necklace in Yellow Gold - 14k solid gold/VVS

5mm Round Cut Tennis Necklace in Yellow Gold - 14k Solid Gold / VVS


 “The Four C’s of Diamonds” and VVS Clarity

 Following jewelry industry standards, diamonds are graded and valued by a system known as “the four C’s.” These are Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity. These four characteristics in sync with each other determine the value of the diamond. We’re going to break down for you what each “C” stands for and its importance for diamond pricing. The cut refers to the style of the diamond, and the symmetrical facets and proportions. The better the cut, the better the brilliance and fire the diamond will have. Brilliance and fire are what makes diamonds sparkle under light. Some examples of cuts include round, princess, tennis, just to name a few. Color means the the hues in the gem quality. The color is the fieriness that makes diamonds sparkle. The perfect color for a diamond should be “colorless,”  meaning the whiter the diamond the higher the value. It may be hard to see with the naked eye, but the color can range from light yellow to light brown. Carat refers to the physical weight of the diamond. A common mistake is thinking that carat size refers to the overall size on the diamond. The carat weight may change depending on how the diamond is cut. Clarity always refers to the cleanliness of the diamond, and how many inclusions or blemishes the diamond may have. Clarity is how the diamond sparkles and looks under light. When jewelers talk about VVS diamonds they are referring to a type of clarity.VVS diamonds are a type of clarity cleanness. Other clarity grades can  include flawless ,(FL)  internally flawless ,(IF) slightly included 1, (SI1) and slightly included 2 (S12.) VVS diamonds can either be flawless or internally flawless.



Check If The VVS Diamonds Are Good

VVS diamonds are split into two categories; VVS1 and VVS2. The difference between these two categories are impossible to see with the human eye, and require expert ten time magnification loupes. It’s almost impossible to see any flaws on VVS diamonds, which is why VVS diamonds are some of the best diamonds you can find today. VVS1 diamonds will have inclusions closer to the outer edges of the diamond stone. These inclusions on VVS1 diamonds are microscopic. VVS2 diamonds have inclusions toward the center of the stone and less on the edges. So which is the better category; VVS1 or VVS2? VVS1 diamonds have a higher clarity grade because their inclusions are hard to see from a face up view When comparing these two categories, VVS1 diamonds are considered a higher quality diamond because of the off center inclusions. The reason why inclusions toward the center of the diamond stone are considered less valuable, are because they can potentially effect the sparkle and shine of the diamond.

 14k Solid Rose Gold / VVS Diamonds Tennis Necklace

3mm Round Cut Tennis Necklace in Rose Gold - 14k Solid Rose Gold / VVS Diamonds


VVS Diamond Prices

VVS diamond prices are determined by the grading scale known as “the four C’s.” We explained what specifically “the four C’s” are in the beginning of this article. Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity all matter when it comes to VVS diamond prices. Because VVS diamonds are some of the best clarity diamonds you can find, the price will be more expensive compared to other diamonds. Just like with any special investment, the value of VVS diamonds will grow over time. VVS diamond prices also change if its VVS1 or VVS2 .In general, VVS diamonds are more expensive than VS diamonds and SI1 diamonds. Please refer to the previous section for more information about VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds.

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