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10 NCAA Pendants that Make Perfect March Madness Merch

10 NCAA Pendants that Make Perfect March Madness Merch

Key Insights
  • 1: Duke Blue Devils 
  • 2: Kansas Jayhawks
  • 3: Baylor Bears
  • 4: Gonzaga Bulldogs
  • 5: Alabama Crimson Tide
  • 6: Auburn Tigers 
  • 7: University of Tennessee 
  • 8: Clemson Tigers 
  • 9: Texas A&M Aggies
  • 10: Texas Longhorns 
  • Rock Your March Madness Pendant with Tennis Chain to Support Your Squad
  • Get that Perfect Drip for March Madness 

March Madness is upon us! Whether it’s your favorite professional team, an alma mater, or just a big fan of college basketball in general, we’ve all got something to cheer for during the next few weeks. And what better way to show off your spirit than with some trendy NCAA pendants? 

With maximum shine and bold colors, you can cheer on your favorite team loudly and proudly without even having to say a word. Check out our list of the 10 best NCAA pendants that would make perfect March Madness merch to support your squad. 

1: Duke Blue Devils 

10 NCAA Pendants that Make Perfect March Madness Merch

Duke University and college basketball go hand-in-hand. Few teams have dominated the NCAA quite like the Blue Devils have for decades. Coming off of a Final Four appearance, they’re back and ready to contend again. 

Whenever March Madness circles back around, everyone’s eyes are on Duke and they have a national fanbase behind them. Whether you’re sitting courtside at Cameron Stadium or catching the game from far away, you can support the Blue Devils in their quest for the championship with an official Blue Devil or D wordmark pendant. 

2: Kansas Jayhawks

10 NCAA Pendants that Make Perfect March Madness Merch

Like Duke, you can’t talk college ball without mentioning the Jayhawks. The Jayhawks bring some of the most exciting games to the collegiate court, and once had legends like Paul Pierce, Danny Manning, and Kirk Hinrich wearing the logo. 

The official Jayhawks Pendant is a tribute to those legends and the perfect way to show support for the current defending champs during March Madness. Each one is covered in meticulously hand-set blue, red, and clear stones with an attention to detail that will satisfy even the most diehard Jayhawk supporter. 

3: Baylor Bears

10 NCAA Pendants that Make Perfect March Madness Merch

The Baylor Bears have an impressive basketball legacy, both as part of the NCAA and historically. The program has seen many successes since its beginnings in 1906, from winning more than 60 National and Regional Championships to creating a tradition of excellence that is unparalleled. Most recently, they achieved the greatest success in team history when they won the 2021 NCAA tournament. 

Beyond their wins, what truly sets the Bears apart is not just their victories; it's how they continue to use those victories to inspire a culture that goes above and beyond what is expected of them. Take your support beyond what’s expected and rock an official Baylor Bears Pendant to cheer them on to win in 2023! 

Each Baylor Bears Pendant brings a fierce drip to any fit. Completely flooded in green and clear hand-set stones, you’ll be ready to flex on the rest of ‘em with the perfect addition to your gameday fit. 

4: Gonzaga Bulldogs

10 NCAA Pendants that Make Perfect March Madness Merch

The Gonzaga Bulldogs have sustained more than a century of basketball excellence that is truly unique. Their unrivaled success on the court speaks to their hard work, commitment and skill every season. 

Sparked by run of deep tournament appearances since 1999, the Bulldogs have become an iconic program both in the NCAA rankings as well as in the hearts of fans everywhere. Overarching all successes is a culture of collegiality and positive sportsmanship Gonzaga exemplifies, proving that there’s more to the game than just winning and losses.

As the Bulldogs chase their first NCAA Championship, show your support for them with the Bulldogs Pendant. Covered in hand-set stones with white enamel for the teeth, you’ll add some instant bite to your look when your squad takes to the paint. 

5: Alabama Crimson Tide

10 NCAA Pendants that Make Perfect March Madness Merch

The Crimson Tide is one of the most iconic teams in all of NCAA sports. From dominating on the gridiron to highlight reel plays on the court, you’re always tuning in for an entertaining matchup whenever the A is on display. 

Stand out in the sea of fans rocking the crimson with an iced-out pendant showing off your support for your squad. The A-Logo Pendant is flooded throughout with clear stones (including the bail) and outlined with a deep crimson enamel to draw attention so that everyone will know who you’re repping during March Madness. 

