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Micro Cuban Link Chain or Full Size: How to Choose the Perfect Width

Micro Cuban Link Chain or Full Size: How to Choose the Perfect Width

Key Insights
  • A Quick Guide on Sizing Your Chain the Right Way 
  • Why You Might Prefer a Micro Cuban (<3mm)
  • Versatility for Multiple Styles 
  • Matching with Other Cuban Link Accessories 
  • Easy to Style
  • Why You Might Like a Full-Size Cuban Link Chain (5-10mm)
  • More Visibility for Your Chain 
  • More Variety to Choose From 
  • What About Oversized Chains? (12-19mm)
  • Beyond Size: Selecting the Right Cuban Link Chain for Your Style 
  • Materials - Plated, Vermeil, or Solid Gold 
  • Gold Color - Yellow, White, or Rose
  • Stone Settings 
  • Find Your Perfect Cuban Link Chain at Any Size and for Any Style 

It’s no secret at GLD that Cuban Link chains are some of the most sought-after pieces in our collection by the GLD Gang. The timeless, iconic, and sleek look of interlocking links keeps your fit fresh for any occasion; whether iced out or in a classic plain gold finish. 

However, selecting the right Cuban Link chain isn’t always as simple as adding one to your cart and waiting for it to hit your doorstep. Once you take a minute to browse all the options available to you, you’ll quickly notice that there are multiple styles, sizes, and finishes to choose from. 

If you’re ready to add a new Cuban to your collection, we got you. Today, we’ll go over everything you need to know about choosing the right Cuban Link chain for your style. Let’s start with some basics first. 

A Quick Guide on Sizing Your Chain the Right Way 

Any chain that you find in a store online is sized in two dimensions: length and width. The length of the chain is measured in inches while the width is described in millimeters (mm). 

Simple: The more inches to a chain, the longer it will be. Keeping this in mind, something like 30” chain will hang closer to your abdomen while a 16” piece will give more of a choker look closer to your neck. 

With widths, a Micro Cuban would be considered anything 3mm wide or less. If you want to go for a bolder, more eye-catching look, you can start from 5mm up to 10mm. You can also go for bolder, oversized look with a high-millimeter size such as a 12 or 19mm link width. 

If you want the full rundown on how to size up a chain, check out our guide on How to Find the Perfect Chain Size to Fit Your Style

At the end of the day, the choice is ultimately yours and what you prefer. A micro chain will keep it minimal for a classic look that’s always in style, while a maximum chain size will make a bold statement wherever you rock it. Either way, you can find the size you want at GLD. We got you. 

Why You Might Prefer a Micro Cuban (<3mm)

As we mentioned above, a Micro Cuban is a chain that measures about 2mm to 3mm wide, regardless of its length. It offers a sleek, clean look that adds a perfect finishing touch of drip to your look. It’s great for being the higher chain on a stack or making a subtle statement on its own. 

Some other reasons that you might prefer a Micro Cuban could include: 

Versatility for Multiple Styles 

With a Micro Cuban, you can easily show it off or hide it under your shirt collar. Depending on the occasion, you may decide to rock a chain under your shirt before breaking it out for a different engagement later in the day. With a wider chain like an 8.5mm Cuban, this becomes more difficult to do. 

Matching with Other Cuban Link Accessories 

If you want a uniform look to your accessories, where everything maintains a consistent look, you can easily achieve that with a Micro Cuban. While you might find a 19mm bracelet in your search, finding a 19mm Cuban Link ring will be a challenge. To keep everything the same width from chain to bracelet to ring, and any other jewelry you want to rock, smaller sizes are easier to match up than some larger ones. 

Easy to Style

A Micro Cuban link chain can easily be styled for a classic look that complements any fit for any occasion. Just add a pendant if you want to, close the clasp, and you’re ready to go for wherever the day takes you. 

Why You Might Like a Full-Size Cuban Link Chain (5-10mm)

Generally, a “full-size” Cuban link will range between 5mm and 8.5mm in width. These are more what you would think of when you think of a standard necklace or chain size. 

While Micro Cubans have their perks, there are also some reasons why you may want to go with something larger. These could include: 

More Visibility for Your Chain 

When you’re rocking a full-size chain, you’re going to draw more eyes, especially when rocking an iced-out piece. With a larger link, there’s more surface area available to place stones to enhance the shine and draw attention. 

More Variety to Choose From 

Unlike thinner micro Cuban chains, full-size chains come in a wider range of sizes that create their own looks. Want something hefty and solid? Or a chain that's just the right size to show off on your chest? You can pick from a bunch of different sizes, weights, and stone settings to complete your fit the way you want to. 

