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How to Travel with Jewelry without Damaging It

How to Travel with Jewelry without Damaging It

Key Insights
  • Keep a Record of the Total Value of Your Jewelry 
  • Deciding What Jewelry to Pack for Travel
  • Use a Jewelry-Specific Traveling Case 
  • When Checking in Your Luggage
  • When Carrying On Luggage
  • When Riding in a Car 
  • Bring GLD on Your Next Trip 

You’ve booked the trip, packed all your best fits, and now you just need to select the right accessories to match. 

If you’re wondering how to travel with jewelry the right way, we got you covered. Today, we’re going to highlight some of our top tips for your vacation plans to keep your favorite pieces safe, protected, and secure for when you’re spending some time away from home. 

Keep a Record of the Total Value of Your Jewelry 

Once you’ve picked the jewelry that you’re taking with you on your trip, keep a record of their total value. If you’ve purchased your jewelry online, keep all of the digital receipts somewhere that you can easily find. For example, take a screenshot of each one from your email or your banking app and save them to an album on your phone. 

If you are traveling with jewelry items you bought in person, take a picture of the receipt as a record of its value. You can also have the jewelry appraised to have an updated estimate of its worth. 

Keeping a record of the jewelry you’re traveling with can help protect you in case it’s damaged, lost, or stolen. Some homeowners insurance policies will have a “valuable articles” section that covers all or some of the total value of pieces that might not return from your trip with you. 

Having the valuation of your jewelry can provide them with an accurate number that they can refer to. This will ensure that if you need to be reimbursed for your losses, you are being accurately compensated. 

Deciding What Jewelry to Pack for Travel

You likely are not planning to bring your entire collection on your trip, though we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to.

Want to go with the best of your collection? Pick the essentials that best suit your style and taste. You may prefer something timeless like a gold Cuban Link paired with an iced-out gold watch and a Cuban Band Ring to finish it off. 

No matter your taste, pack jewelry made from the same metals. This will create a clean aesthetic that remains consistent. Match your yellow golds with other yellow golds, rose golds with rose golds, and white golds with white golds.

Use a Jewelry-Specific Traveling Case 

Nobody wants to unpack their luggage to find that their jewelry is tangled or damaged. Use a carrying case designed specifically for your accessories so that they remain both protected and separated. 

At GLD, we designed our own carrying case specifically for you to travel with your watches, rings, chains, and more. Featuring a carbon fiber finish and secure clasp closure, your pieces will catch eyes on display and remain protected throughout your entire trip. Each item stays separate so that you never have to worry about any collisions or tangling in transit.

When Checking in Your Luggage

If you are flying to your destination and planning to check your luggage, you will want to pack your carrying case to protect it as much as possible against damage. Luggage is often not handled delicately once it leaves your hands, so you will want to play some defense with your packaging. 

Place your carrying case in the middle of your suitcase or duffel. Surround it with your most padded clothing, such as hoodies, t-shirts, and towels. This will help keep the case from moving around in the bag while keeping your pieces secure. 

For added protection, you can also place a lock on the zipper or clasp for your luggage. The lock will keep the closure secure so that it does not accidentally open before arriving at baggage claim. 

When Carrying On Luggage

Unlike checked luggage, carry-ons stay with you throughout the entire trip. Similarly, you’ll want to pack your carrying case around any softer items that can help limit its movement. 

With carry-ons, avoid tossing them or handling them roughly with your jewelry inside. Place them down gently and avoid any fast sudden movements, such as whipping it over your shoulder or swinging. These motions may cause jewelry to move within the carrying case. 

When Riding in a Car 

When you’re traveling in your own car, you have more control over how your jewelry is stored. Once again, place the carrying case somewhere that will restrict its movement in the vehicle, such as under a larger bag or in your glove compartment. 

If you are using a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft, make sure that you keep your jewelry in one of your bags so that you don’t risk accidentally leaving it behind. Once the ride is complete, it can be a long process to contact the driver again to retrieve your belongings if you accidentally forget them. Always double-check that you have everything before stepping away from the vehicle. 

Bring GLD on Your Next Trip 

At GLD, we outfit you with the freshest, iciest jewelry with unique designs you won’t find anywhere else. With a wide range of signature pieces and timeless classics, you can turn any vacation fit into a statement. To get ready for your upcoming adventure, check out our collection or hit us up if you want to learn more.