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How to Tell the Best Cuban Link Chains Apart from the Rest

How to Tell the Best Cuban Link Chains Apart from the Rest

Key Insights
  • 1: Materials 
  • 2: Link Construction 
  • 3: Accurate Sizing
  • 4: Clasp Quality
  • 5: Shine Level 
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Cuban Link chains are some of the most iconic staples anyone can have in their accessory collection. For decades, they’ve been the go-to drip for anyone looking to upgrade their fit. From chains to bracelets, rings, and more, Cubans are as timeless as they come. 

Whether you’re new to the jewelry game or a long-time collector looking for that next piece, you can never go wrong with a Cuban Link chain. With so many options to choose from, though, how do you know what you’re buying is quality? 

Today, we’re going to break down some essential points to look for when browsing Cuban Link chains online. First let’s start with the most essential: the materials.  

1: Materials 

When it comes to selecting the best gold Cuban Link chain, there's nothing more important than finding the perfect blend of style and design. Whether you're looking for a classic design or something with a more modern drip, it's essential that you consider the materials used. 

Solid gold is always an excellent choice and will shine for years, ensuring your Cuban Link chain looks sleek and fresh for a long time. If solid gold isn't in your budget, then you can look into copping a quality gold-plated or vermeil version. 

When exploring a gold-plated or vermeil option, go for a piece that uses at least 14K gold to finish the chain. Gold of this caliber will last longer with an enduring shine so you can always stay looking your best in any situation. 

Unfortunately, the market is saturated with low-quality chains that claim to be gold-plated or vermeil and quickly chip, scratch, or lose their shine over time. Make sure that if you’re looking for a quality piece, you’re shopping from a reliable source that guarantees their work and will offer a warranty or replacement in the event of a defect in craftsmanship. 

2: Link Construction 

As with materials, the construction of the links plays a major role in determining the quality of your Cuban Link chain. When shopping for the right piece, you want to make sure that each link has key characteristics that reflect its claims.

Ideally, the links should be crafted sturdy and thick with a nice weight and durability that stands up over time. The gold finish should also be even throughout the chain without any blemishes or bare spots.  

Look for other fine details that could help you determine whether or not the chain meets your standards. Features of a piece worth your investment can include tightly spaced links, hand-set stones for iced-out pieces, and a lack of visible seams on the links or the clasps. 

If you’re going to look for one specific trait of a quality Cuban, though, it’s the link spacing. When the links are too far apart, the chain can appear flimsy and can twist up, creating knots in the chain. 

Instead, opt for one that is crafted with tight link spacing with minimal gaps between them. The piece will shine brighter, endure longer, and will simply upgrade your fit further. 

3: Accurate Sizing

We’ve all been there when we first start getting into the jewelry game. You find that dope first chain you’ve been wanting to buy. You purchase it, and when it arrives, it’s too short, too long, or just doesn’t fit at all. 

No one wants to go through the disappointment of a new piece not living up to the hype, and online returns can feel like a chore. When you’re exploring options for a Cuban Link chain, read reviews of the product and look for others mentioning the sizing. Did previous customers find the piece true-to-size? If so, you can also order with greater confidence that you’ll be receiving something that meets expectations. 

Want to learn more about sizing up chains? Check out our guide for finding the perfect chain size. 

4: Clasp Quality

Clasps are a key part of the chain that’s often overlooked…until they break. Choosing a piece with a quality clasp is key to maintaining its durability for wearing on the daily. 

How do you tell a quality clasp from the others, though? We got you. In general, there are 3 elements of an excellent clasp that you should look for: 

Part of a Link: The clasp should consist of two unique links built into the chain itself, not cheaply welded on at the end. 

Made of the Same Materials: Clasps are where many cheap chains skimp on cost. Make sure that the piece is the same metal and finish throughout for a more consistent look. 

Easy to Use: Ever have to close a tiny clasp on a chain? You can spend a while trying to line up the ends. Look for ones with a large clasp that you can easily close and head out for the day. 

5: Shine Level 

Lastly, but most definitely not least, we arrive at the shine level. You’re paying for that perfect drip. Why settle for anything less than the perfect shine, too? 

As we mentioned above, the quality of the gold matters, especially if you’re looking to cop a piece without any stones. If you’re looking for an iced-out piece, though, the conversation changes a bit. 

Stones are a dead giveaway for quality. Cheaply made chains typically include stones that are machine-set with uneven or sloppy spacing. This causes them to fall off over time and the shine to dull quickly. 

Choose a chain with stones that are completely hand-set. This ensures more even spacing, a firmer fitting, and shine that will instantly make you the center of attention wherever your day takes you. 

Cop a Dope Cuban Link Chain for Your Fit Today 

At GLD, we’ve built or name on Cuban Link chains. From our earliest days in Pittsburgh to growing into an international Miami-based brand, Cuban Links have remained as constant in our lineup as our commitment to only providing you with quality pieces to upgrade your style. Each of our chains are constructed meticulously along with 14K+ gold plated finishes and hand-set stones. 

Get the perfect drip for your fit today. Shop our full range of chains or hit us up anytime to learn more.