What About Oversized Chains? (12-19mm)

An “oversized” Cuban chain is one that’s unmistakable and a piece that always stands out. These chains are generally anything 12mm or wider. The shine remains visible, it dominates a stack, and it’s something that makes a statement as long as it’s draped around your collar. Add some stones to one of these pieces and you’ll be visible from across the room. 

While oversized chains add the most flash and make the biggest statement, it’s important to note that they’re also usually heavier than smaller sizes. Some people like the feeling of the extra weight, while others may want something more weightless. 

Beyond Size: Selecting the Right Cuban Link Chain for Your Style 

Once you’ve decided between a micro, full-size, or oversized Cuban, it’s time to complete the look. There are a few other details that can’t be overlooked. Let’s break each one down. 

Materials - Plated, Vermeil, or Solid Gold 

When you’re shopping gold chains, you might see words like “plated”, “vermeil,” or “solid” to describe the gold. Each one refers to the amount of actual gold used in the piece. 

“Gold plated” means that the chain was created with a sturdy base metal and then overlaid with a layer of gold. It recreates the look of a solid gold piece but at a more affordable price point, which makes it great for both new buyers and people that want to build a large chain collection. 

With so many jewelry brands pushing gold plated chains online, it’s important to make sure you’re purchasing from a reliable source. At GLD, we maintain strict control over our jewelry production, hold our plated pieces to the same standards as our vermeil options, and back ours with a lifetime guarantee so that you can shop with confidence. 

Similar to “plated”, a vermeil piece refers to one created with a base layer of silver and then overlaid with a thicker layer of gold. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that a piece must have a sterling silver base, at least 10 karats of gold or gold alloy, and the gold outer layer needs to be at least 2.5 microns thick. At GLD, we follow all of the FTC standards and even exceed them for most pieces. 

Last, but for sure not least, we have solid gold. These are chains crafted completely from gold with no additional base metals underneath. While they’re usually the most expensive, the gold also holds extra value as a precious metal. 

Gold Color - Yellow, White, or Rose

When you’re searching for a gold chain, you’re going to find it in three main colors: yellow, white, or rose. 

Yellow gold is the color of gold in its natural state. It’s a rich, warm, luxurious tone that classes up any look and provides that unmistakable “gold” aesthetic that you picture in your mind when you think of the color. 

White gold creates a cooler tone that is similar to silver but with a brighter touch. It’s formed by mixing gold with a white-toned metal like palladium or rhodium. 

If either color doesn’t match your style, you can also choose rose gold, which is made by combining pure gold with quality copper. The fiery, orangey tone of the gold mixes with the warm and soft vibe of yellow gold to produce something entirely its own that stands out from other finishes. 

Stone Settings 

The final element to consider when selecting the perfect Cuban link chain is whether you want stones in the mix. Stone settings can significantly enhance the visual impact of your chain, providing that extra level of shine.

When it comes to "iced-out" chains, small diamonds or gemstones are carefully embedded throughout the chain's links. This type of setting can give your Cuban link chain an eye-catching flash, especially when the light hits just right.

Some typical types of iced-out settings could include: 

  • Pavé: This is French for 'paved'. In this setting, the stones are set closely together, creating a glittering, paved effect. It gives off a serious glow that can light up any outfit.
  • Channel: In this setting, stones are nestled between two strips of metal, creating a 'channel'. This style is both secure and flashy, perfect if you want something that stands out but also lasts.
  • Prong: This setting uses tiny metal 'claws' to hold each stone in place. It's a classic setting that shows off each stone to its best advantage, letting them catch the light at all angles.
  • Baguette: Large, rectangular stones arranged next to one another to add a deeper, more mirrored effect to the shine. 

If you prefer a more subtle glow, you might choose a chain with fewer stones, or stones set into specific links only. This adds a delicate touch without going over the top. For these types of pieces, the idea here is to complement your style, not overshadow it.

And then, of course, there's the option of going for a no-stone, all-metal look. This keeps the focus on the iconic Cuban link design and the quality of the gold. Some people prefer the simplicity and elegance of the metals without any embellishments. 

Find Your Perfect Cuban Link Chain at Any Size and for Any Style 

Cuban Link chains are what put us on the map at GLD, and we’ve always loved the timeless design and the craftsmanship behind it. We continue the tradition with one of the largest selections of dope Cubans in the jewelry game. From iced out to plain metal and both classic and innovative link designs, you’ll have no problem discovering the right piece to complete your fit. 

Get started by shopping the full range of chains today or hit us up anytime for more info on our pieces.