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Why Men Are Wearing More Jewelry Than Ever

Why Men Are Wearing More Jewelry Than Ever

Key Insights
  • 1: More Men Are Learning About Fashion 
  • 2: Jewelry Simply Upgrades Any Fit 
  • 3: Quality Has Improved Over Time 
  • 4: Jewelry Tells Your Story
  • Upgrade Your Own Fit with the Finest Men’s Jewelry in the Game 

If you’ve been watching the fashion scene for the past few years, you might’ve noticed more men wearing jewelry than ever before. This is not just some trend that’s appeared in a few niches, but it’s becoming more and more popular everywhere. 

Why are men wearing more jewelry though? Is there a specific reason? 

There is no single definitive reason behind jewelry’s rise in popularity, but it should not come as a surprise. Today’s fashion emphasizes what makes you unique and celebrates self-expression. By adding accessories to your fit, you can enhance your style and further showcase who you are and what makes you unique. 

There are a few possibilities behind why men have decided to enhance their fits with new jewelry in recent years. Here are some reasons behind the recent boom in men’s accessories: 

1: More Men Are Learning About Fashion 

Gone are the days when most men are thought of as knowing nothing about fashion or personal style. If you have a way to use the internet, you can quickly develop your own unique style by learning from others. 

With creators on YouTube and social media platforms, men have more resources available to them to learn about fashion and style. You can check out specific pieces of jewelry that you’re interested in, see reviews of them, and watch videos or look at pictures of people wearing them with their own fits. 

When you are watching videos about jewelry, you can learn about some core concepts of fashion and use them as a starting point for yourself. For example, you can learn about matching metals when accessorizing and how to spot quality pieces that are worth your investment. 

Lastly, men in the public eye are becoming more adventurous with their jewelry choices, inspiring others to do the same. Today, style is more about personal expression and less about conforming to what appeals to the masses. From Hollywood to your neighborhood, you can find more men wearing jewelry because it’s what helps them feel and look their best; not because someone else said so. 

As you develop that sense of style unique to you, you may decide that accessories are the perfect way to enhance your fits and add a touch of personality to them. Whether you are looking for a bold, thick Cuban link chain or a sophisticated gold watch, there are no limits to what you can do. 

2: Jewelry Simply Upgrades Any Fit 

The simplest benefit of jewelry is that it can enhance or upgrade any fit. From something casual to a more formal look, you can complement whatever you’re wearing with the right piece. Even a simple chain over a t-shirt can take it to the next level. 

You can also change the color of the jewelry you are wearing to create unique styles each time. Men’s white gold jewelry adds an icy cool tone to your fit while yellow gold carries a warmer and brighter characteristic. 

Many men who are pursuing high career goals also wear jewelry at work. Wearing quality watches, chains, bracelets, earrings, and rings all communicate that you are someone who takes yourself seriously and values your professional appearance when you’re on your grind. 

3: Quality Has Improved Over Time 

Men’s fashion jewelry and fine jewelry have improved in quality over the past few decades. While there have always been pieces that hold value, the men’s accessories market was often underserved until shopping online became part of everyday life. 

When it comes to jewelry, it is easy to see how the quality has improved over time. In the past, jewelry was often made from inferior materials that would quickly tarnish or break. Today, however, pieces are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. Modern high-quality jewelry is also crafted with great attention to detail, resulting in pieces that are truly beautiful works of art.

Another big change has been in the way gemstones are cut and set. In the past, many gemstones were simply left in their natural state, which often resulted in an uneven or jagged appearance. 

Thanks to modern cutting techniques, gemstones are now expertly cut and polished to create a smooth, uniform look. And when it comes to setting stones, jewelers have access to better tools and materials than ever before. This means that stones are less likely to fall out of their setting and that the overall look of the piece is more refined and polished.

Now, men have a chance to browse nearly endless options online that are made with real quality in mind. If you are someone that appreciates craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can discover pieces that are made to last and deliver a shine that endures. 

4: Jewelry Tells Your Story

Tying your sense of style to your own life’s story can make a bold statement that shows the world exactly who you are. With the right pieces of jewelry in your collection, you can further communicate more about yourself to those around you. 

For example, if you are someone who loves a specific football team, you could add an NFL pendant to your chain. Love comic books or movies? You can attach a Marvel pendant and show off the characters that have inspired you throughout your life.

Truly, there’s no “best” or “worst” type of jewelry to wear as long as it's made with quality materials. Whatever gives you that confidence and inspires creativity, that’s what matters most. 

Each piece in your collection is an extension of your unique self. Use it to tell your own story and show the world what you are all about. 

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