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5 Ideas for Matching Pendants and Chains

5 Ideas for Matching Pendants and Chains

Key Insights
  • How to Pair Pendants and Chains 
  • Ideas for Matching Pendants with Chains
  • 1: Square Up 
  • 2: Full-Circle 
  • 3: Create a Theme 
  • 4: Intentional Contrast
  • 5: Make it Personal with a Micro Pendant
  • Match Your Favorite Pendant with Your Chain of Choice

Matching pendants and chains can elevate your fit from something casual into a true statement. You may have found a perfect chain that complements your style and personality and are looking for a pendant that will look best with it. On the other hand, you may have your eye on a certain pendant but are looking for some inspiration for the right chain to pair it with. 

Whatever reason you’re looking for matching pendants, we got you covered. These are 5 ideas for matching pendants and chains straight from your source at GLD. 

Before we get started, let’s cover some tips about matching pendants and chains in general: 

How to Pair Pendants and Chains 

When it comes to pairing necklaces and pendants, there are a few things you can keep in mind to create the perfect look. 

First, consider the colors of the stones. If you want the necklace and pendant to complement each other, choose stones with similar colors. For example, pair a pendant featuring a blood stone with a rose gold chain.

If you want the chain and pendant to make more of a statement, choose stones with contrasting colors. For example, pair a black pendant with white gold. 

Second, think about the metals. If you want the necklace and pendant to match, make sure they're both made from the same metal. For example, if your chain is yellow gold, choose a yellow gold pendant. 

Third, consider the style of the chain and pendant. If you want them to have a cohesive look, choose pieces with similar styles. For example, if your chain features smaller links you can create a uniform look with a micro pendant or a bold contrast with a large one. 

Everyone has their own unique sense of style, so ultimately you will want to pick what you think will inspire the most confidence in you. You can also cop more than one chain style to pair with the same pendant depending on the fit of the day. 

Ideas for Matching Pendants with Chains

1: Square Up 

Hard angles create a bold, clean, and sleek look that maximizes shine. Chains like tennis necklaces create strong, distinct links that give each stone its own spotlight and catch attention when you’re heading out for the day. 

Classic pendant styles like crosses always pair excellently with squared links. The hard angles of the cross become a natural extension of your chain and the flat surface give the stones the space to maximize their shine. You could also choose another squared pendant style like the iced cube if you want something with smaller stones and a more iced-out appearance. 

2: Full-Circle 

While matching squared pendants with squared chain links can create a bold, sharp look, you can also create one that is sleeker and more understated when pairing rounded shapes together. 

Chains styles like the Cuban link, the Franco, and our custom-designed Ice Ball Chain all feature links with rounded profiles for a smooth and effortless upgrade for any fit.  You can pair it with a matching rounded pendant style ranging from a Captian America shield to the iconic Golden State Warriors logo,  a unique iced WiFi symbol, and many others. 

3: Create a Theme 

Certain chain styles can complement the theme of the pendant you are wearing. Whether you are someone who prefers traditional looks or something innovative, you can mix and match different pendants with chains to find something that makes a unique statement all its own. 

For example, you could pair a Spider-Man or Venom pendant with a white gold rope chain to symbolize the web lines these heroes use to swing through the streets of New York City. You could also pair that chain style with a pendant featuring your favorite NBA team’s logo to represent the ropes that are woven together to create a basketball net. 

4: Intentional Contrast

We touched on how like-shapes can pair to create a clean, uniform style, but you can also use contrasts to do the same. Some pendant shapes are naturally designed to create contrast with nearly any chain in a way that will stand out from the rest. 

For example, an iced lightning bolt creates a natural asymmetry along with a two-toned stone design that will bring contrast to any chain. Others like our signature GLD Eagle combine smooth metal surfaces with touches of ice in key points to stand out with any style. 

5: Make it Personal with a Micro Pendant

A micro pendant offers plenty of shine but will hang more subtly from a chain than a larger pendant. This is perfect for anyone that wants something with imagery that holds deep personal value or you just want to add that perfect finishing touch to your chain. 

Micro pendants are available in a wide range of styles and are best paired with shorter chain lengths. You can create a clean-cut style by pairing them with a micro-link chain or keep it low-key by hanging them from larger links. 

Match Your Favorite Pendant with Your Chain of Choice

At GLD, we make elevating your style a simple process. Whether you are searching for a sleek metallic chain or the most iced-out pendants on the planet, we have you covered. 

Want to match a pendant with a chain of your choosing? Start creating your own set here or hit us up online to learn more.