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Choose The Perfect Hip Hop Jewlery Sets

Key Insights
  • Hip Hop Jewelry Sets
  • “Make A Set” With Pendants and Gold Chains
  • Necklace Bundle With Cuban Chains

Hip Hop Jewelry Sets

We look to the music industry for not only groundbreaking hip hop classics, but also for the latest style trends. Hip hop artists have always been more than just musicians, but also regarded as style icons and trendsetters. The fashion industry has started to look more towards hip hop artists for streetwear inspiration, trends, and collaborations; solidifying hip hop’s ties to the fashion world. In this article we’ll let you know where you can get the latest inspired hip hop jewelry sets, and provide more information detailing what hip hop jewelry sets are.

Hip hop jewelry sets are traditionally a set of jewelry items, including gold chains and pendants. These items or “sets” are meant to be worn simultaneously for a layered look. The category of accessories known as hip hop jewelry sets was inspired by the gold chains and pendants worn by hip hop icons. Hip hop jewelry sets include designs such as cuban link chains, gold link chains, and pendants.

5mm Miami Cuban Link Chain

5mm Miami Cuban Link Chain


“Make A Set” With Pendants and Gold Chains

The GLD Shop offers expertly crafted mens hip hop jewelry sets. If you’re budget conscious and shopping for cheap hip hop jewelry sets, without compromising on high quality well designed merchandise, we’ve put together your essential hip hop chain and pendant sets. Under our Make A Set collection, you can select from a variety of gold chain links and pendants to create your own layered look. The variety of signature chains in our hip hop chain and pendant sets include Micro Cubans, Tennis Chains, Rope Chains, and Franco Chains. Popular pendant designs include Diamond Crosses, Iced Praying Hands, Iced Wave, Crucifix, Nail Cross, and much more. We’re always pushing boundaries and setting new standards of hip hop jewelry styles. New pendant designs are added frequently, as well as our signature classic pendants; like Crosses and Jesus Pieces. Putting together your hip hop chain and pendant sets is the ultimate display of personal style.

Cash Money Pendant in Yellow Gold

Cash Money Pendant in Yellow Gold


Necklace Bundle With Cuban Chains

Other than pendants paired with gold link chains, hip hop jewelry sets could include matching cuban link chain necklaces and bracelets. A necklace bundle, wearing two cuban style necklaces at once, that pair with a matching bracelet, is a popular hip hop jewelry trend. When it comes to mens hip hop jewelry sets, more is more is the motto you should remember. Layering pendants on gold chains with larger cuban chain necklaces is a good styling tip. Bolder cuban link chains could range from 8.5mm, 10mm, or 19mm. When creating your hip hop jewelry sets, make sure to also check out our collection of Cubans, which include Signature Miami Cuban Necklaces, Diamond Cuban Link Necklaces, Cuban Chokers, and Diamond Prong Link Necklaces. Don’t forget a matching bracelet to pair with your necklace bundle is the ultimate hip hop jewelry set.