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How to Keep Diamond Grillz Shining All Day Long

How to Keep Diamond Grillz Shining All Day Long

Key Insights
  • 1: Keep Your Grillz in a Clean and Dry Container When Not Wearing Them 
  • 2: Remove Grillz When Eating 
  • 3: Wash Your Grillz on the Daily 
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Diamond grillz are the ultimate statement piece - literally. When you open your mouth to speak, people will be drawn to the shine coming from your teeth. 

To keep that sheen lasting all day, keeping your diamond grillz as safe, dry, and clean as possible is key. Today, we’re going to break down 3 essential tips that you can easily follow so that you can keep them looking fresh whenever you’re ready to wear them. 

1: Keep Your Grillz in a Clean and Dry Container When Not Wearing Them 

You can keep your grillz in a basic denture or retainer case when not wearing them. These cases are made from firm plastic and feature a clasp closure to keep your piece from falling out. Thanks to their small size, they’re also easily portable in your pocket or bag so you have a safe and clean place to store them when not on your teeth. 

You can quickly clean these cases by hand using some dish soap and warm water. Be sure to either dry the inside manually or let it air dry so that it stays fresh before you’re ready to use it again. 

2: Remove Grillz When Eating 

Take your grillz out before eating any meal or snack. Not only can pieces of food become stuck in between stones, but acidic foods can also harm the metal. 

Remove your grillz and place them in a clean and dry space while you’re eating. If you’re enjoying a meal away from home, bring your carrying case with you so that you have a reliable spot to store them. 

Similarly, be sure to also avoid wearing your grillz when smoking or using other tobacco products. Follow the same care and storage process that you would when preparing to eat. 

If you want to freshen up before putting your grillz back in, you can either rinse your mouth with mouthwash or brush your teeth again. This will help to also remove any food, bacteria, or acids from your teeth beforehand. 

3: Wash Your Grillz on the Daily 

When you brush your teeth at night, take some extra time to also clean your grillz. With a gentle toothbrush, some hydrogen peroxide, and warm water, you can refresh your grillz for the next day in a few minutes. 

Hydrogen peroxide is a common household antiseptic cleanser that is used for treating cuts or sores. You can easily find it at a local drugstore or you may even already have some at home. 

First, rinse with warm water after removing your grillz from your mouth. After this, scrub them carefully with a toothbrush so that they do not scratch the diamonds. 

Once you’ve brushed the surface of your grillz fully, place them in a glass half-filled with hydrogen peroxide. Leave them in there for anywhere between 5-7 minutes. 

Once they’re ready to be removed, rinse them again with warm water and scrub them gently once again with your toothbrush to get rid of any cleanser. You can then rinse them again with water before placing them on a clean surface to air dry. 

If you do not have any hydrogen peroxide on hand and you need to wash your grillz, you can also use mouthwash. Start once again by rinsing with warm water and then allowing your grillz to soak completely in a cup or bowl of mouthwash for 10-12 minutes. When ready, remove them and rinse with warm water again before wiping them with a clean cloth made of a gentle material. 

You’ll see many articles online saying that you can use glass cleaners like Windex and hydrogen peroxide to clean diamonds. However, this is not recommended for grillz. 

Glass cleaners contain many harsh chemicals and could leave behind an unsafe residue that you do not want to put in your mouth. Instead, using hydrogen peroxide on its own should be effective to clean the metals and diamonds as well as kill any bacteria. 

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Disclaimer: Diamond grillz are intended to be worn and handled as a piece of fine jewelry and not as a toy. Do not eat, sleep, or chew while wearing grillz and avoid cleansing with chemical solvents such as acetone. GLD is not responsible for any oral pain or damage resulting from using the grillz. If they do not fit correctly, do not make an attempt to force them on. Contact your physician or dentist prior to use if you are concerned about a metal allergy or any other potential issue with wearing them. Grillz are not intended for use with braces and are intended for persons ages 18 and older.