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What is Rose Gold? Is rose gold real gold?

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  • What is Rose Gold?
  • The History of Rose Gold
  • The Popularity of Rose Gold
  • Who Can Wear Rose Gold?

Rose gold has become a popular and top selling gold material for jewelry in recent years. In this article you will learn all the important information you need to know about rose gold jewelry. This article will detail what rose gold is, and how rose gold achieves its special coloring. Today, rose gold is one of the most popular materials of gold, and this article will teach you about the history of rose gold and how it became so popular. Check out the information below to learn more.


What is Rose Gold?

So what exactly is rose gold? Rose gold is a blend of yellow gold, copper, and silvery alloys. What gives rose gold its unique coloring is the mixture of these alloys combined together. The amount of copper used in the rose gold alloy combination is what gives the gold its unique pink coloring. To put it simply, the more copper that is used in the mixture will increase the pink coloring of the gold. Silver is used as a component to tone and soften the rose gold coloring to achieve a light pink color. To achieve the perfect rose gold color, whether it’s a strong pink or light pink, all depends on the alloy combination used to create the rose gold coloring. Not all rose gold color will come out the same, which is why this is a great and diverse material to work with. The most popular alloy ratio for rose gold is 75% gold, 21% copper, and 4% silver. Just because more than one material is used to create rose gold doesn’t mean that it isn’t real. Rose gold is a real gold material because it is blended using all real materials and compounds.The most common karat used for rose gold is 14k rose gold. It is common to assume that 14k rose gold is “less pure” compared to 18k gold, because of the karat amount. However, 14k rose gold is stronger and will achieve a more desirable color. 14k rose gold typically has an alloy ratio with 58% pure gold.14k rose gold is also more resistant to damage, however it is always important to make sure your gold jewelry is not overly exposed to hazardous materials. This article will explain more about the necessary precautions when caring for your rose gold jewelry.


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The History of Rose Gold

The history of rose gold jewelry can be traced back to the late 19th century in Russia. Peter Carl Faberge was a famous Russian jeweler, most known for creating beautiful Faberge Eggs. These Faberge Eggs were considered the highest luxury item in Russia during this time period. Peter Carl Faberge incorporated rose gold material into his Faberge Egg designs. Here’s a fun fact, before rose gold became categorized as a type of gold, it was referred to as Russian Gold. Rose gold became popular in the United States during the 1920’s. The 1920’s was a turning point in American history for decadence and luxury. Rose gold became a popular jewelry item amongst women because of its daring sophistication. Fashion during the 1920’s changed drastically for women, and it became trendy for women to wear opulent jewelry and to dress creatively. Women during this time wanted to wear items that were considered cutting edge, and rose gold jewelry met this desire. Rose gold was the perfect gold material that signified “the new modern woman.” It is important to credit Cartier for the rise of rose gold during the early 20th century. Cartier became the first well known luxury jeweler to incorporate rose gold in their designs. Movie stars in Hollywood and fashionable women in society started to wear Cartier’s rose gold items more and more, which normalized the use of rose gold in jewelry. Rose gold, because of its unique pink color, can have a vintage look. The pink coloring is modern but also inspires the luxury and timeless creativity of the late 19th century and early 20th century.


The Popularity of Rose Gold

In most recent years, rose gold gained more popularity around 2012. Fashion designers started to use rose gold coloring in their clothing and haute couture collections. Rose gold around this time became a “trend.” Soon enough, rose gold coloring was incorporated as a color option for just about anything. In 2016 rose gold’s popularity radically increased when Apple released the Iphone 6S in rose gold. Celebrities and taste makers were the first to get their hands on the newest Iphone. That influenced consumers to purchase rose gold colored iPhones as well. The rose gold Iphone became so popular they would rapidly sell out. Once other companies realized how popular rose gold coloring was, they began to offer more products in rose gold.


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Who Can Wear Rose Gold?

Due to the rise of rose gold’s popularity in the jewelry industry, consumers often ask “who can wear rose gold?” First and foremost, when considering buying a piece of jewelry it’s always the consumer’s personal preference. However, this article can provide a deeper understanding for matching rose gold jewelry with skin tones. Most experts in the jewelry industry would advise that rose gold won’t always pair best with very pale or fair skin. This is because the rose gold coloring will be the least accentuated against a paler skin tone. If you have lightly tanned, olive skin, or dark skin, rose gold is highly recommended. If the skin has darker or tanned tones, the rose gold color will pop and stand out against the skin. When it comes to the question of who can wear rose gold, both men and women can easily wear rose gold jewelry. In recent years rose gold has become a unisex color palette. Another question most consumers have when considering rose gold is its price point compared to yellow gold. Specifically, is rose gold cheaper than yellow gold? Traditionally rose gold is cheaper than yellow gold because rose gold is a mixture of alloys. Rose gold will always have a percentage of copper, because that is what makes the gold pink. However, it is always important to keep in mind that most jewelry is not 100% gold. The reason for this is because gold is an extremely soft and delicate metal. By adding other components or properties to the gold, it increases its durability. Denting or damage won’t become an issue. Because of the combination of properties in rose gold jewelry, it is common to question if rose gold can turn yellow. Rose gold, like any other gold material, has the potential to fade if not cared for properly. Rose gold can turn yellow due to prolonged use, exposure to sweat, salt water, chlorine, or chemicals. If any of the previously listed experiences occur, this will affect the copper alloys, which will increase the potential to change color. Rose gold can turn yellow only if the copper alloy is affected. It is common to assume rose gold over time has “tarnished,” but in reality it is not tarnishing, just the copper alloy becoming more vintage. If you ever clean your rose gold item personally, please be advised to use warm water and dish soap with a tooth brush. To find out more details about rose gold please check out The GLD Shop, and browse their selection of high quality rose gold jewelry.