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Iced Out Chains vs. Non-Iced - Choosing the Best Chain for Your Fit

Iced Out Chains vs. Non-Iced - Choosing the Best Chain for Your Fit

Key Insights
  • Tips for Matching Chains with Your Fit 
  • Iced vs. Non-Iced Chains
  • Iced Out Chains: 
  • Non-Iced Chains 
  • Shop the Cleanest Collection of Chains in the Game Today 

You’ve cultivated a unique sense of style over years of figuring out what best expresses your personality to the world. Now, you’ve arrived at the point where you want to take it to the next level by adding a chain to add a layer of unmistakable shine. 

When browsing options for chains, you’ll often come across two varieties: iced-out chains (with stones) and ones that are not iced (without stones). Each style provides its own finish that you can make your own. There’s no right or wrong way to dress it up as long as you feel your best when you rock it. 

However, if you’re unsure what style suits you best, we got you. Today, we’re going to stack up iced vs. non-iced chains to help you decide which style is best for you, if not both. 

Tips for Matching Chains with Your Fit 

Like we said above, there’s no single right or wrong way to rock a chain as long as you feel your best doing so. Still, if you’re unsure and looking for some direction, here are some of our favorite tips for styling your chains: 

Don’t Mix Metals: Keep your metal finishes consistent. For example, pair yellow gold with yellow gold and white gold with white gold. As you build your collection, start experimenting with metal combinations and two-tone pieces to find the look you want, but we recommend starting with white or yellow gold as a base. 

Stack Your Chains: Wear chains of multiple lengths so that one is higher up on your collar than the other. This will create a “stacked” appearance of one chain on top of the other rather than an overlaid effect. 

Add Some Personality with Pendants: Pendants showcase your personality and interests. Whether you want to rep your favorite MLB team, Marvel character, or a unique design that speaks to you, there are endless options to choose from. 

Wear Iced-Out Chains as Loud Statement Pieces: The shine created by iced-out chains draws attention wherever you go. These are perfect options for a night out, partying, or as a day-to-day casual piece. 

Wear Non-Iced Chains for a Subtle Statement: Non-iced chains bring a deeper, yet subtler luster compared to the shine created by stones. They act best as a complement to your fit rather than becoming a central focal point. 

Iced vs. Non-Iced Chains

Iced Out Chains: 

When it comes to iced-out chains, the details are all in the name. These chains are fully flooded in stones to capture light and create a dazzling shine that stands out from the rest.

Depending on your personal tastes, there are multiple types of chain styles to choose from that all sport the shimmer you’re looking for. These include: 

Miami Cuban Link Chains: A style staple since the 1970s, Miami Cuban Link chains are tightly spaced with broad links that create an interlocked appearance. The size of the individual links provides the perfect surface to cover in stones for the ultimate statement. 

Tennis Necklaces: With a tennis necklace, each stone brings its own shine and a story to tell. The large, evenly-sized stones draw light to them effortlessly to produce a tiled or boxed look with plenty of flash. You can take it a step further and rock a clustered tennis necklace with even larger center stones surrounded by smaller ones in each link. 

Diamond Prong Link Chains: Diamond Prong Link chains bring a similar layout and link spacing that Cuban Links do, but with harder and sharper angles. If you want a modern, edgier update to a timeless piece, you can’t go wrong with a diamond-pronged drip. For a diamond prong that truly glows, you can also cop a Luminous Diamond Prong that glows in the dark. 

Unique Link Designs: Sometimes, the standard set won’t cut it. While we love our classics here at GLD, we also love to create new designs that the game hasn’t seen before. 

If you want to upgrade your fit with a genuinely unique drip, check out some of these other iced-out designs: 

Last but far from least, you can also rock our signature G-Link chain. The one-of-a-kind G-shaped link designs show that you’re the truest of the #GLDGang and owning one grants you VIP access to new drops, exclusive events, and free drinks if we see you wearing it in public. 

Non-Iced Chains 

Like iced out chains, non-iced chains are self-descriptive in their name. Defined by sleek and smooth metal surfaces, these chains emphasize gold’s natural luster over the shine created by stones. 

Iced and non-iced chains aren’t mutually exclusive, though. Create a well-rounded accessories arsenal with two versions of the same chain for whatever the occasion calls for, like pairing an iced Cuban with a classic non-iced version. 

Some other non-iced styles you can rock also include: 

  • Rope chains with a tight, spiral appearance perfect for pendants
  • Franco chains with three-dimensional, V-shaped links 
  • Figaro chains with multiple link sizes intricately spaced apart
  • Box chains with links alternating between vertical and horizontal orientation for a unique texture

Want to add some color to your chains without adding stones? Enamel Box chains feature colored enamel strips along the link faces to add a splash of color for those occasions when you want to add something with an extra pop. 

Shop the Cleanest Collection of Chains in the Game Today 

At GLD, we built our name on our chains, and we continue to do so on the daily by introducing the newest, most innovative styles available, along with timeless classics that can upgrade virtually any fit. To find that perfect piece for your style, shop our full collection of chains or hit us up anytime to learn more.