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How to Pack Jewelry: A Piece-by-Piece Guide

How to Pack Jewelry: A Piece-by-Piece Guide

Key Insights
  • Packing Chains and Bracelets 
  • Packing Pendants 
  • Packing Watches 
  • Packing Earrings and Rings 
  • Packing Grillz 
  • Get the Ultimate Travel Case for Your Jewelry 

Welcome back, GLD Gang. From time to time, our team drops some new tips to help you enjoy your new jewelry to the fullest so you can always look and feel your best. 

With spring and summer approaching, getting ready for your next big trip is essential. You’re probably going to want to take some of your favorite pieces with you, but to prevent any damage or losing them in the rest of your luggage, you have to know how to pack everything the right way. 

That’s what we’re talking about today. We’ve already covered how to travel with jewelry without damaging it, but now we’re going to shift to packing specific types of jewelry. 

For any vacation or business trip, packing starts with prepping. If you have everything stored the right way, it’ll remain in its best shape for when you arrive at your destination. 

Let’s go through each type of jewelry, piece by piece, starting with one of our favorites: chains. 

Packing Chains and Bracelets 

You’ve got to have that perfect drip when you’re trying to look your best on your trip. However, nothing can kill the vibe like opening your suitcase and finding your chains and bracelets tangled up with each other. 

Use a jewelry travel case and place your chain and your bracelet in separate pouches. These compartments will keep the pieces from intertwining and tangling. 

Have you already opened your suitcase and found your chains in a knot? Don’t start panicking yet. We got you. 

First, be sure to have lots of natural light and a plain background; these will give you the best view when attempting your detangling mission. Then, select one chain that you will loosen first. 

Follow the chain’s path through the knot and gently push or pull it in the reverse direction. Avoid using any sharp tools like tweezers or pliers to prevent any scratching or dulling of the metal. 

Packing Pendants 

While you hang your pendant from your chain when you’re dressing up your fit, that doesn’t mean it should stay there when you’re packing it. 

Unlike chains, pendants are solid pieces of metal with no movement or give to them. To protect your favorite pendant and keep it shining bright when you arrive at your destination, keep it in a separate part of your luggage. 

Remove the pendant from the chain and place it in a quality carrying case. We recommend using one with zipper pouches so you can safely stash it away without worrying about your piece sliding around or falling out of place. 

However you choose to pack your pendant, be sure that it’s secured tightly in transit. The goal is to limit its movement during travel so that it does not bounce around or knock against anything else in your luggage. 

Packing Watches 

While many travelers prefer to keep their watch on their wrist, you may want more than one option when you’re trying to look the dopest you possibly can for a night out. No one wants to deal with potential damage to their timepiece that could result from packing it incorrectly. 

Start by choosing one or a few watches that you want to take on your trip with you. Place them in a carry case that has thick, rounded pads that are designed for holding watches in place. Wrap the band around the pad and close the clasp on the other side to lock it in for the ride. 

Packing Earrings and Rings 

Both earrings and rings are tiny pieces of jewelry that could easily become lost if you’re not careful. When you’re trying to vibe out and chill while traveling the last distraction you probably want is to be searching for a lost piece of jewelry that you were planning to build your whole fit around. 

As with chains and bracelets, place earrings in a jewelry travel case. Use one of the closed pouches so that they do not rattle around and stay securely in place for your journey. 

Packing Grillz 

Before you pack your grillz for your next destination, be sure to clean and dry them first. 

First, remove the grillz from your mouth and rinse off with warm water. From there, create a warm soapy solution of mild dish soap and water, then brush your grillz with a clean toothbrush to reach smaller spaces. Lastly, rinse off the jewelry again with warm water and buff dry with a soft cloth. 

Remember, you’re going to be putting the grillz back in your mouth at some point. You probably don’t want them just sitting in your bag exposed. Place them in a plastic denture case or in a Zip-Loc bag to keep them separated. 

From there, you can stash your grillz in your suitcase or in your jewelry travel case and get ready to head out on your trip. 

Get the Ultimate Travel Case for Your Jewelry 

At GLD, we love quality jewelry and the accessories around it. When you’re gearing up to explore a new part of the world, you need to make sure that your pieces are ready to go with you. 

To keep your perfect drip in perfect condition, we’ve got you with our exclusive Leather Travel Jewelry Case and the hardshell Personalized Travel Case. You’ll keep your favorite pieces protected and ready to go when you land so that you can head out looking and feeling like a boss. 

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