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How to Find the Perfect Gold Cross Pendant to Complete Your Fit

How to Find the Perfect Gold Cross Pendant to Complete Your Fit

Key Insights
  • Ice Out Everything for the Biggest Statement 
  • Go Fully Traditional with a Rope Chain and Sleek Metals
  • Create Contrast with Iced and Non-Iced Metal 
  • Add Some Edge with a Nail Cross 
  • Pair with Other Similar Pendants 
  • Get Your Own Gold Cross Pendant for that Perfect Drip Today 

Gold cross pendants move fast here at GLD and are some of our favorites to create. Whether you hold deep spiritual beliefs or just prefer a traditional look, the cross is a millennia-old design that continues to look fresh with any modern chain you want to pair it with. 

Whether you’re a longtime cross-pendant wearer or you’re someone looking to cop a new piece for a necklace, we got you covered. Today, we’re going to explore all of the cross styles we offer here at GLD and some tips to style them with your chain of choice. 

Ice Out Everything for the Biggest Statement 

If you like to go bold, the natural choice is rocking a fully iced-out cross pendant with an equally iced chain. Become the center of attention in any room with your accessories reflecting light at countless angles. 

For a genuinely iced-out statement, we always recommend pairing a diamond cross with a tennis necklace of matching metals. One of our favorite combinations is the bestselling Diamond Cross Pendant in white gold with a white gold round-cut tennis necklace. Each piece features carefully hand-set stones for a cohesive look that will upgrade any fit on any occasion. 

Go Fully Traditional with a Rope Chain and Sleek Metals

The rope chain is one of the oldest and longest-enduring necklace styles of all time. Its intricate design and slim profile make it a natural choice for just about any style of pendant. 

Rope chains are also tightly associated with the history of hip-hop. Groups like Run DMC put this iconic style on the map with their unique, oversized versions that firmly cemented them as a fashion staple for decades to come. 

If you’re a true admirer of the classics, pair your rope chain with a sleek, non-iced cross pendant like a Micro Simple Cross, Micro Celtic Cross, or crucifix. Combined with a rope chain, it recreates a timeless look that transcends fashion trends. 

Create Contrast with Iced and Non-Iced Metal 

Sometimes, you might just want the right touch of ice - nothing too loud, but also something that doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. 

If that sounds like your type of look, we recommend choosing a 3mm Micro Cuban chain and pairing it with an iced-out cross pendant. Attention focuses on the pendant in the center while the sleek chain makes a separate, more subtle statement all its own. 

Add Some Edge with a Nail Cross 

Also known as “The Cross of Suffering,” nail crosses combine multiple points of imagery from the traditional crucifixion story and create a unique design with more pointed edges and a longer, thinner profile. Essentially, they take the shape of carpenter’s nails and form them into the classical cross shape. 

A standard Nail Cross Pendant features a long, slender design that sits nicely with a 3mm chain of your choice. However, due to its larger bail, it can also be paired with a thicker chain around 5mm in width. 

Whether you want to make a more significant statement or simply boost the shine, you can also choose a Large Nail Cross. With thicker nails creating a bolder look, more stones are set over the surface to create a brighter shine that also complements any ring, bracelet, or earring that you’re completing your fit with. 

Pair with Other Similar Pendants 

We’re all about stacking chains at GLD, and we love seeing the creative combinations members of the #GLDGang come up with. There’s no limit to the possibilities of chains and pendants that you can pair together. 

If you’re looking to create a cohesive look with your chain stack, you can also match your cross pendants with other similar imagery. For example, the Iced Praying Hands Pendant also includes a smaller cross dangling from the bail, or you might want to pair it with other similar symbols like Saint Michael, Lady of Guadalupe, or Jesus. 

Additionally, crosses can also go nicely with any neutral pendant style thanks to their square, straight design. If you want to avoid other religious symbols, you can match them with. Some ideas include the Iced Cube, Iced Rock, and the GLD Iced Dog Tag

Get Your Own Gold Cross Pendant for that Perfect Drip Today 

Put simply: Crosses are among the most timeless pendants in the game. If you’re looking to instantly upgrade your fit, few can elevate your style like a cross can. 

At GLD, we offer the widest range of quality iced-out cross pendants that you won’t find anywhere else. With premium gold plating, hand-set stones, and a lifetime guarantee, your newest piece will endure for wearing on the daily. 

To learn more, shop our full pendants collection or hit us up anytime.