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How to Find the Perfect Bracelet Size

How to Find the Perfect Bracelet Size

Key Insights
  • Measure Your Wrist 
  • Choose Your Bracelet Width
  • Keep Link Styles in Mind 
  • Get that Perfect Bracelet for Your Fit Today 

Like watches, bracelets are a timeless staple that complements any formal or casual fit. Whether you’re ready to roll up to the club with the perfect look or you want to kick it somewhere more comfortable with those that matter most to you, you can take your style further with the simple addition of some flash on your wrist. 

Unlike chains, which are a bit easier to size up visually, finding a comfortable bracelet size can be a little more challenging if you do not already know your measurements. Rather than adding a random size to the cart and hoping for the best, we got you. 

Today, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about sizing bracelets. When you’re done reading this, we hope you feel ready to get that bracelet you’ve been eying up with confidence. 

Measure Your Wrist 

In the United States, most bracelets are sized in inches. For example, a size 8 Cuban Link Bracelet means that it is 8 inches in length. To ensure it doesn’t fit too loose or too tight, you’ll need to measure your wrist’s circumference. 

Doing so is easy. Take a soft measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist. When you do so, make sure that you are not too tight or too loose and that the tape is level with the skin. Once snugly in place, take note of where the two ends of the measuring tape meet. For example, if the 8” mark meets at the starting point, then 8” is your bracelet size. 

Once you have that perfect measurement, you can start shopping for bracelets in your size. Depending on where you’re shopping for jewelry, you could also consider going a half-size or full-size up if you prefer something more loose-fitting. 

Choose Your Bracelet Width

You’ll also see that bracelets are sized by their width in millimeters (“mm”). The higher the millimeter, the broader and thicker the bracelet. 

A greater width creates more surface area to add other shine-enhancing features like hand-set stones or other embellishments to take the drip even further. Many people also mix and match different widths together to create a layered look. 

Want to see for yourself? Use our size chart to see how bracelet widths compare side-by-side: 

How to Find the Perfect Bracelet Size

Keep Link Styles in Mind 

Lastly, link styles will play a role in finding the perfect bracelet size for your style. Certain types of links result in a thicker piece which will lift more from the surface of your wrist than others. 

Due to the larger stones, traditional tennis bracelets will rise higher off the wrist. Links like Figaros are designed for a flush fit close to the skin and create a flatter silhouette closer to the surface of your skin. 

If you’re unsure of which link style suits you, here are some bestselling bracelet styles and what you can expect from them: 

Miami Cuban Links: Interlocking, slightly slanted links that are tightly spaced to give a slightly wavy or S-shaped look. One of the most versatile pieces you can have in your collection, you can upgrade your fit with a variety of link sizes as wide as 12mm or in the more popular 5mm to 8mm range. 

Tennis Bracelets: Each link in a traditional tennis bracelet features a single, large stone in the center to draw attention and maximize shine. Featuring a slim profile with a cohesive, tight look, the tops of the stones will sit a few millimeters above the surface of the skin. To add some additional texture and change up the shine, you can also select a micro-clustered tennis bracelet with multiple smaller stones on each link. 

Rope Bracelets: A timeless iconic staple for any accessory lineup, the rope chain shows off multiple pieces of metal twisted into a rope-like aesthetic. One of the longest-enduring chain styles in the history of modern jewelry, the rope chain is the one to choose if you’re looking for a single piece that will always look fresh wherever you wear it. 

Figaro Links: If you’re all about a slim profile, sleek aesthetic, and a bracelet that stays close to the skin, you can’t go wrong with the Figaro link. These bracelets are perfect for just adding that extra touch of drip to complement any fit, no matter the occasion. 

Franco Links: Franco links create an interlocking V-shape that provides a sense of movement and an intricate pattern that will quickly become the focal point of a conversation. They’re known for rising slightly off the surface of the skin and for their durable design. 

Diamond Prong Links: If shine is what you’re after, the Diamond Prong link is a go-to for bossing up any look. Similar in design to a Cuban link with harder angles and prong-lifted stones, you’ll be shining through the night with a Diamond Prong chain and bracelet combo. 

Open Cuff Bracelet: A timeless style for men and women, the open cuff bracelet is a single piece of metal without a closure. The bracelet is designed to fit snugly against the wrist to accentuate your look effortlessly. Typically, they give a little more flex than other styles of bracelets, which is why you’ll find them in sizes like Small, Medium, and Large, rather than in inches. 

Get that Perfect Bracelet for Your Fit Today 

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