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Is Gold Plated Jewelry Worth It?

Is Gold Plated Jewelry Worth It?

Key Insights
  • What Does Gold Plated Mean? 
  • Why Buy Gold Plated Jewelry? 
  • 1: Affordable Price With an Immaculate Shine
  • 2: Durability for Wearing on the Daily 
  • 3: More Styles for Your Style 
  • So…Is Gold Plated Jewelry Worth It? 

When shopping for jewelry online, you may encounter some pieces labeled as “gold plated” or “white gold plated”. You might wonder how this differs from other terms like “solid gold,” “gold filled,” or “gold flash.” 

For many, gold plated jewelry is an affordable option that still keeps a shine that will turn heads whenever you add your favorite pieces to your fit for the day. Whether you’re upgrading your style with a chain, ring, or another accessory, you can add that perfect touch that elevates even the most understated looks. 

At GLD, we’re always on our grind producing the finest gold plated pieces for new jewelry buyers and longtime collectors. Here, we’re going to break down what gold plated means and if it’s the right option for what you’re looking for in that perfect drip. 

What Does Gold Plated Mean? 

Gold plated jewelry refers to pieces that are made with another base metal and then finished with an outer layer of gold. It provides that sleek, shiny appearance that gold is known for but at a more affordable price point for many looking to add new jewelry to their collection. 

Using an electrical current, the gold plating is applied to the base metal by combining positively charged gold with a negatively charged base metal. This ensures a tight bond that stays looking fresh for any occasion. 

The most used base metals in gold plating are industrial-grade materials like stainless steel, nickel, brass, and titanium. These provide a solid foundation for the finished piece to be plated with gold or white gold. 

While there’s no single thickness for gold plating, items defined as “gold plated” must fall into a general range of 0.5 to 2.5 microns to be considered accurate by the Federal Trade Commission. This ensures that you’re getting what you paid for and that the item is sold as advertised. 

Why Buy Gold Plated Jewelry? 

There are many reasons behind why gold plated jewelry has become one of the most popular categories in the game. Three major reasons in particular include: 

1: Affordable Price With an Immaculate Shine

Gold plated jewelry costs less than solid gold. This makes gold plated pieces the perfect option for anyone wanting to build an extensive collection of pieces for nearly any fit or for someone looking to buy for the first time.

In addition to a more affordable price, gold plated jewelry still delivers that signature luster. You can save big on upgrading your fit without sacrificing a sleek finish that’s sure to catch attention wherever you go. 

2: Durability for Wearing on the Daily 

When you’re on your grind, you might decide to leave the jewelry at home out of fear of damaging it. Pure gold is a malleable metal, making it susceptible to denting if not cared for properly. 

Because gold plating is overlaid on a stronger base metal, it is more durable and resistant to damage. You can wear your favorite pieces on the daily with the confidence that it will keep its shape and continue to look fresh wherever your day takes you. 

Lastly, gold doesn’t oxidize. By covering a base metal in gold, you can protect its integrity for longer and ensure that the entire piece remains at 100 when you’re ready to wear it. 

3: More Styles for Your Style 

Gold plated jewelry can be made quicker and at a lower cost than solid pieces. These savings are passed onto you and manufacturers are able to release new drops in new styles at a faster rate. You can select from a wide range of affordable pieces and find that perfect one that’s sure to match your sense of style. 

So…Is Gold Plated Jewelry Worth It? 

If you want to save big without skipping on style, gold plated jewelry is absolutely worth it. You can quickly build a dope collection that can complement any fit with a drip that looks like it’s worth far more than you paid. 

However, not all gold plated jewely is created equal. If you’re shopping for that perfect drip, here’s how to tell quality piece from the rest: 

  • Trusted source: Look for a proven company that stands behind a guarantee, such as a lifetime warranty for your pieces. 
  • Uses real gold: Look for gold plated jewelry that actually plates with real gold instead of a lookalike material that doesn’t give off that true finish. 
  • Proven Results: Is the jewelry vouched for online by reviews and endorsed by public figures? What do the reviews from other customers say? 

Whether you’re looking for the finest gold plated pieces available or a premium solid gold option, we got you. At GLD, gold is in our DNA and we are always striving to create a more perfect drip so you can elevate your fit in the way that best complements your unique style. 

Each of our yellow gold and white gold pieces is created with a proprietary plating method that allows us to use more real gold and are all backed with a lifetime guarantee. If you experience any breakage or defects, we will take care of your repairs for you with no questions asked. That’s what it means to be part of the #GLDGang. 

To cop your own next-level gold plated piece, and see why many athletes and platinum-selling recording artists are quickly joining the movement with us, check out our products today or hit us up online to learn more.