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What Is the Strongest Necklace Chain Type?

What Is the Strongest Necklace Chain Type?

 If you’re shopping for a chain, use this guide to better understand their strength profiles so you can pick the perfect chain for your needs. 
Key Insights
  • Necklace Chains Ranked by Strength
  • Cuban Chains
  • Franco Chains 
  • Figaro Chains 
  • Rope Chains
  • Tennis Chains
  • How to Make Sure You’re Buying a Strong Chain
  • Get the Strongest Gold Chains in the Game

When it comes to necklace chains, “less strong” doesn’t mean low-quality. To achieve certain looks, some chains use thinner or flatter links that provide less strength. That said, strength is an important quality, especially if you want to wear a heavy pendant. 

Today, we’re breaking down the strength of five chain styles: Cuban, Franco, figaro, rope, and tennis. If you’re shopping for a chain in one of these styles, use this guide to better understand their strength profiles so you can pick the perfect chain for your needs. 

Necklace Chains Ranked by Strength

Here are five popular necklace chain styles that we’ll discuss below, ranked from strongest to least-strong:

  1. Cuban chains
  2. Franco chains
  3. Figaro chains
  4. Rope chains
  5. Tennis chains 

All five styles are strong and deserve a spot in your collection. However, have different strengths based on factors like link structure and the typical type and size of the metals used. 

Let’s get into it—here’s what you need to know about the strength of these five chain styles. 

Cuban Chains

Cuban chains are 100% the strongest gold chain type. This is the style you probably picture when you think of an extra-thick, extravagant gold chain. Cuban links are big in the and beyond, but this chain has been popular since the birth of hip-hop in the 70s. 

A Cuban chain consists of interlocking ovals, usually made from gold or gold-plated over a strong base metal. Cuban chains are built for strength—no straight lines, no thin sections, and no extra parts means no vulnerabilities. Plus, the links on a Cuban chain are extra fat, making this style the top choice for break-proof durability. 

Franco Chains 

The second-strongest chain link style is Franco. Franco chains are named after an Italian designer, and they represent the slick look that you might associate with Italian fashion. 

Franco chains are typically thinner and more low-key compared to Cuban chains, but they’re also found in larger, bolder styles if you want to make a statement. Sleek and sophisticated, this is one of the most popular chain styles and a staple in any complete necklace collection. 

A Franco chain is typically made from gold and the llinks are square or rectangular. When they link together a unique V-shaped pattern occurs. The look is layered, complex, and mesmerizing. 

Franco chains come in at #2 in our strength rankings. Thanks to the tightly woven structure of the links, this style is highly durable. The V-shape of Franco chains also makes them less likely to kink or tangle. 

Figaro Chains 

A figaro chain is made with a pattern of two small loops followed by one long oval. This style originated in Italy. 

The combination of two types of links creates a unique, eye-catching appearance. At the same time, this style is typically used for chains that are fairly flat and thin, creating necklaces that are both flashy and elegant. 

Figaro chains offer mid-tier strength. The metals used and the linking style both offer excellent strength and durability. However, the longer links are more vulnerable to tangling and breaking compared to styles like Cuban chains and Franco chains. 

Rope Chains

Rope chains are usually made from gold or gold-plated steel and feature a twisted, spiraling pattern that resembles the braided look of rope. This style has surged in popularity in recent years, but it’s been a staple in hip-hop culture since the days of Run-D.M.C. 

The links of a rope chain are usually oval-shaped. The tight, bundled design draws attention away from the individual links to form the flowing, rope-like look. 

Rope chains can be made very thin or very thick. It’s a durable style, but keep in mind that thin rope chains shouldn’t be expected to hold heavy pendants. The twisted shape of rope chains also makes them more prone to snagging and tangling compared to some other styles. 

Tennis Chains

A tennis chain necklace features a continuous set of gemstones linked by a metal chain. Small metal prongs connect the stones to the chain. 

A tennis chain’s metal is usually gold or white gold, and the stones are typically made from cubic zirconia (CZ). Tennis chains are also made with diamonds or colored stones like sapphires or emeralds. 

A high-quality tennis chain is luxurious and stylish. This is a highly varied style, perfect for those who like to create a unique look. 

What’s up with the name? Well, it dates back to 1980s tennis star Chris Evert, whose diamond string bracelet once flew off her hand during a match. Those became known as tennis bracelets, and now the same name is used for tennis chain necklaces. 

Tennis chains hold numerous individual stones and prongs connected by a thin strand of metal. So, this style is more delicate and less strong compared to other types of chains. 

How to Make Sure You’re Buying a Strong Chain

If you want a strong chain, look for 10k, 14k, or 18k gold, a high-quality base metal (like surgical-grade stainless steel), and a sturdy design. 

Most importantly, it’s essential to shop with a brand that’s known for quality and trustworthiness. If you’re scoping out different brands, look for one with plenty of 5-star reviews from loyal customers. 

Get the Strongest Gold Chains in the Game

For any necklace that you plan on wearing with a pendant or for everyday use, a strong chain is a must-have. While some styles tend to be stronger than others, what’s most important is the quality of the individual piece. That’s why it’s essential to shop with a trusted source like GLD for all your jewelry purchases. We got you! 

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