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How to Choose the Right Pendant Chain for Your Pendants

How to Choose the Right Pendant Chain for Your Pendants

Key Insights
  • Chain Width is Everything When it Comes to Pendants
  • Link Style Matters, Too 
  • What About Chain Length? 
  • How to Shop for the Right Pendant for Your Chain 
  • Bail Quality 
  • Pendant Materials 
  • Stone Setting 
  • Brand Reputation 
  • Pendant Design 
  • Get the Perfect Chains and Pendants for Your Fit 

Chains make statements all their own. From XL-sized Cuban link chains to a micro-sized piece iced out in stones, there are limitless ways to show off your look in any situation. 

Adding a pendant to your chain takes your drip a step further and shows the world what you’re all about. Whether you’re showing love for your spiritual beliefs, your favorite superhero, or the team that you support game-in and game-out, you can find one that helps you feel and look your best. 

However, though, not all chains are designed for pendants. Some are intended as standalone pieces while others can easily be outfitted with a pendant of your choosing. 

We got you. With this guide, we’re going to cover how you can shop with confidence to find the right pendant chain that you can use to outfit with any number of pendants that you want to add to your collection. 

First, let’s start with the most important part: the width of your chain. 

Chain Width is Everything When it Comes to Pendants

The length of your chain does not affect its ability to hold a pendant. While it might affect how it looks with your fit, it’s not going to determine whether or not you can actually slide a pendant on it. 

Really, width is the deciding factor. We’ve covered chain widths before in previous guides, but here’s a quick refresher if you need one. 

The width of the chain’s links is measured in millimeters (mm), while the length of the piece is measured in inches. The higher the number next to the “mm,” the wider the chain. This rule also applies to any bracelets that you have your eye on. 

Chains wider than 6mm are most likely unable to hold a pendant. The opening in the bail will be too small to fit your chain through. When shopping for a chain to pair with your pendant, look for one no larger than 6mm wide.

Link Style Matters, Too 

Equally as important as the width of the chain link is the link style used to create the piece. Some link types might be too thick to fit through a pendant’s bail to rock one with. 

Traditional link styles like Cubans, Figaros, rope chains, and tennis necklaces lay as flat as possible against the chest. As long as you keep it within the right width limits, you should have no problem rocking a pendant with them. 

Link styles like Franco chains, box chains, and ball chains are designed to give a 3D effect to your fit. These links are thicker, no matter their width, and may not all be suitable for wearing pendants with them.

Beyond the thickness of the link, some link types are also designed to make statements on their own without needing a pendant. For example, at GLD, our barbed wire chain, iced triangle chain, and lariat chain all have bold links that stand out and draw eyes to your fit on their own.

What About Chain Length? 

The length of the chain will be a deciding factor in pairing it with a pendant. All the length will do is determine where the pendant will sit against your torso. 

When sizing up a chain, it’s straightforward. The higher the number of inches, the longer it will be. For most people, an 18” piece or shorter will sit closer to your collarbone, and one at 30” will hang just below the chest. 

Learn More: How to Find the Perfect Chain Size to Fit Your Style 

How to Shop for the Right Pendant for Your Chain 

Not all pendants are created equal. Some are made to meticulous craftsmanship standards, while others are made as quickly and cheaply as possible overseas. This obviously impacts the final product’s quality, appearance, and longevity. 

Some key points to keep in mind when browsing for pendants online include: 

Bail Quality 

The bail is the opening that a chain loops through to hold a pendant in place. It’s typically located at the top of the pendant. 

Depending on where you’re shopping, a pendant’s bail can either be part of the pendant itself or attached separately. Ones that are part of the piece are usually smaller and intended to fit only the necklace they come with. 

You’ll find more versatile bails from brands that sell pendants separately from the chains. Typically, these bails have larger openings and are more securely attached to the pendant. They’re also easier to repair in the event of any damage, since you do not have to perform any major alterations. 

Lastly, when it comes to the bail, keep its style in mind. You’ll most often find ones that are a plain gold finish (no stones) or one that’s iced out (covered in stones). Iced ones will add an extra touch of shine to the pendant to draw more attention. 

Pendant Materials 

Cheaper pendants are made with low-quality or impure metals that can turn your skin green or cause an allergic reaction. The downside here is that you might not even know this until you have a chance to wear it for yourself, and if that happens, then you have to go through the hassle of returning it. 

Look for pendants that are made of a quality base metal, such as gold-plated 316L stainless steel or solid gold. These hypoallergenic options won’t cause any irritation on your skin, keep their shine, and look better overall. 

A brand that believes in their pieces will have no issue telling you what they’re made of. At GLD, we proudly tell you the material composition of each item on our site. Just click the “Material” tab and you’ll be able to see the types of stones we use, the karat rating for our gold, and more. 

Stone Setting 

The setting process for any stones on a pendant you’re thinking of buying has a direct impact on how shiny they are and how long they last. Lower-quality pendants could have stones glued onto a metal surface. Not only will those not last, but they also usually look unevenly set and do not bring the shine you’re looking for. 

At GLD, we hand-set every single stone on every single piece that we produce, using a patented process only we have access to. As a result, you get a pendant with stones that stay in place, capture as much light as possible, and shine like no other. 

Brand Reputation 

If you have an eye for quality and want the best, you need to be confident in where you’re buying your jewelry from. Unfortunately, there are a large number of dropship brands online that are selling the same cheap designs from overseas that oversaturate the market. Most of them do not have the in-house means to guarantee their work. 

Some signs of a brand’s quality to look for include: 

  • Collabs with respected brands, athletes, and artists
  • 100% original pendant designs 
  • Transparency about materials and manufacturing 
  • Active on social and posting content regularly 
  • Earning positive reviews from customers 
  • Guarantee for their work, such as warranty for repairs

At GLD, we’re thankful that other dope brands, all-star athletes, and the hottest artists in the hip-hop community have all rocked our pieces and for the GLD Gang that backs us with every new drop. We stand behind our quality by offering a lifetime guarantee for every item you purchase from us, so that you know you can shop with confidence that your pieces stay looking their best.

Pendant Design 

Last, but definitely the most important, is the pendant design itself. You’re going to want something that you can rock confidently that feels like an extension of your personality. 

Don’t know where to start? Keep some of these ideas in mind: 

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong pendant to choose from. Pick one that best suits your personality, interests, and sense of style. 

Get the Perfect Chains and Pendants for Your Fit 

Are you ready to rock a new chain with the dopest pendants in the game? If so, we got you. At GLD, we only supply you with the finest jewelry with completely unique designs and an unmatched dedication to quality craftsmanship, all backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

Get started and shop our full collection today or hit us up anytime for more info.