6: Auburn Tigers 

10 NCAA Pendants that Make Perfect March Madness Merch

The Auburn Tigers have earned their spot on the map with incredible tenacity and hard work, fighting for every point and every win with unwavering spirit. With strong leadership, inherent talent, and an insatiable competitive drive, it's no wonder why the Auburn Tigers have become such a force in NCAA basketball. As they power their way towards championships and conference titles, they're writing a new story each day, cementing their name in collegiate sports lore.

No two schools have a more intense and legendary rivalry than Alabama and Auburn. If you’re not down with the Crimson Tide and want to show your support for the other side, the official Auburn Tigers Logo Pendant is for you. 

7: University of Tennessee 

10 NCAA Pendants that Make Perfect March Madness Merch

The Tennessee Volunteers have been an integral part of NCAA basketball for decades. Their dedication to developing an atmosphere and culture of athleticism, sportsmanship, and a passionate fan base speaks to their longstanding commitment to the game. Every time they take the court, they represent the loyal fans that cheer them on from near and far. 

When you’re gearing up in your brightest orange to cheer on the Volunteers during March Madness, add a loud drip to your outfit with an official University of Tennessee Pendant. Rock the “T” on your chain and show your dedication as one of the most passionate fans out there. 

8: Clemson Tigers 

10 NCAA Pendants that Make Perfect March Madness Merch

With an impressive record of six final four appearances between 1980 and 2019, the Clemson Tigers have played NCAA basketball with grit and determination. Fans routinely watched as their players hustled down the court, making phenomenal plays and inspiring each other to greatness. 

Off the court, their players exhibited a strong commitment to academics, volunteerism and philanthropic endeavors that emphasized well-roundedness in student athletes. It’s no secret why their fans support them as passionately as they do. 

If you’re a passionate Tigers fan, show it this March Madness with an official Clemson Tigers Logo Pendant or Micro-Pendant. Each one puts the bold, signature orange colors of the Tigers front and center with the cleanest and sleekest enamel finish you won’t find anywhere else. 

9: Texas A&M Aggies

10 NCAA Pendants that Make Perfect March Madness Merch

The Texas A&M Aggies are a team ready to take the NCAA basketball court by storm. With their star players leading the way, they are primed for a run at March Madness glory this season. 

Facing off against some of the toughest competitors in the nation, the Aggies will be looking to push the limits and test just how far their talent takes them. With home games at almighty Reed Arena, fans will be on their feet roaring each time the Aggies hit a big shot or come up with a highlight-worthy defensive play.

The official Texas A&M Pendant brings a highlight-reel shine to gametime. Maroon hand-set stones flood the piece throughout so you can be the center of attention - even when the biggest plays are happening on the court! 

10: Texas Longhorns 

10 NCAA Pendants that Make Perfect March Madness Merch

The University of Texas at Austin’s Longhorns logo is one of the most iconic and recognizable in college sports. Paired with a timeless burnt orange primary color, their team identity makes a statement wherever it’s seen. 

Uplifting fan chants of "Hook'em Horns!" can be heard during each NCAA tournament game whenever the Longhorns play, a testament to their loyal fans even through the toughest times. Support your squad and get ready to show everyone why UT basketball is an unstoppable force in college hoops!

Like everything else in Texas, we went big on our collab with the NCAA to create official UT Pendants. Whether you want to rock the Longhorns Logo Pendant, a Longhorns Micro-Pendant, or shout “Hook’em” without even having to say a word, we got you. 

Rock Your March Madness Pendant with Tennis Chain to Support Your Squad

Whether you’re at home, out watching the game with other fans, or you’re in the stadium, pair up your favorite squad’s logo with a chain to make your statement. Rock your pendant with a shine-boosting Tennis Necklace in yellow or white gold to draw attention and let everyone know that you cheer for your team louder than anyone else. 

Get that Perfect Drip for March Madness 

March Madness only comes around once a year, but you know your love for your team goes well beyond that. Whether it’s the start of the season, the midst of the madness, or the off-season, you can always look and feel your best with that perfect drip, only found here at GLD. 

Browse our full selection of pieces from the official GLD x NCAA collection to rep your squad today or hit us up anytime to learn more.