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The Ultimate Guide to Stacking Bracelets

The Ultimate Guide to Stacking Bracelets

Key Insights
  • How to Shop Quality Bracelets
  • 3rd-Party Credibility Verification 
  • Transparency About Materials 
  • Stone Quality 
  • Link and Clasp Construction 
  • Ideas for Stacking Bracelets on Your Wrist 
  • Pairing with Watches 
  • Wearing Multiple Bracelets on the Same Wrist 
  • Matching Bracelets with the Rest of Your Fit 
  • Get the Dopest Bracelets in the Game at GLD 

Bracelets are more than just some flash for your wrists, though that’s definitely a benefit of rocking them. They enhance your fit below the shoulders, showing everyone what you’re about. Anytime you’re rolling up your sleeves, scrolling on your phone, or pulling the card out of your wallet to make a purchase, you’re drawing eyes with a quality bracelet. 

Like chains, bracelets can also be stacked. Since many bracelets and chains share similar links, you can mix and match and find that perfect combination, or you can keep it all uniform if you prefer a cohesive look. 

Either way, we got you. Today, we’re going to run down everything you need to know about creating your own bracelet stack and more. First, let’s make sure that you’re rocking a bracelet that’s made to last. 

How to Shop Quality Bracelets

Not all jewelry shops can demonstrate the same level of credibility, product quality, or customer experience. Here’s what to look for: 

3rd-Party Credibility Verification 

Jewelry is an industry that attracts many who are passionate about the craft, but there are also plenty of entities out there that want to make a quick buck off low-quality goods. When you’re selling items like gold to people, you need to have a reliable third-party vouch for you as a business. 

For example, at GLD, we put our Trustpilot rating right on our site. We want you to know that you can shop our store with confidence, and we back all our pieces with a lifetime guarantee to show you that we want you to have the best experience possible. 

It never hurts to look up a brand on Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. They are objective sources that will help you gauge whether or not you want to shop from a specific source. 

Transparency About Materials 

Materials matter, and too many brands aren’t straight-up with how they present their products. If it’s gold plated, it should say gold plated. The same goes for vermeil, solid gold, and so on. This way, you can understand exactly what you’re paying for and what the bracelet around your wrist is made of. 

Some shops will have multiple types of material compositions, though. You could buy an affordable, yet high-quality gold plated piece, or you can spend more and get yourself something made of solid gold. Either way, if you know the materials of a piece, you can decide for yourself if the price justifies it. 

Stone Quality 

If you’re about the iced-out look, you’re going to want a bracelet made with quality stones. How the stones are selected and how they’re set directly affect the shine and durability of the piece. 

Look for a bracelet that has stones that are not only high quality but also have a setting method that keeps them in place. This will keep them all intact and ready to shine bright wherever you go. 

Link and Clasp Construction 

Last but for sure not least, links and clasps are what it’s all about. The links on a quality bracelet should be sized and spaced proportionally without any dents or breakage. Ideally, each side of the clasp should have its own link rather than being cheaply soldered or welded on at the end.  

For most bracelets, the box clasp is the perfect option for durability and aesthetics. It creates a smooth-looking section that doesn’t take away from the rest of the bracelet while protecting the closure against any damage or breakage. 

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Ideas for Stacking Bracelets on Your Wrist 

Ready to start stacking bracelets? We got you. There’s no right or wrong way to stack bracelets, but if you’re looking for some ideas to get started, let’s get into it! 

Pairing with Watches 

Watches and bracelets share plenty of similarities. From links (iced or non-iced) in a strap to matching metals, you can easily combine the two types of jewelry to complete your look. The main difference, obviously, is that the watch will have a clock face, whereas the bracelet will not. 

Pairing bracelets and watches is simple enough, and there are a few ways to do it to get started. Try some of these approaches when putting your fit together: 

  • Wear a Bracelet and Watch on Opposite Wrists: Wear the watch on the wrist of your non-dominant hand and wear a bracelet on the dominant wrist. 
  • Stack a Bracelet with a Watch: Wear the bracelet on the same wrist as your watch, either before or after it. Consider a thinner bracelet to keep it from being uncomfortable or taking away from the look of the watch. 
  • Create a Two-Tone Look: Create a two-tone jewelry look by wearing a bracelet of a different metal color than the watch, such as rose gold with white gold. 

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    Wearing Multiple Bracelets on the Same Wrist 

    Wearing multiple bracelets on the same wrist is a trend that many are rocking right now. As with pairing with watches, here are some simple ways to style two or more pieces on your wrist: 

  • Rock a Thicker and Thinner Bracelet Together: Wear one thicker bracelet (5mm or wider) with a thinner bracelet (3mm or less) to have one be the statement piece while the other is an accent piece. 
  • Mix Iced-Out Gold with Plain Gold: Wear a bracelet that is fully iced-out in stones and another finished in plain gold to create an eye-catching contrast. 
  • Mix and Match Link Types: Mix and match different styles of links for more texture. For example, try an 8mm Cuban link bracelet with a 4mm rope bracelet to create some separation and draw the eyes. 
  • Keep it All Consistent: Create a uniform-looking stack by wearing multiple bracelets in the same gold finish (yellow, white, rose, etc.), such as a 5mm white gold Cuban link bracelet with an 8mm white gold Cuban link bracelet
  • Matching Bracelets with the Rest of Your Fit 

    For those who love their style looking cohesive, you can also match your bracelets to go with the rest of your accessories. Many bracelets have the same link styles as the ones found on your favorite chains. 

    For example, common shared link types between chains and bracelets include: 

    • Figaro links 
    • Cuban links
    • Rope links
    • Tennis links 
    • Ball links 

    If you are shopping from the same place for your bracelets and chains, most quality jewelry brands will have pieces that complement one another. This helps cut down the guessing game so you know you can rock ones that are consistent. 

    Additionally, some ring styles also match up nicely with bracelets. It goes without saying that Cuban band ring would go perfectly with a Cuban link bracelet, and you can use a diamond band ring to pair up with tennis bracelets and necklaces. 

    Get the Dopest Bracelets in the Game at GLD 

    At GLD, it goes without saying that we’re all about crafting the freshest-looking bracelets and chains for you to wear on the daily. The same love for our chains, we bring to our bracelets so you can always feel confident rocking them in any situation. 

    Looking to upgrade your fit with some new bracelets? We got you. Shop the full GLD bracelets collection, or hit us up anytime to learn more.