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Why Tennis Necklaces Are Some of the Hottest Chains

Why Tennis Necklaces Are Some of the Hottest Chains

Key Insights
  • Each Metal Adds Something New
  • Stones Are Perfectly Symmetrical 
  • It’s Not Just One Type of Necklace 
  • Pair Perfectly with an Iced-Out Pendant 
  • Ready for Any Situation 
  • Cop the Dopest Tennis Necklaces in the Game Today 

Hollywood stars, platinum-selling artists, and stadium-packing athletes have rocked tennis necklaces throughout the past year. Even though it was named one of the hottest jewelry trends in 2022, the tennis necklace hype hasn’t slowed down. 

It’s easy to see why. You’re hard-pressed to find any type of chain that shines as bright as a tennis necklace does. 

This chain style is not an up-and-comer. Tennis necklaces have been iconic fashion staples for decades, but they’ve recently received some extra attention thanks to their elegant appearance and versatility which makes them a go-to piece for any fit. 

Have you copped a tennis necklace yet? If not, it’s the perfect chain for making a statement and becoming the center of attention in any space you walk into. 

Let’s look at why everyone is loving tennis necklaces right now and why you might like to add one to your own collection: 

Each Metal Adds Something New

Whether rocking a yellow, white, or rose gold tennis necklace, each shade of metal brings a different aesthetic when combined with the stones. 

Yellow gold creates a warmer, classic look that never goes out of style. You can dress it up or down, and it will always be the statement with any outfit. 

If you’re someone that likes cooler, icier tones, try white gold. White gold blends in more seamlessly with the clear stones for a perfect wintertime or evening look. 

Lastly, but definitely not least, we have rose gold. Like yellow gold, rose gold is on the warmer side of the spectrum, but there’s a certain extra flare it provides. It’s the ultimate special occasion metal to add something unique to your getup. 

Stones Are Perfectly Symmetrical 

There’s just something about the stones on a tennis necklace lined up perfectly around your neck. It creates a uniform, sleek appearance backed by plenty of shine to bring it all together. 

When you’re rocking a tennis necklace, each stone is hand-set for perfect symmetry. You’ll have the cleanest-looking piece that you can wear for any occasion. 

It’s Not Just One Type of Necklace 

The term “tennis necklace” is a category, not a singular product. You can choose different stone combinations to find the one that best suits your tastes. 

For example, if you want a flatter, less-textured stone, opt for an oval-cut or round-cut tennis necklace. Each link has one stone that fully covers its surface for a straight, tiled silhouette. 

Prefer something with more stones? A clustered tennis necklace features links octagonal links with one large stone surrounded by smaller ones to amplify the shine further. 

Similar to clusters, a pave-set clustered tennis necklace combines multiple stones together. However, these include a collection of smaller stones in each link rather than one large stone at the center. 

Finally, if you want a tennis necklace that follows a slightly different path, a gem-stationed tennis necklace might be what you have your eyes on. Links containing larger stones are evenly spaced out between a series of links with smaller stones to create texture and a unique pattern that stands out from the rest. 

Pair Perfectly with an Iced-Out Pendant 

A 3mm tennis necklace pairs perfectly with any iced-out pendant you can think of. The stones will combine with the ones on the pendant to capture light and draw attention to your fit. 

When you’re browsing pendants, pick one with a large bail, like the one on our official LA Lakers Pendant, that can comfortably fit a tennis necklace. This will help prevent any unnecessary stress on the metals and keeps the pendant hanging freely to sit as intended on your chest. 

Ready for Any Situation 

When you’re hustling, you don’t have time to worry about what looks good with your fit and what doesn’t. You have more important thoughts on your mind, so you need a necklace that you can rely on to look its best wherever life takes you for the day. 

Tennis necklaces are a perfect choice for someone that wants a versatile piece that they can wear in any situation. Whether you’re dressing to the nines for a formal event or want to add some drip to a hoodie and joggers, the stones will make a statement for you. 

Cop the Dopest Tennis Necklaces in the Game Today 

At GLD, we’ve been crafting the finest tennis necklaces since well before they became a new trend. You feel confident and ready to take on the world when you wear one. 

We’re all about helping you discover your sense of style through quality jewelry. Each of our pieces features hand-set stones meticulously placed so that you can take the shine to the next level for any occasion. 

To learn more, shop our tennis necklaces today or hit us up anytime.