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What Is A Tennis Chain? Why Is It Called A Tennis Necklace?

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  • What Is A Tennis Necklace?
  • Yes, The Name Comes From Tennis
  • How Much Does A Tennis Necklace Cost?

One of the most important and timeless jewelry accessories are tennis necklaces and tennis bracelets. In this article you’ll learn what is a tennis necklace, and how tennis necklaces got their name.

5mm Round Cut Tennis Necklace in White Gold

5mm Round Cut Tennis Necklace in White Gold


What Is A Tennis Necklace?

A tennis necklace refers to a type of necklace that has a continuous and complete strand of diamonds, for an elegant and classic look that encircles the full neckline. Tennis necklaces can be crafted with small or large diamond stones. Tennis necklaces are most often crafted using white gold, however its common for tennis necklaces to be worn in either yellow or rose gold. The length of tennis necklaces are meant to be worn shorter and closer to the neckline, some popular lengths being 16” or 18.” Tennis necklaces are offered in various diamond grades, and cubic zirconia stones.

In recent years, tennis necklaces became more popular for everyday wear, and not just for special occasions. For this reason, the use of cubic zirconia stones on tennis necklaces have become popular. The GLD Shop offers a variety of expertly crafted tennis necklaces in both 3mm and 5mm sizes. Inspired by the classic tennis necklace design, The GLD Shop also created a one of a kind “micro tennis necklace.” A micro tennis necklace is a much thinner and smaller version of the tennis chain, with 1.6mm stones.



Yes, The Name Comes From Tennis

If you’re wondering why is it called a tennis necklace, and if its name has anything to do with the sport of tennis, the answer is yes. At the 1987 US Open, tennis star Chris Evert stopped her match and asked officials for a time out because her diamond bracelet broke and fell off her wrist. Evert didn’t want to continue the match until she found her bracelet. In a post game interview, she referred to the diamond bracelet as her “tennis bracelet.” The nickname quickly caught on, and soon enough everyone wanted to own their own tennis bracelet. Tennis bracelets became glamorous staples for women, prompting the demand for matching necklaces. Tennis necklaces were later crafted to match the look of a tennis bracelet, creating a new trend for matching accessories in both necklace and bracelet designs.

3mm Round Cut Tennis Necklace in White Gold

3mm Round Cut Tennis Necklace in White Gold


How Much Does A Tennis Necklace Cost?

If you’re wondering how much does a tennis necklace cost, especially for an accessory that uses diamonds, expect a high price tag. The cost of tennis necklaces will vary depending on the type of metal, the amount of diamonds used, and the size of the diamond. Any gold metal used to craft jewelry will be comprised of karats. 10 karat and 14 karat necklaces will be more affordable than 18 karat or 22 karat necklaces. Our fist recommendation is to review the karat, and then the type of diamonds. If you’re a price conscious buyer, or not ready to invest in a tennis necklace with a higher diamond grade, we recommend tennis necklaces with cubic zirconia stones

For more information about The GLD Shop’s collection of tennis necklaces and tennis bracelets, please visit the Tennis Chains category and browse the assortment.