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Why You Should Rock a Stainless Steel Watch

Why You Should Rock a Stainless Steel Watch

Key Insights
  • Reasons to Rock a Watch Made from Stainless Steel: 
  • 1: Hypoallergenic 
  • 2: Versatile 
  • 3: Low-Maintenance 
  • 4: Shine
  • What to Look for In Quality Stainless Steel Watches
  • Introducing the Alpha Era: The Best Stainless Steel Watch in the Game 

A watch represents more than just a timepiece; it’s a reflection of your own unique personality and sense of style. 

When it comes to watches, many often praise stainless steel as the standard. It’s simple, clean, and classic. But stainless steel watches are more than just a fashion staple—they’re also incredibly durable and versatile. Whether you’re looking to up your fit with a sophisticated timepiece for work or a casual accessory for weekends, a stainless steel watch can easily be dressed up or down. 

If you’re considering a new timepiece for your collection, you can never go wrong with a fresh stainless steel piece. Today, we’re going to cover some of the top reasons why people love rocking stainless steel watches. From healthy skin to low-maintenance and care, there are a wide range of reasons why they remain at the top of the popularity pyramid in the watch game. 

Reasons to Rock a Watch Made from Stainless Steel: 

1: Hypoallergenic 

For some people, certain metals can cause allergic reactions. Your skin could become itchy, inflamed, or covered in a hive or rash. This can quickly kill your confidence and leave some of your favorite pieces unwearable. 

With its inherently hypoallergenic properties, stainless steel is perfect for those with skin sensitivities. It cannot and does not cause any allergic reactions to the wearer; making it safe for anyone that wants to upgrade their fit with a new watch. 

Stainless steel also contains natural antibacterial features. Because it is a non-porous metal, bacteria cannot grow in it and potentially make contact with your skin. 

2: Versatile 

Stainless steel always looks fresh wherever it’s used. From jewelry to household items, it is the perfect complement to almost any other color or material. 

Similarly, your watch will also look great along with any sense of style. Whether you prefer loud designs, bright colors, or something dressed up, you can pair it with any of these getups to stay fresh in any situation. 

3: Low-Maintenance 

Some watches require careful handling and are made with expensive materials that are vulnerable to damage. Dropping or nicking it can quickly devalue a once sizable investment you made in a luxury accessory. 

Stainless steel creates that same high-value look without the price tag and without the dangers that could come with weaker metals. It is highly durable, does not corrode or tarnish, and can be easily freshened up with a microfiber cloth to remove any fingerprints or dust. 

Though we don’t blame you if you enjoy a variety of finishes and materials in your watch collection, stainless steel is the perfect choice for a piece you want to wear on the daily. You can rock it anytime whether on your grind, relaxing at home, or planning a night out with friends. 

4: Shine

Stainless steel can be treated to give off either a slick shine or a matte finish. Beyond this, it also holds stones incredibly well for a fully or partially iced out look. 

A watch with hand-set stones will always deliver more shine than pieces that are done with machinery or ones that are poorly or cheaply set. At GLD, we set each stone individually by hand, and some watches feature over 2500 of them. 

Because stainless steel is such a hard metal, setting stones on it by hand is a true art that must be perfected to achieve a maximum level of shine. A poorly set stainless steel watch will show it when you quickly notice stones that fall out or only deliver a dull sheen even in direct lighting. 

When iced, it gives off a sheen similar to white gold pieces that also feature stones. You can pair it with any of your favorite white gold pieces to keep your accessories consistent and take your fit to another level. 

What to Look for In Quality Stainless Steel Watches

There are various grades of stainless steel. Each one is intended for different uses, and not all are best suited for a wristwatch or other types of accessories. 

If you’re searching for a new timepiece, select one that is crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel. This material is considered safe for contact with the human body and is used by surgeons in countless operations around the world. 

Second, look for one that’s water-resistant. Nothing can ruin your investment in your style like a waterlogged watch. Select one that is rated for at least 5 ATM water resistance so that if it does get wet, it will likely remain protected and continue to function. 

Lastly, select one that offers a smooth and continuous hand movement. Ticking, especially audible ticking can become distracting and you may decide that you no longer want to wear your watch for more than an occasional few hours. 

Introducing the Alpha Era: The Best Stainless Steel Watch in the Game 

It took us 3 years, but we finally made it happen. Our Alpha Era watches are built from the ground-up to create a new standard for watches. 

With incredible timekeeping performance, hand-set stones, and an unbeatable price point, you will feel like a true boss with your latest piece from GLD. Each Alpha Era features either our Fully Automatic Skeleton movement, or our patented Sweeping Quartz Movement which offers a smooth and continuous movement with no visible or audible ticking. 

If you’re ready to enter a new era as a true alpha, browse our collection of watches or hit us up anytime to learn more.