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7 Dope Ring Styles for Men to Try in 2023

7 Dope Ring Styles for Men to Try in 2023

Key Insights
  • 1: Multi-Layer Diamond Band Rings
  • 2: Single-Layer Diamond Band Rings
  • 3: Diamond Prong Rings 
  • 4: Large Stone Rings
  • 5: Flat Band Rings 
  • 6: Cuban Band Rings 
  • 7: Uniquely Shaped Rings 
  • Upgrade Your Fit Today with a Dope New Ring 

If 2022 taught us anything, it’s that men are wearing more jewelry than ever. Quality pieces stand out and show others that you’re serious about presenting yourself and working hard to obtain the finer things in life. 

As you’re thinking about starting the new year, are you looking to take your style game further? Consider adding a new ring to your jewelry collection to complement your chains, bracelets, watches, and earrings. 

Rings are the type of jewelry that is often overlooked and underappreciated until you buy a quality piece for yourself. Once you add one to your daily fit, you’ll never want to take it off again. 

At GLD, we love rings as much as any other piece of jewelry. Whether you’re rocking just one or multiple rings, there are countless styles to choose from and experiment with until you find the look that makes you feel your best. 

If you want to upgrade your fit in 2023, add a ring or three. To help you get started, here are seven ring styles for men that are some of our favorites: 

1: Multi-Layer Diamond Band Rings

A multi-layer diamond band features rows of stones set throughout the entire surface of the ring. This creates a fully iced look that will give off an unmistakable shine wherever you go. 

If maximum shine is what you’re chasing after, a multi-layer diamond band ring is for you. With larger center stones flanked on either side by smaller ones, you can capture light from every possible angle to draw attention to your jewelry with a band plated in either white or yellow gold

2: Single-Layer Diamond Band Rings

You want something that doesn’t feature as many stones as a multi-layer diamond band ring, but you still want to bring the shine. The single-layer diamond band is for you. 

Single-layer diamond bands perfectly balance a loud drip and a subtle statement. We hand-set the stones in each of our rings, and with single-layer bands, you can choose from multiple options that best suit your taste. From clear stones to blue stones and shine-boosting baguettes, we got you covered. 

3: Diamond Prong Rings 

Compared to diamond bang rings, diamond prong rings are flooded in smaller stones, but each one is prong-lifted after being hand-set to reflect light from all possible angles. When we designed our own ring, we took inspiration from our Diamond Prong Link Chain and recreated the same interlocked appearance for you to rock on your hands. 

4: Large Stone Rings

Sometimes, one large stone is all that’s needed to do the talking for you. You’ve worked hard, grinded daily, and you’re moving up in the game. 

A single, large center stone captures light and reflects it prismatically. Along the edges of the emerald-cut or square-cut stone is a band of smaller stones so that you can stay iced around your entire finger. 

Larger stones also draw more attention with a larger focal point at the center of the ring. They’re perfect for formal events or when you just want to boss up for any situation. 

5: Flat Band Rings 

Understated, sleek, and confident - flat band rings are timeless in their design and pair with any sense of style. A single, bold flat band of gold around your finger makes a powerful statement that shows you’re not one to be messed with. 

The deep golden luster and smooth surface of a flat band ring enable it to be effortlessly worn dressed up or down. They’re also perfect as an option for a wedding band or to create a contrast with a ring that’s iced out in stones. 

6: Cuban Band Rings 

If you’ve been following us at GLD for a while, you know we love our Cuban links. Our original Cuban Link Chain played a major role in our journey to where we are today. With tightly spaced links, careful attention to craftsmanship, and our durable signature 18K gold plating, it became an instant classic for so many that wear it around the world. 

We took that same approach when designing the Cuban Band Ring. The tightly interlocking links create a comfortable fit and a seamless complement to any of our other Cuban link jewelry or other rings that you rock on the daily. Of course, it’s also finished in 18k gold plating like our chains. 

7: Uniquely Shaped Rings 

You’ve always done things your own way and stayed true to yourself in the process. We respect that. Sometimes, the occasion calls for a ring style that’s outside the box or doesn’t blend in with the rest.

If you’re looking for a ring as unique as you are, try breaking the mold and going for something that stands out in both its shape and its shine. Show your fierce side with a skull ring, flash with an iced lightning ring, or take your drip to cosmic proportions with a star ring

Upgrade Your Fit Today with a Dope New Ring 

At GLD, we’re constantly introducing new pieces to upgrade your fit. Our ring styles for men are crafted to showcase your unique personality and sense of creativity. 

Each GLD ring features careful attention to detail and craftsmanship along with all stones being hand-set to ensure durability and the brightest shine possible. You’ve worked hard for your drip, and we’ve got you with pieces built to last. 

Get started and cop a ring for yourself today. Shop the complete collection or hit us up anytime to learn more.