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Ideas for a Gold Jewelry Set That Always Looks Fresh

Ideas for a Gold Jewelry Set That Always Looks Fresh

Key Insights
  • How to Choose the Right Chains 
  • Cuban Links 
  • Tennis Necklaces
  • Rope Chains 
  • Franco Link 
  • Finding Your Ideal Chain Size 
  • Mixing and Matching Chain Styles 
  • Choosing a Metal 
  • Completing the Chain Set with Pendants 
  • Iconic Symbols 
  • Stone Pendants
  • Unique Flash for Your Chain
  • Make a Set and Save Today 

Gold jewelry can add the perfect drip to any fit, but with so many styles and designs to choose from, you might find that you want more than just one chain or pendant. We got you. 

If you’re looking to add some fresh, new pieces to your jewelry collection while saving big in the process, here are some ideas for a gold jewelry set that will look fresh with any fit. First, let’s start by selecting your chains. 

How to Choose the Right Chains 

The first step is to decide which type of chains you want to build your jewelry set around. When they’re hanging from your neck, they become instantly recognizable and draw attention whenever you step into the room. 

First, you want to decide your link style. Here’s a quick rundown of some bestselling styles that we offer here at GLD: 

Cuban Links 

A Cuban Link chain is made of thick, oval-shaped links that are tightly spaced and closely interconnected. This allows the chain to lay flush against your chest with the perfect curve to the surface to add visual interest and a touch of luxury to upgrade any look. 

Tennis Necklaces

A tennis necklace features squared or rounded links that contain hand-set stones in each one for maximum shine. They add that essential touch of class without ever feeling too flashy. They’re ideal for when you want to show off your drip but still keep it understated. 

Rope Chains 

Rope chains consist of multiple intertwined metal strands that create the appearance of an actual rope. The spiral effect results in a consistent texture throughout with a timeless silhouette that can work perfectly in a stack of multiple chains or paired with any pendant. 

Franco Link 

Franco links are constructed with small, squared links that are tightly interconnected. They’re known for durability and strength and are the perfect statement piece for anyone looking to make a bold impression. 

Finding Your Ideal Chain Size 

When you’re sizing up chains, there are two dimensions you need to keep in mind: The length (measured in inches) and the width (measured in millimeters). The higher the number, the longer or wider it will be.

We’ve already covered this in-depth in our guide for finding the perfect chain size to match your style. If you don’t already have a size in mind, read that post first so you know what to look for when you’re building your set. 

Mixing and Matching Chain Styles 

When you’ve decided on the right chain size for your look, think of how you’ll plan to style them with your fits on a regular basis. You can select two styles that complement each other or create a sharp contrast between them. 

For example, the tennis necklace will provide plenty of shine and ice out your look. On the other hand, a rope chain has a plain gold finish that will add a more subtle luster. You could stack them for a contrasting style or keep them separate and choose whichever one best suits the occasion. 

Choosing a Metal 

When you’re shopping for gold jewelry sets, you’re going to come across two main types of metals: yellow gold and white gold. 

Yellow gold is the natural color of pure gold, which is a soft, yellowish metal. It gives off a warmer tone that adds luxury and class to any getup and is what you’ll want if you prefer a classic or traditional look. 

White gold is an alloy created by mixing yellow gold with other metals like silver or palladium. This produces an icy, cooler finish that resembles platinum or silver. 

When you’re deciding between which metal, it ultimately depends on what you prefer. If you want something warmer and more luxurious, go with yellow gold. Prefer a cooler tone? White gold is for you. 

Completing the Chain Set with Pendants 

Pendants add a personal touch to your chains and shows off your personality and interests to others. They’re the perfect complementary drip to your jewelry collection. 

Not sure what kind of pendants you want to go with? Check out some of these examples: 

Iconic Symbols 

Prefer to keep things timeless and traditional? Classic pendant styles upgrade your fit for any situation and can be styled with nearly any type of chain. 

For example, a Diamond Cross combines the cross symbol with hand-set stones to draw attention. Greek-style Medusa Pendants and ancient Egyptian ankhs update ancient icons with today’s craftsmanship. 

Stone Pendants

Stone pendants feature abstract shapes with prominent stone settings to catch eyes and reflect as much light as possible. Whether they’re a collection of smaller stones or ones with a large center stone, you’ll have no problem making a statement. 

The Blood Stone and Iced Rock Pendants exemplify this aesthetic effortlessly. With a large red or clear stone at the center with smaller ones surrounding it, you’ll get noticed when you have it hanging from your chain. 

Unique Flash for Your Chain

We get that traditional pendant styles aren’t for everyone. If you want something that stands out and differs from the rest, a unique piece might be what you need. Here are some ideas to help you get started: 

  • A Crowned Mary Icon with carefully placed stones surrounded by a braided metal pattern. 
  • A GOAT Pendant to let ‘em know you’re the best at what you do. 
  • An Eagle Pendant featuring a large stone held in the talons.
  • An Iced Knife with a blade made of stones to add an unmistakable edge to your fit. 

Make a Set and Save Today 

If you’re looking to upgrade your fit and save in the process, make a set! At GLD, we offer yellow gold and white gold sets that include two chains and two pendants each so that you can look and feel your best with enough options to accentuate your look in any situation. 

Get started and make a set for yourself today or hit us up anytime for more info.