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How to Catch the Next GLD Drop Before Anyone Else

How to Catch the Next GLD Drop Before Anyone Else

Key Insights
  • How to Catch the Next GLD Drop 
  • 1: Check Our New Releases 
  • 2: Join the #GLDGang 
  • 3: Sign Up for Our Mobile Alerts
  • 4: Follow Us On Social 
  • 5: Create Your Own Personal Drop 
  • Get the Latest GLD Drop Today 

As part of our mission to craft quality jewelry that inspires others and innovates the industry, we’re always finding new inspiration. Oftentimes, these ideas transform into the selections you see on our site. 

We’re grateful to be supported by a community that’s as passionate as we are about the pieces we release. Many of our collabs, limited runs, and new releases move quickly as soon as they drop, and for that, we’re blessed. 

However, we understand that when you’re in the middle of your hustle throughout the week, you may be worried about catching that next GLD drop while you’re on your grind. We see the work you’re putting in to be your best, so that’s why we’ve put this guide together to help you make sure you’ve secured your new piece for our next release. 

How to Catch the Next GLD Drop 

1: Check Our New Releases 

The simplest way to stay in the loop with our latest drops is to frequent our new releases. There, you’ll find all of our most recent creations and you can also be the first to find out about any restocks that we’ve posted. 

When we have a new drop, we strive to release it as soon as possible. Our new releases section will always have each of our latest pieces in one single place where you can quickly find them and get them to your door before anyone else. 

2: Join the #GLDGang 

The #GLDGang is our way of thanking our most passionate community members that love to spread the word about GLD. 

The best part? Joining is simple. Just post your GLD content to your public Instagram or TikTok account with the hashtag #GLDGang which will enter you to win $5,000 in our monthly giveaway. You’ll also be able to click on the hashtag and find other passionate #GLDGang members that are spreading the word about what drops are coming next. 

You can also take it a step further with our VIP Club. Sign up to join and earn commissions, discounts, and access to exclusive experiences where we may be bringing some of our rarest and most limited pieces along with us. 

3: Sign Up for Our Mobile Alerts

Sign up for our mobile alerts on our website. We’ll send you a message direct to your phone when we’re releasing our latest drops so that you can make sure you never miss out. 

You can also save big by signing up for our mobile alerts. When you sign up for texts, we’ll give you 33% off your next order so you can cop the next drop while keeping more of your cash to spend when you wear your new piece for a night out. 

4: Follow Us On Social 

We’re always posting to new content on our social channels. Follow us on your favorite platforms to see exclusive pics, videos, and stories where we’re first showing many of our upcoming releases. 

If you are looking to connect with us, we keep it simple. You’ll find us on all of the following platforms: 

If you want to make sure you’re first to see the latest drops, we tease them most frequently on our IG Stories. You’ll find some sneak peaks at what we’re creating next so you can always be sure you’re first to know for when drop day arrives. 

As passionate supporters of artists and creators, we’re also frequently posting new collaborations and customs that we’re developing with industry icons like Snoop Dogg, Kehlani, and Justin Bieber. When we link up with them, you’ll also find exclusive details about their creations on our socials before and after the drop. 

5: Create Your Own Personal Drop 

If you have a big vision for your perfect piece, you can also create your own exclusive, one-of-kind drop with a custom order. This will ensure that you have a 100% unique design that is created to bring your idea to life.

Some of our custom offerings include: 

Creating your custom piece with us is simple. Just pick your favorite pendant, anklet, or earring style and give us a few details that we’ll use to transform into your exclusive personal drop. You can select design elements like the text or photo, material, enamel colors, and the chain style you want to pair it with. 

Get the Latest GLD Drop Today 

At GLD, we’re always gearing up for the next drop. As we’re putting the finishing touches on the next design to be released, you can stay connected with us to ensure that you’re always in the know when it goes live.

To learn more, check out our latest GLD drops here or hit us up online anytime to learn more about our timeless pieces and newest releases.