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Why Gold Dangle Earrings Are Hot Accessories Right Now

Why Gold Dangle Earrings Are Hot Accessories Right Now

Key Insights
  • Back in the Spotlight 
  • Showcase Your Unique Personality
  • Dress Up Any Fit, Casual or Formal 
  • Pair Them with Other Accessories for a Cohesive Look 
  • You Can Find a Quality Pair Without Breaking the Bank 
  • Upgrade Your Fit with a New Pair of Gold Dangle Earrings Today 

From ancient times to today, the earring has remained a staple throughout history as one of the most popular accessories for men and women. With endless options for materials, colors, and styles, there’s really no limit to how you can rock them to show off your unique personality. 

One of the styles that have made recent waves is the dangle earring. Instead of wearing a simple hoop or stud, an additional charm hangs off the bottom of the curve to create that perfect extra touch of drip. 

If you haven’t ventured into rocking one or more gold dangle earrings yet, they’re some of the most popular types of accessories in the game right now. Looking for reasons to pick up a pair? We got you. Let’s explore why everyone’s talking about them right now. 

Back in the Spotlight 

With more advanced jewelry-making capabilities in the modern era, we’re seeing a revival in dangle earrings with more intricate designs. This results in high-quality pieces with creative charms that can appeal to almost any interest. 

More artists and celebrities have been spotted rocking dangle earrings in recent years, such as Dwayne Wade at his jersey retirement, Harry Styles, and Lil Nas X. The added charm hanging from the earring gives it an extra flare of personality and adds more individuality to a look.

For example, the GLD Dripping Cross Earring takes the traditional cross charm and takes it a step further with hand-set stones in tight spaces. The shine still cuts through and draws plenty of attention at the same level that you’d expect from larger stones. 

Showcase Your Unique Personality

You know there’s no one else like you out there. You’re an individual, and your accessories are an extension of what makes you unique. 

Dangle earrings take traditional earrings a step further. You’ll add something that will stand out while also adding to your fit. No introduction is needed when you’re wearing your favorite earrings for a night out. 

With so many variations of cross-dangle earrings to choose from, you can find one that best suits your sense of style. Alternatively, you can also opt for something completely different and unique like the exclusive Star Link Hoop Earrings, if you’re looking for a conversation piece. 

Dress Up Any Fit, Casual or Formal 

Prefer to keep your accessories game focused on quality rather than quantity? We get that. You want pieces that can keep you looking fresh for any occasion. 

Gold dangle earrings look dope with any fit that you’re rocking for the day. From kicking it with friends to bossing up for a night out, an earring with some extra flare will do the talking for you. 

Pair Them with Other Accessories for a Cohesive Look 

Are you someone that likes to match up your fits? Does the hat have to match the kicks? Similarly, you can pair up your dangle earrings with other pieces to create a more cohesive aesthetic that will be sure to catch eyes wherever you go. 

Diamond cross earrings, one of the most popular styles, can match perfectly with a diamond cross pendant or a round cut tennis necklace to complete the look. Each piece in this set will create an unmatched level of shine for when you’re trying to make an impression. 

You Can Find a Quality Pair Without Breaking the Bank 

One reason earrings are resurging in popularity is due to their affordability compared to other accessories. You can rock a quality earring without having to empty out your wallet to do so. 

For example, regardless of the version, all GLD earrings have a 14k solid gold pin. While most plated earrings also have a plated post that goes through the ears, we keep it fully gold so that it holds your accessories in place while remaining hypoallergenic. 

As with many other types of jewelry, you can also choose which materials you prefer. For example, you’ll save big on a gold-plated set compared to solid gold, but they’ll still maintain the durability and provide the shine you’re looking for. 

Upgrade Your Fit with a New Pair of Gold Dangle Earrings Today 

You already know at GLD, we’re all about bringing the shine. When we first broke into the earring game, we were on a mission to create pieces that shined just as brightly as the intense sheen on our chains and bracelets. 

Whether solid gold or gold-plated, each pair of our iced-out earrings are flooded with quality CZ stones that follow the same hand-setting process we use for the rest of our pieces. You’ll have no problem catching the attention of others wherever you wear them. 

Rock a pair for yourself and accentuate your fit today. Shop the full range of earrings or hit us up anytime to learn more.