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How to Find the Perfect Chain Size to Fit Your Style

How to Find the Perfect Chain Size to Fit Your Style

Key Insights
  • Chain Lengths
  • 16” Chains 
  • 18” Chains 
  • 20” Chains 
  • 22” Chains 
  • 24” Chains 
  • 28” Chains
  • 30” Chains
  • Chain Widths 
  • What Else to Consider When Buying a Chain 
  • Upgrade Your Fit with the Perfect Chain Today 

At GLD, you know we’re all about chains. Ever since we launched our original Miami Cuban Link Chain, it’s been nothing but upward from there. 

Many men shop with us for their first jewelry pieces, and whether you’re new or returning, we’re glad you chose to upgrade your fit with a GLD selection. However, one common question we receive is what is the best chain size to go with? 

Sure, you could buy a few chains in different sizes to find the length you like and return the ones you don’t. That would be a time-consuming and inconvenient process, though. 

We got you. Today, we’ll help you save some time and headaches by reviewing the various chain lengths we offer here at GLD. First, let’s start with the shortest length at 16”. 

Chain Lengths

How to Find the Perfect Chain Size to Fit Your Style

16” Chains 

16” chains are typically the shortest length for most chains. These sit high up on your collar and rest closely around the neck. While they are not as flush against the skin as a choker, they remain visible to show off the metal itself or any pendant you want to hang. 

You can rock a 16” chain on its own, and they are a great option if you’re wearing a collared shirt or sweatshirt that might cover more of your collar. They’re also a perfect top piece to wear stacked with other longer chains. 

18” Chains 

If you choose an 18” chain, it will rest just below a t-shirt collar. While it is still on the shorter end of the spectrum, it does leave notably more space at the front of the neck compared to a 16” piece. 

Picture in your mind what a general “shorter” necklace would look like. In most cases, you’re probably thinking of an 18” chain. 

20” Chains 

20” represents what many consider the “standard” necklace length. These chains typically sit between the base of your neck and the top of your chest. They’re not too high, not too low, and look great with a pendant attached. 

How to Find the Perfect Chain Size to Fit Your Style

22” Chains 

The 22” length could be considered the shortest of the longer chain lengths. Typically, it will sit just above the chest muscles and is the perfect length to wear with a thicker standalone piece like a 19mm Cuban Link Chain. 

24” Chains 

A 24” chain often creates the same U-Shaped aesthetic as a 22” piece but sits a bit further away from the collar. A popular stacking pattern is to use a 24” as a base, followed by a 20” and then topping the stack with an 18” or 16” piece at the top.

28” Chains

A 28” chain is the most common length for “long” necklaces. These pieces will sit near the middle of the chest and will create a deep U or V-shaped silhouette against your shirt, depending on the style. 

Long chains can also be worn solo, and broader pieces like a 12mm Diamond Cuban Link Chain can make a bold statement with plenty of shine to back it up. They become your fit's focal point for those who appreciate a loud drip.  

30” Chains

For most people, a 30” chain will sit near the lower end of the chest area and creates a deep U-shaped silhouette. While these are often preferred for stacking, plenty of stylish individuals also rock these longer chains solo. 

Chain Widths 

The width of your chain holds as much importance as the length. At GLD, we break these down into 4 simple ranges to help you determine the ideal size: 

  • Less than 4mm - These chains have a slender profile and are great for rocking with pendants 
  • 4mm - Also perfect for pendants, a 4mm chain is typically a chain of “standard” thickness that has a lightweight and a visible presence around your neck.
  • 5-9mm - The 5-9mm range would be considered a medium-thickness that offers a bolder profile than the other two ranges above. 
  • 10+mm - A chain wider than 10mm would be considered a “thick” chain that offers more surface area and looks incredible when fully iced out or to maximize the sleek finish of the yellow or white gold. Typically, these are popular standalone options but also can make a dope bottom layer in a stack. 

What Else to Consider When Buying a Chain 

How to Find the Perfect Chain Size to Fit Your Style

If you’re shopping for a chain and are still uncertain about finding the right length, there are a few tips to keep in mind. 

First, consider your body type. If you have a broader neck and shoulders, a longer chain may appear to hang shorter than you expect. Similarly, if you have a slender neck, a shorter chain may appear longer. 

You can also take the thickness of the chain into account. Because more metal is involved in creating a 19mm chain versus one that’s 3 or 5mm, the larger object will take up more room on your collar and chest. 

Lastly, if you want to add a pendant to any of your chains, this can also help you determine the best necklace length. For example, you could rock a  3mm 18” chain with an NFL Logo pendant and add a  22” inch chain at 8mm with no pendant underneath to add some extra sheen to your fit. 

Upgrade Your Fit with the Perfect Chain Today 

From our first pieces that we designed in Pittsburgh to the international brand it is today; we owe much to the GLD Gang and their support of our chains and the rest of our collection. You inspire us to create new designs that help you look and feel your best day in and day-out. 

To find that perfect chain to upgrade your fit, shop our entire collection or hit us up anytime to learn more.