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How GLD Watches Are Taking Over the Industry

How GLD Watches Are Taking Over the Industry

Key Insights
  • Designs for Everyone 
  • True Quality That’s Affordable 
  • Unparalleled Shine 
  • The Unboxing Experience
  • Join the Takeover with Your Own GLD Era Watch 

With smartphones and smartwatches everywhere these days, why do you need a watch?

Modern watches blend style, precision, and functionality seamlessly - creating a perfect drip for any fit that also serves a purpose. These are just some reasons why the industry still stands tall in the era of digital clocks being the standard for many. 

Each watch is its own story. From the meticulously designed components to the aesthetics of the dial and band, immense care and attention to detail were applied to the piece before you place it on your wrist for the first time. 

Inspired by both the rich history and modern innovations in watchmaking, our GLD Era watch collections bring that quality you’re looking for without breaking the bank to look and feel your best. We’ve been blessed that you all have taken notice and have given us this opportunity to change the game and take over the watch industry. 

If you’re looking for a new watch to elevate your fit, here are some of the reasons that motivate our relentless pursuit to bring you the best performing watches backed by the best value possible: 

Designs for Everyone 

How do you prefer to wear your watches - simple and sleek, loud and iced out, or something in between? 

GLD watches are created with individuality and self-expression at the heart of each design. You can find something for any occasion or situation that will deliver that same sleek shine that you know from the rest of our pieces. 

True Quality That’s Affordable 

For most luxury watch brands, the lowest prices still start in the thousands. For someone that’s looking to start collecting watches or just wants a high-quality daily driver, this can become a barrier for many who are looking to add a timepiece to their lineup of accessories. 

As brand that started from a basement in Pittsburgh and worked up from there, we know what it’s like to be in the middle of your hustle. You want a piece that looks great, holds up, and doesn’t quit on you while you’re making moves. That’s what we’re about, too. 

We love watches and respect the legacies of the many historic watch brands that are modern-day icons. They inspired us to find a way to offer a premium watch at a lower entry cost without sacrificing quality and precision. 

When we designed our first range of Alpha Eras, we focused on four key features: 

  • Sweeping movement - flawless performance without an audible ticking sound 
  • Stainless steel - hypoallergenic, durable, and tarnish-resistant 
  • Hand set stones - each stone is meticulously set by hand for quality
  • Patented design - the GLD watch designs are truly unique and cannot be replicated 

We take these core traits and apply them to each watch in our collection. Whether you prefer a stone-free gold watch with a rubber strap or a fully iced watch fully flooded in hand-set stones, you can wear your new piece with confidence that it was designed and crafted with both style and performance in mind. 

Lastly, all the watches that we offer are designed and assembled in the States by our team. We give each watch its due diligence to ensure that a quality piece leaves our hands so it will look great on your wrist. 

Unparalleled Shine 

Each stone that we hand-select before hand-setting it into our watches is chosen for its clarity and shine. Whether you’re trying to stand out in the club or you want to make a bold statement in your everyday life, a fully or partially iced Alpha Era watch will catch eyes wherever your day takes you. 

The Unboxing Experience

When you’re ordering your piece online, how it’s packaged matters. You do not want to spend time and money on something for it to arrive damaged or in unsecured packaging. 

To keep your watch protected, we supply you with a strong, sturdy box featuring a pillow to keep the watch upright and a link remover tool if you need to adjust your size. Your piece will remain safe in transit and when you’re safely storing it for next time. Plus, nothing beats opening the lid and watching that shine hit right away! 

Join the Takeover with Your Own GLD Era Watch 

The Alpha Era and Perennial Era collections are making waves in the watch game, and it’s not going to stop. If you’re looking to upgrade your fit with that perfect watch at the best price possible, join the #GLDGang. 

Check out our full range of watches to find that perfect timepiece for your style or hit us up today to learn more about our collections.