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What Is The Best Way To Clean Gold Jewelry?

Key Insights
  • How To Clean 14k Gold Jewlery?
  • How To Clean Gold Watches?
  • How To Clean Gold and Diamond Jewlery?

Now that you bought your gold jewelry piece, you may be wondering what are the best ways I can keep my jewelry looking immaculate and brand new…. all while staying at home. How to clean gold, and what is used to clean gold jewelry, are critical methods to know if you’re a gold jewelry owner. Especially if you’re looking for how to clean gold jewelry at home. Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this article we’re going to share our tips and tricks to keep your gold jewelry shining. Don’t forget, jewelry purchased from The GLD Shop is backed by a lifetime guarantee in case of repair or damage. (If you feel your jewelry purchased from The GLD Shop is damaged or needs repair, be sure to reach out to their customer support team by visiting their website.) Remember, taking your gold jewelry to a third party individual to clean is always a risk. This article will specifically prepare you to clean gold jewelry items like 14k gold jewelry, gold watches, and how to clean gold and diamond jewelry all at home.

Rope Chain 4mm Original

Rope Chain 4mm Original


How To Clean 14k Gold Jewlery?

If you feel your 14k gold jewelry needs a touch up or light cleaning, here are some methods to use to clean your gold jewelry at home. Use mild liquid dish soap (Blue Dawn is recommend) with tepid water. Make sure the water is not a hot temperature, you want the water to feel slightly warm. It’s important to use a dish soap that is mild, and does not have any excess moisturizes or perfumes. Fill up a bowl with the mixture of soap and water. Let the 14k gold jewelry sit in the watery soap mixture for about 10-15 minutes. Once it is soaked, place the 14k gold jewelry on a cloth and gently polish with a cotton sob, soft bristle toothbrush, or a polishing cloth. If you are going to clean your 14k gold jewelry at home, avoid these materials from coming into contact with the jewelry; Chlorine, Sanitizer, and Moisturizer.


How To Clean Gold Watches?

If you are looking to clean your gold watch at home, please follow the same guidelines listed above. Again, use a mild dish soap and tepid water. Make sure the water is not too hot, and don’t use dish soap that contains excessive perfumes or moisturizes. Gently use a soft cloth or bristle tooth brush over the face of the watch. Do not press down and do not vigorously scrub. If your gold watch has diamonds on the face, make sure to use a Q-Tip gently around the diamonds. If the band of your gold watch is a metal material, and not a rubber strap, you can follow the same instructions for cleaning the band of the watch.

Iced Alpha Era

Iced Alpha Era


How To Clean Gold and Diamond Jewlery?

If your gold jewelry is accentuated with diamonds, you can still clean your gold jewelry safely at home. Follow the same instructions as listed above. Mix tepid water with mild dish soap, soak, and then polish dry. Again, make sure the water is not hot and the mild dish soap does not have any excess perfumes or moisturizers. You can use this same soapy water mixture on diamonds. Make sure to use a Q-Tip or soft cloth around the diamonds gently. If you have any concerns or further questions about how to clean diamonds at home, we first recommend to reach out to your jeweler to find out more specifications about the gemstone. (To be on the safe side.)

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