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How to Rock a Gold Palm Chain This Summer

How to Rock a Gold Palm Chain This Summer

Key Insights
  • Why Go with a Gold Palm Chain? 
  • A Different Kind of Drip 
  • Light and Breathable 
  • Wear Solo, Stacked, or With a Pendant 
  • How to Choose a Gold Palm Chain 
  • Chain Length 
  • Chain Width 
  • Chain Finish 
  • To Add or Not Add a Pendant? 
  • Get the Finest Gold Palm Chains for Your Summer Fit 

It’s time to break out those summer fits and hit your favorite destinations. When you’re traveling and want to make a statement, nothing beats the drip of a new chain. 

If you’re looking to mix it up and add a new type of chain to your style, you can’t go wrong with a palm. Today, we’ll cover everything you need to know about rocking this iconic chain style so you can add it to your look with confidence. We got you. 

Why Go with a Gold Palm Chain? 

A Different Kind of Drip 

Palm chains are staple pieces that you can rock around your neck with any fit. They’re known for their distinctive three-dimensional, V-shaped links, offering an intricately woven look that sets them apart from other popular chain styles like ropes or Cuban links. 

While we love our rope chains, Cuban links, Figaros, and any other style you can find here, the palm can easily go overlooked. If you want something a bit different from what everyone else is wearing, but you still want to upgrade your fit, you can’t go wrong. 

Light and Breathable 

Palm links are shaped like interlocking, three-dimensional Vs. The link pattern creates a stylish spacing that keeps the chain from feeling too heavy or hot against your skin on a warm day. 

Instead, palm links allow for plenty of airflow while you’re kicking it by the ocean air or relaxing indoors. This will also keep any sweat from being trapped against your skin underneath the chain. 

Wear Solo, Stacked, or With a Pendant 

Like other classic chains, you can find palms in a wide range of lengths, widths, and finishes to create your ideal look. You can wear a larger palm at 4mm to make a statement or sit in a stack, a smaller one to fit a pendant, or mix it up with any combination that makes you feel the most confident. 

How to Choose a Gold Palm Chain 

If you’re sold on the aesthetics of a palm chain, but you want to pick the right size, we got you. As you’re looking over your options, keep the following in mind: 

Chain Length 

The length of a chain is usually measured in inches. Simply enough, the larger the number, the longer the chain. A 14-16” chain will sit closely near the neck, while a chain over 22” will go down or past the chest, depending on the specific size you choose. 

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Chain Width 

Similar to length, the width of a chain is measured in millimeters (mm). The higher the number, the wider the links will be. 

Depending on the chain width that you choose, pendants may or may not fit on it. If you plan to rock a pendant with your chain, it’s recommended that you pick something at 2mm wide, as these can fit through most pendant bails. 

Chain Finish 

Typically, when you’re shopping for a gold palm chain, you’ll find them in either yellow gold or white gold. 

Yellow gold is the typical classic gold color that you’re probably thinking of when you hear the word “gold.” It gives a warm, vibrant attitude to your fit and goes with the golden sands and unforgettable sunsets of a summer evening.

Ultimately, though, the finish of the chain is up to your personal preference. Choose the one that you think will best complement your style and make you feel the most confident with it around your neck. 

To Add or Not Add a Pendant? 

Pendants are the perfect finishing touch of drip to complete your look. Slide one onto your chain and you’ll be able to show off more of your personality and tastes to the world and anyone’s eyes that you catch when you go about your day. 

As we mentioned above, if you’re going to rock a pendant with your palm, make sure that you’re shopping for the right width. Keep it to about 2mm so that the pendant will fit on the chain without any issues. 

Get the Finest Gold Palm Chains for Your Summer Fit 

At GLD, we’re all about chains. From our iconic Miami Cubans and classic palm styles to innovative and exclusive designs, you’ll be ready to upgrade your fit with the perfect drip. Complete the look and add any of our watches, earrings, bracelets, or rings to your style and be ready to shine brighter than the sun. 

Get started and check out our full collection of chains today or hit us up anytime for more info.