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How to Create an Iced Out Look for the Summer

How to Create an Iced Out Look for the Summer

Key Insights
  • How to Shop Iced Out Jewelry for Your Collection
  • Spotting a Quality Brand 
  • Stone Setting Process 
  • Selection of Iced Out Pieces 
  • Putting All the Pieces Together 
  • Creating a Cohesive or Eclectic Look 
  • Selecting Your Metals 
  • Choosing Individual Pieces 
  • Dressing It Up for Different Occasions 
  • Get the Finest Iced Out Jewelry in the Game for Your Fit 

The iced-out look is a staple of hip-hop culture and fashion. Rocking jewelry flooded in quality stones draws the eyes of those around you and adds that finishing touch to a dope fit in any situation. 

In the summertime, iced-out jewelry shines even brighter. From taking in the sunlight to reflecting the lighting on a night out, you’ll be the center of attention when you put the whole look together. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your fit with some new iced-out jewelry for the summer and beyond, we got you. This guide breaks down everything you need to know about creating an iced-out look to add intense shine in a style that suits you best. Let’s start with the first step: shopping quality jewelry. 

How to Shop Iced Out Jewelry for Your Collection

Spotting a Quality Brand 

When you’re shopping online for jewelry, you can’t physically hold a piece in your hand, inspect its clasps and link construction, or the stones and their settings. When you have countless brands putting their products in front of you, how do you know if you’re buying jewelry of quality

There are a few indicators that you can look out for, such as: 

  • Do they officially collab with other well-known brands, artists, or celebrities? 
  • Are the pieces unique and original, unable to be found anywhere else? 
  • Do they offer a complete selection of jewelry to complete your fit with? 
  • Can you order customized pieces from them if you have a specific idea in mind? 

And, most importantly of all, do they guarantee their craftsmanship? A brand that stands behind the quality of their work will offer a guarantee, such as an offer to repair or replace the item for free, if there is an instance of breakage or defect in the product. This enables you to shop with confidence that you’re going to be taken care of so that you can rock a high-quality piece of jewelry, no matter what. 

Stone Setting Process 

Does the brand you’re shopping from offer any insight into how the stones are set? Some are done with machines, while others are done by hand. 

At GLD, we only follow our patented hand-setting process for our stones. Doing so allows us to fit more stones on the surface of the metal for the most shine possible and gives us the time to make sure we’re only selecting the finest stones for your piece. When you’re setting them by mechanical means, quality control can be more challenging and will not always produce consistent results. 

Selection of Iced Out Pieces 

If you’re buying multiple iced-out pieces from different sources, the costs add up quickly. From multiple shipping fees and wait times to inconsistent price points and no bundling options, you might find that you’re spending way more than you planned on at the end of it all. 

Look for a retailer that provides the most complete selection of iced-out jewelry possible. You’ll be able to assemble your full setup in one place, have it all delivered at once for a single shipping cost (if they don’t have free shipping), and you may be able to bundle some items in your order to save even further on a quality purchase that’ll last and keep shining its brightest.  

Putting All the Pieces Together 

Creating a Cohesive or Eclectic Look 

When you’re creating your own look with your jewelry, you can take it in one of two main directions: cohesive or eclectic. 

A cohesive look means most of your jewelry has the same material, finish, and style. You could line up a Cuban Link ring, bracelet, and chain all in the same fit with the same metal color. This results in a more uniform look that you can trust will match at all times and is perfect for those that want to keep their collections small but versatile. 

Conversely, an eclectic look combines multiple styles and textures to create different layers of visual appeal throughout your fit. You might decide to rock a bold 12mm diamond prong chain around your neck and then switch it up with a watch on your wrist and a barbed wire ring around your finger.

Selecting Your Metals 

Iced-out pieces feature stones usually laid over yellow, white, or rose gold. Each one brings its own unique look to your fit, with yellow gold being warmer and more luxurious to the eye, white gold having a cooler touch that amplifies the natural shine of the stones, and rose gold standing out from the rest with a fiery edge to it that’ll separate you from the rest. 

There’s no right or wrong metal to choose. Ultimately, it’ll come down to your personal taste and what’s available from the brand you’re shopping from. You can also combine multiple metals in the same getup for a two-toned look that adds more visual interest to your accessory game. 

Choosing Individual Pieces 

Once you’ve decided on your metals, it’s time to assemble everything together with specific types of jewelry. The most common types that you’ll find iced-out include: 

  • Chains - The foundation of an iced-out look. From Cubans to tennis necklaces, these create a focal point on your fit and tie the rest of your accessories together. 
  • Pendants - A complementary finish to your chain. Select an iced-out pendant that speaks to your personality and interests, such as one from your favorite sports team or superhero
  • Bracelets - An extension to the look you’re creating with your chain. Pick a link style that matches the chain on your neck, or go for a completely different style to add new textures. 
  • Rings - Rock one or more rings on your fingers to extend the shine from the bracelet on your wrist. 
  • Earrings - Take the shine upward to the ears with a quality pair of earrings that are covered in stones.
  • Watches - Wear an iced-out watch on the opposite wrist from your bracelets to add a new type of accessory to your fit with extra shine, or rock it in place of a bracelet for a more dressed-up look.  
  • Grillz - Your fit’s secret weapon for shine. Keep it under wraps with your mouth closed, and then make a louder statement whenever you start speaking. 

All in all, whatever combination you prefer, choose one that makes you feel the most confident when you’re ready to add a touch of drip to your fit. While you can definitely add each of the above to a single look, you don’t have to if you want to keep it limited to a handful of select pieces. Jewelry is all about expressing yourself and what makes you a unique individual. 

Dressing It Up for Different Occasions 

Depending on the occasion, you may want to adjust the level of ice you want to add to your fit. This might mean something like pulling out a watch for a more formal occasion and rocking bracelets for a casual night out. 

When you have a full collection of iced-out pieces on hand, you can continue experimenting with different jewelry combinations for any situation imaginable to nail down what looks and feels best for you. If you want to keep it simple and straightforward, you’ll always be looking fresh with an iced chain, bracelet, and pendant combination. 

Get the Finest Iced Out Jewelry in the Game for Your Fit 

At GLD, we’re all about giving you the means to shine the brightest wherever you go, making you the center of attention. Our patented hand-setting process for our stones maximizes shine and our lifetime guarantee ensures that you’ll always have a quality piece that you can wear for any occasion. 

Get started on building your own iced-out look today, and shop our full collection online with free shipping, or hit us up anytime for more info.