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Why Micro Cuban Chains Are Can't-Miss Accessories This Year

Why Micro Cuban Chains Are Can't-Miss Accessories This Year

Key Insights
  • Lightweight and Breathable 
  • A Perfect Touch of Shine 
  • Many Different Styles to Choose From
  • Traditional Plain Gold Cuban Links 
  • Diamond Prong Links 
  • Quality Materials for Everyone 
  • Perfect for Layered Looks with Larger Chains 
  • Complete the Look with the Best Micro Cuban Chains in the Game 

At GLD, we have nothing but love for Cuban Link chains. The style first emerged in the 1970s right here in our home city of Miami, and it remains the hottest-selling category for us in today’s jewelry game. 

While we always appreciate the bold look of a thicker 12MM or 19MM Cuban chain, we’ve noticed that more and more of the GLD gang are picking up Micro Cuban chains to complete their fits this year. If you’re looking for a new way to enhance your style for the upcoming summer, here are some of our top reasons why you can’t miss out on Micro Cuban Links this summer. 

Lightweight and Breathable 

The summer marks the time when we put our favorite hoodies and jackets away and break out the shorts and our freshest kicks for the warm weather. You’re also probably leaving the long sleeve shirts up on the hanger for a bit while you’re switching to more breathable fabrics. 

When you’re trying to relax in the sun, you want to keep your fit breathable and comfortable so that you can enjoy the weather to its fullest. Micro Cubans are designed with slim, lightweight profiles with just enough spacing between the links to allow the perfect amount of airflow to the neck and chest. 

A Perfect Touch of Shine 

Whether you’re rocking an iced-out chain or plain gold, Cuban links deliver on the shine. With the narrower link size (usually 3-5mm wide), you can still make a statement and draw attention to your fit without having to reach for larger pieces in your collection. 

Micro Cuban chains like the Diamond Prong are perfect for someone who prefers to show some flash with their fit without it being too obvious. Pair it up with any combination of bracelets, earrings, watches, and rings, and you’ll be ready for wherever your night out takes you. 

Many Different Styles to Choose From

From newcomers to the game to longtime Cuban Link fans, finding that perfect chain is deeply personal. The piece becomes a good luck charm, a reminder of a favorite memory, or something constant that you wear with you on the daily. 

You shouldn’t have to choose from one or two options when you’re looking to discover a new accessory that reflects who you are as a person. Thankfully, modern jewelry craftsmanship has opened possibilities to continue innovating new designs so that you can discover the Micro Cuban chain that speaks most to you. 

If you’re still deciding on which style is right for you, here’s a quick rundown of each one: 

Traditional Plain Gold Cuban Links 

Traditional Cuban Links are crafted with tight link spacing and a sleek metal finish in either yellow gold or white gold. With no added stones to enhance the shine, the materials do all the talking for you. 

This Cuban Link chain style is perfect for nearly any situation. Whether you’re adding some flash to a formal fit, kicking it outdoors on a nice day, or you’re heading into a business engagement, you’ll be confident and ready to take on the world. 

Diamond Prong Links 

Diamond Prong Links take the same interlocking, slanted aesthetic of a traditional Cuban Link but feature hand-set, prong-lifted stones to add an intense level of shine. The links are also crafted with harder angles, whereas a traditional Cuban features smooth edges. 

If you’re looking for a slender chain style that still packs plenty of punch as far as shine goes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something with more flash than a Diamond Prong chain. It’s the ultimate drip, no matter the link size. 

Quality Materials for Everyone 

Whether you’re looking to spend big or save big on adding a new chain to your collection, you can choose from multiple quality materials that suit your budget. From solid gold Micro Cubans to ones that are plated with high-quality gold, white gold, and rose gold, you can upgrade your fit without emptying out your wallet.  

Perfect for Layered Looks with Larger Chains 

The cleanest layered looks when rocking multiple chains come from stacking larger links with smaller ones. Whether you want to wear a Micro Cuban above or below a bigger piece, they’ll create a contrast that complements one another effortlessly. 

If you want to create the ultimate iced look, we recommend rocking a yellow gold Micro Diamond Prong in a stack with the 8.5mm GLD Link Chain.

Complete the Look with the Best Micro Cuban Chains in the Game 

When you’re ready to upgrade your fit and make this summer the best one yet, we got you. At GLD, we’re all about Cuban Link chains, from the thickest links to micros. You won’t find tighter spacing, sleeker finishes, or shinier stones anywhere else. 

To discover the perfect Micro Cuban Link chain for your style this summer, shop the collection today or hit us up anytime for more info.