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5 Awesome Hidden Meanings in NFL Team Logos

5 Awesome Hidden Meanings in NFL Team Logos

Key Insights
  • The Philadelphia Eagles Logo’s Hidden “E” 
  • The “F” Hiding in the Atlanta Falcons Logo
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers Logo is a Direct Homage to the City 
  • The Tennessee Titans Logo Reps Greek Mythology
  • The Cleveland Browns Logo is the Helmet
  • Get that Perfect Drip in Time for Kickoff

Logo designs for professional sports franchises have seriously leveled up over the decades. Whenever they’re updated, more and more hidden meanings are included. Beyond creating something dope for a fan to rock on their hat or shirt, the logo can also represent the community that supports the team and its history.

As one of the oldest leagues in the nation, the National Football League’s logos have evolved over time perhaps more than any other. Each one brings a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic that is unique and tells a story. 

At GLD, we’re huge fans of the game. Beyond the highlight reels and watching teams compete for a ring at the end of it all, we share the same mindset that many of the top-performing athletes in the sport have. Success is built on committing to a vision and hustling and grinding your way to achieving it on the daily. 

If you’re looking to learn more about the game we all love, we got you. Today we’re going to check out the dopest hidden design elements in NFL team logos so you can impress everyone else at the tailgate.

The Philadelphia Eagles Logo’s Hidden “E” 

The Birds always bring it for their city. Few sports markets have the whole community behind them quite like Philly. 

Though the current Eagles logo is far from its first, it includes one feature that goes unnoticed even by many diehard fans. The eagle’s feathers on the right side of the logo create an “E” shape to represent the team’s namesake. 

The “F” Hiding in the Atlanta Falcons Logo

The Atlanta Falcons chose their name because a falcon represents dignity and courage in any situation. The team brings it every night for their fans; even when they are scheduled against the toughest matchups of the season. 

The original version of the Falcons logo was created in 1966 by the Verlander Design Studio. It featured a simple black-and-white design scheme that has since evolved to incorporate a more aggressive-looking bird with flashes of red. 

Did you know that the shape of the falcon in the logo is also meant to depict the letter “F” for Falcons? It’s not hard to miss, but once you see it, it is one of those subtle design elements that you’ll always appreciate. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers Logo is a Direct Homage to the City 

It’s no secret that Pittsburgh’s “Steel City” nickname comes from its rich history in steel manufacturing. Beyond their nickname, the Steelers also pay tribute to the steel industry with their logo. 

The Steelers logo design takes inspiration from the Steelmark logo which is owned by the American Iron and Steel Institute. The three star-shaped objects in the center are intended to represent the three materials used in creating steel: coal (yellow), red (iron), and blue (steel scrap). 

The Tennessee Titans Logo Reps Greek Mythology

When the Houston Oilers relocated to Nashville, they originally kept the Oilers nickname for a time. When the team felt it was time for an update, they dug deep into the city’s nickname “The Athens of the South” due to its history in education and many of the Greco-Roman-inspired building designs found throughout. 

The team landed on Titans as its new name due to these figures representing some of the biggest, baddest, and most powerful figures in all of Greek Mythology. From the flame tails representing a comet to the “T” in the center designed like a sword, it’s as epic as the name suggests. 

The Cleveland Browns Logo is the Helmet

The Browns are the only franchise in American professional sports that has a real, tangible logo that you can hold in your hands. It’s the helmet itself! 

While there were a few attempts to introduce other types of logos throughout the team’s history, none have endured like the helmet. The eye-catching burnt orange helmet contrasts perfectly with the dark brown and white that complete the look of the uniform. 

Technically, the helmet stands in for the absence of another official logo, but it also has a deeper meaning. The helmet also represents a dedication to the game of football, as the team was named after the historic coach Paul Brown. 

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