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What Is A Pendant? What Does A Pendant Mean?

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  • What Does A Pendant Mean
  • What Is A Pendant Used For
  • What Is The Difference Between A Necklace And A Pendant
  • Does A Pendant Come With A Chain
  • How Long Should A Necklace With Pendant Be

For thousands of years pendants have been known as objects or ornaments that have a special or meaningful value. Pendants could be any size, shape, color, or design. Pendants, as referred to in the jewelry industry, are objects suspended from necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. The most popular way to showcase pendants are to display them on necklaces. This makes the combination of  pendants and necklaces one of the top selling paired accessories in the jewelry industry today. In this article, we’ll discuss what does a pendant mean and what is a pendant used for. Plus, we’ll let you know how you can buy your pendant and necklace the fastest and easiest way possible through our website.

Pendant Cross

White Gold Diamond Cross


What Does A Pendant Mean

Pendants in the jewelry industry refer to objects or ornaments that are meant to hang from a chain; either a necklace or bracelet. Certain necklaces or bracelets may already come designed with a pendant attached, but typically, pendants are detachable. This means you can choose to wear them when you want. The style of wearing pendants dates back to the Stone Age, when pendants were typically referred to as amulets or talismans. The term “pendant” comes from the Latin word pendere, which translates to “to hang.”


What Is A Pendant Used For

The most popular use of pendants today are to wear pendants as ornamental jewelry, most commonly on necklaces. Think of pendants as statement accessories, something that the eye will immediately be drawn to. In certain cultures, pendants could be considered objects with spiritual value. The evil eye symbol is a great example of a pendant that has spiritual meaning. The evil eye is a pendant intended to keep evil, negativity, or bad luck away. Evil eye pendants on necklaces and bracelets are a popular combination, that are both aesthetically on trend, but also have a special, and personal value. Religious symbols, like crosses, star of davids, and hamsahs, are popular pendants to wear as jewelry. At The GLD Shop, we’re constantly striving to create and design trend setting one a kind pendants that are stylish, artistic, and made from high quality materials. The pendants we create range from official athletic team logos, religious symbols, Marvel characters, and much more.

Pendant NY Yankees

NY Yankees Pendant in Yellow Gold


What Is The Difference Between A Necklace And A Pendant

The main difference between a necklace and a pendant, is that a pendant will always refer to an object or ornament. A necklace is a jewelry accessory that is worn around the neck, typically linked together on a chain. Necklaces don’t always have to be worn with pendants. A necklace that is meant to be worn with a pendant will commonly be a thin delicate chain. If you are pairing a pendant on a necklace, the pendant is meant to be the statement piece displayed on the necklace.


Does A Pendant Come With A Chain

Pendants to wear on necklaces are extremely popular jewelry items for both men and women. Most jewelry vendors will commonly sell the pendant and the necklace separately.  At The GLD Shop we came up with a fast and easy way for you to select a pendant and chain that meets your specifications. Under our “Make A Set” category, you can select from a variety of pendants and chains in various designs and lengths. You no longer have to worry does a pendant come with a chain, because you have the ability to select your own style of chain, and pendant of your choosing. Or, if you browse our “Pendants” section, we provide a selection of necklace chain suggestions that we think pair best with specific pendants. You also have the option to purchase just the pendants individually as well.

Pendant Jason Mask

 Jason Mask Pendant in White Gold


How Long Should A Necklace With Pendant Be

If you’re trying to decide which necklace length to purchase, or how long should a necklace with a pendant be, keep in mind your specific measurements. As with all fashion items, it’s important to know the practically of the item in relation to your own measurements. We offer necklace lengths in a wide range of sizes, from 16” to 30” making sure there’s a perfect fit for everyone. Once you know your measurements, the next factor to keep in mind is the size of the pendant itself. If you notice the pendant has a “micro” description, that will indicate the pendant will be on the smaller side for a subtler look.