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What Are Figaro Link Chains? Are They Good?

What Are Figaro Link Chains? Are They Good?

Key Insights
  • Why is it Called a Figaro Chain?
  • What is a Figaro Link Chain?
  • How Are Figaro Links Made?
  • Are Figaro Links Good? 
  • How to Style Figaro Link Chains with Your Fit
  • Add It to Your Stack 
  • Add a Pendant 
  • Rocking it Solo 
  • Pair it Up with Other Accessories
  • Get the Best Figaro Link Chains in the Game at GLD 

Ever heard of Figaro chains? They're more than just a chain; they're a stylish statement, an elegant symbol, and a must-have in many jewelry collections.

Figaro link chains are a distinctive type of jewelry with a story as intriguing as their design. Tracing their roots back to Italy, these chains have made their mark in the world of fashion for their unique, eye-catching pattern. 

So, let's dive in. There's more to these chains than meets the eye, and today we’re going to answer the question that brought you here in the first place - are Figaro links good? Let’s find out. 

Why is it Called a Figaro Chain?

The Figaro link chain is named after Mozart's opera The Marriage of Figaro. It's a well-known comedy that was first performed in 1786. The opera follows the story of Count Almaviva, his wife, and their romantic problems.

In one important scene, Count Almaviva's former lover approaches him wearing a necklace with small and large links that alternate. This special design inspired the signature pattern of the Figaro link chain.

What is a Figaro Link Chain?

A Figaro link chain consists of three or four smaller circular links connected with one larger oval-shaped link. While the length and width of these chains can vary, they are all typically quite thin and delicate. This makes them perfect for pairing with any outfit, adding just the right amount of glamour and sparkle to take your look from day to night.

At a glance, Figaro link chains and Miami Cuban link chains might seem similar due to their intricate, interlocking link designs. However, a closer look reveals their distinct aesthetic differences.

Miami Cuban link chains, originating from the vibrant city of Miami, are known for their bold and chunky design. They feature a series of identical oval links that interlock in a continuous row, creating a sleek and uniform look. The links are tightly packed together, giving the chain a heavy, robust feel. These chains are often larger and thicker, making them a statement piece in themselves.

On the other hand, Figaro link chains, with their alternating pattern of smaller and larger interlocking links, have a more dynamic and rhythmic appeal. The pattern creates an engaging visual contrast that stands out, and yet, the design retains an elegant simplicity. Figaro chains are generally thinner and more delicate, making them versatile for both subtle and bold looks.

How Are Figaro Links Made?

Figaro link chains are made by hand, using a complex process of linking together the individual links. Each link is crafted with precision to ensure that they perfectly fit together for a secure and durable finish.

Typically, Figaro links will be made thin and flat to lay flush against your collar. For them to be visually appealing, they're typically at least 4mm long but not much wider than 6mm.

In terms of materials, you’ll find them made either from solid gold or gold-plated over high-quality stainless steel. The most common metals you’ll find them in include: 

  • Yellow gold: the classic “gold” color with warm, luxurious tones. 
  • White gold: a silver-toned gold that has icy, cooler tones. 

Figaro links can also be used in combination with other types of links to create a visually interesting contrast that draws attention to your fit. For example, at GLD, our Figaro Link + Pearl Chain adds pearls to one half of the chain for a contrast that makes an unmistakable statement. 

Are Figaro Links Good? 

Yes, Figaro links are an iconic style that has lasted for centuries and still remains popular today. Though they’re usually a thinner profile than some other styles of links, a well-made one is durable and can hold up for wearing on the daily with no problem. 

As with any type of chain, when you’re shopping for the right one, keep these factors in mind: 

    • The reputation of the seller - Does the seller have a large amount of positive reviews? Check the reviews and look for consistent mentions of product quality, customer service, etc. to make sure you’re buying from a trustworthy source. 
    • Guarantees on the product - Does the seller provide you with any guarantees that your product will be protected against any damage or product defects? If not, you’re taking a gamble with the product quality. 
    • Brand visibility - Is the brand active online, and do they work with other well-respected names like athletes, artists, influencers, and other celebrities? 

These are just three of the main indicators to keep an eye out for when shopping for your jewelry. Always do your due diligence to make sure you’re buying a piece that justifies the price that you want to pay. 

How to Style Figaro Link Chains with Your Fit

Styling a Figaro chain is simple. Whether rocking it stacked or solo, you can enhance your fit and draw the eye. Here are some tips for wearing one: 

Add It to Your Stack 

Wear a Figaro link chain with other necklaces of varying lengths for a truly dynamic look. Remember, variation is key when layering, so pair your Figaro chain with different styles of chains like Cuban or rope. 

Because they're usually thinner, Figaros also make a striking contrast with thicker chains that are above 6mm wide. Consider wearing a 4mm Figaro chain with a shorter length (16-18” long) at the top of a stack above something like an 8.5mm Miami Cuban at a length of 22-24”. 

Learn More: How to Stack Different Types of Gold Chains

Add a Pendant 

Add a personalized touch to your Figaro link chain by pairing it with a pendant to show off your personality. Whether it's an initial, a symbol, or a statement piece, a pendant can add depth and personal meaning to your chain. 

Before you pick a pendant, make sure you take the dimensions of its bail into account. If the bail is too small, it will not fit over the chain. Anything at a width of 2-4mm should fit a wide range of pendants, though. 

Rocking it Solo 

If you’re wearing a Figaro link chain solo, use it as an accent piece to finish your fit. Wear it over a simple, solid-color shirt so that it can add an understated touch of drip without taking away from the clean aesthetic. 

Pair it Up with Other Accessories

Figaro links aren’t just used for chains. You can pair it up with other accessories like Figaro link bracelets to keep your jewelry aesthetics consistent. 

When coordinating accessories, start with similar-looking metals. For example, wear white gold with white gold, yellow gold with yellow gold, and so on. As you start figuring out your sense of style, you can start mixing and matching metals to create a two-tone jewelry look.  

Get the Best Figaro Link Chains in the Game at GLD 

At GLD, we’re obsessed with both pushing the boundaries of jewelry design and perfecting the classics that have remained staples for decades. If you’re looking for a timeless or modern take on the Figaro link chain, we got you either way, and it’s all backed by our signature GLD lifetime guarantee. 

To get started, shop the full collection or hit us up anytime for more info.